August 2016 - Archive

8-31-16 Actress Emma Watson Pays a Visit to the DSR Offices by Ted Gross

Racketball Becomes 'Squash 57' In Global Rebranding by Howard Harding

8-31-16 UK Racketball Name Change Under Fire, by Alan Thatcher

8-31-16 Video: Men's Hong Kong Final, Gawad v Ashour

8-31-16 On Nicol David by Chris Hanebury

8-31-16 September World Masters Draws 950 Players, News

8-31-16 Job Opening: Assistant Pro, Brooklyn

8-31-16 Freshman Victor Padilla First Squash Haven Grad to Attend Yale

8-31-16 Tennis and Fashion

8-31-16 Tennis's Steve Johnson American No 1 Post-College

8-31-16 Scribe Says Quarterback Anthem-Sit Patriotic

Study Suggests Dogs Human-Like Word Processors

Video: Women's Hong Kong Final, Gohar v Sobhy

Crowning Glory for Egyptian Pair by Mathew Scott

8-30-16 Reported World Juniors Age-Test Called Ineffective

8-30-16 Matt Miller--Head Master, Scholar, Educator and Squash Coach (1969 – 2016) by Ferez Nallaseth, PhD

8-30-16 Video: Confidence Shots

8-30-16 Julia Beaver in March CSA Induction

8-30-16 Anti-Sport Heading to Olympics by Jonathan Clark

8-30-16 Tennis Using Hawk-Eye-Like System for Analysis

8-30-16 Tennis Part of Onstage Drama by Stuart Miller

8-30-16 Why NYC Public Tennis Permits by Allison Steinberg

8-30-16 Layoffs Hit Sports Illustrated

Ex-Raiders CEO Amy Trask on Negotiating 'Like a Girl'

Ashour Back in Winner's Circle in Hong Kong, World Junior Champion Gohar Over Sobhy in Women's Final

8-29-16 Video: Hong Kong Open Semis, David v Gohar

8-29-16 Video: Ashour v Lee

8-29-16 Video: Gawad v Cuskelly

8-29-16 Video: Sobhy v El Sherbini

8-29-16 Job Opening: Pro, Norwalk

8-29-16 Asics Gel Blade 5s from Pierre Bastien

8-29-16 Writers Handicap US Open Tennis

8-29-16 Stanford Tries to Limit Campus Drinking

8-29-16 Indoor Trampoline Parks Gain Following

8-29-16 What if Hope Solo were Male? by Valentina Zarya

8-29-16 Pepperdine Tire Workout 1

Sobhy Beats El Sherbini to Reach Hong Kong Final, Ashour into Men's Final

8-28-16 WSF Reportedly Requiring X-Ray Age-Testing of Pakistan World Junior Winners

8-28-16 Video: Hong Kong Open, Dessouky v Lee

8-28-16 Video: Ashour v Rosner

8-28-16 Video: David v Serme

8-28-16 Video: Massaro v Gohar

8-28-16 Video: Cuskelly v Willstrop

8-28-16 Video: Gawad v Pilley

8-28-16 Video: Kawy v El Sherbini

8-28-16 Video: Sobhy v El Tayeb

8-28-16 Australia Squash Academy Looking for Pros

8-28-16 SquashApp in the News

8-28-16 US Open Tennis Storylines

8-28-16 Best Public Tennis Courts in NYC by Raquel Laneri

8-28-16 NZ Tennis Coach Says Forget the Synthetic Grass

8-28-16 Study Says Employees Better with Happy Music

Max Lee Delights Home Crowd To Reach Hong Kong Open Semi-final, Sobhy into Women's Semis by Nathan Clarke

8-27-16 UK Racketball Reportedly to be Renamed 'Squash 57' by Alan Thatcher

8-27-16 Video: Hong Kong Open, Ashour v Mar Elshorbagy

8-27-16 Video: Gaultier v Dessouky

8-27-16 Video: Farag v Lee

8-27-16 Video: David v King

8-27-16 Video: Massaro v Whitlock

8-27-16 Video: Mo Elshorbagy v Pilley

8-27-16 Video: El Sherbini v Au

8-27-16 Video: El Welily v El Tayeb

8-27-16 Portland Squash Making Waves on the West Coast

McWIL Framing Out 8 Courts at The Pingry School

8-27-16 Job Opening: Coach, Washington, DC

8-27-16 Pan Am Juniors Wrap

8-27-16 Brain Doping Latest Athletes' Edge

8-27-16 6-Bedroom in Tiburon $10.5 Mil

Upsets Galore at $265K PSA Hong Kong Open

8-26-16 Video: Hong Kong Open, Ashour v Goshal

8-26-16 Video: Gaultier v Marche

8-26-16 Video: M. Lee v J. Lee

8-26-16 Video: David v Evans

8-26-16 Video: Serme v Pallikal

8-26-16 Video: Mueller v Mar Elshorbagy

8-26-16 Video: Massaro v El Hammamy

8-26-16 Video: Gohar v Blatchford

8-26-16 David Home Away from Home

8-26-16 Nick Matthew: 'Soul-Destroying'

8-26-16 Video: England Squash Participation Report

8-26-16 Charlie Dethier Remembered, by James Zug

8-26-16 Fundraising Squash Marathon Pair Last 40 Hours

8-26-16 BC Players Break Ground on New Facility

8-26-16 BC Salt Spring Island Club Details

8-26-16 Journey Back for One-Time US Open Tennis Star Melanie Oudin

Dinerman 'Selected Squash Writings Volume 2' Reviewed by Sasha Cooke

8-25-16 $265K Hong Kong Open First Round Day 2 Report by Nathan Clarke

8-25-16 Video: Hong Kong Open, Pilley v Au

8-25-16 Video: Elshorbagy v Simpson

8-25-16 Video: El Sherbini v El Torky

8-25-16 Video: Au v Liu

8-25-16 Video: Rodriguez v Yip

8-25-16 Video: Momen v Clyne

8-25-16 Video: El Welily v Grinham

8-25-16 Video: Sobhy v Chan

8-25-16 Future Called Bright for Pakistan Squash Following World Juniors Title

8-25-16 Jane Parker Resigns as Vassar Head Coach

8-25-16 Coaching Changes by Michael Bello

8-25-16 Canada's Sam Cornett Back on Court Following Injury-Plagued Year

8-25-16 Asics Gel Cyber Shot from Pierre Bastien

8-25-16 More Questions Surround Ryan Lochte Incident

8-25-16 50 Years Ago Today . . . by Ted Gross

8-25-16 Vin Scully's Season-Long Farewell Marks End of an Era

Fabulous Tsz Fung Yip Stuns Rodriguez In Hong Kong Opener by Nathan Clarke

8-24-16 El Sherbini Showing Maturity by Mathew Scott

8-24-16 Pakistan Federation Reportedly Denies Over-age World Juniors Allegation

8-24-16 20-Year-Old May Have Beaten 16-Year-Old in WJ Team Final

8-24-16 Asics Gel Netburner Ballistic from Pierre Bastien

8-24-16 Video: Dunlop Precision Pro 130

A Conversation with Carla Khan

8-24-16 Economist Readers Weigh In on Olympic Squash Piece

8-24-16 Egyptians Take to the Streets in Workout Gear by Rod Nordland

8-24-16 Iconic Public Hot Spots Become Workout Sites

Meguid, Mueller, Olivia Blatchford Among Hong Kong Qualifiers as Main Draws Set

8-23-16 Video: Classic Hong Kong Encounters

8-23-16 Pan Am Juniors Underway at Drexel

8-23-16 Pan Am Lineups and Streaming

8-23-16 Yasser El Halaby in March College Hall of Fame Induction

8-23-16 Dunlop Flash Ultimates from Pierre Bastien

8-23-16 SDA Pro Tour 2016-17 Season Trailer

8-23-16 NY East Side Tower to Include 28th Floor Court

8-23-16 Tokyo Olympic Medals May be Made from Recycled Smartphones

8-23-16 From the Olympics to Wall Street

8-23-16 Australian Athletes Freed After Being Detained by Rio Police

8-23-16 LA Makes Case for 2024 Games

8-23-16 LA Bid Could Fall Victim to Anti-US Sentiment

8-23-16 US Tennis Open Adds More than Retractable Roof by Tim Newcomb

$265K Hong Kong Open Qualifying Report

In Question Once Again by Chris Hanebury

8-22-16 Video: The Backhand Diamond from Jethro Binns

8-22-16 Video: World Doubles Final, Clyne/Lobban v Palmer/Alexander

8-22-16 Video: Mosaad v Rodriguez, 2015 HK Open Extended

8-22-16 The Economist: Why Squash is not an Olympic Sport

8-22-16 Nicol David with New Website

8-22-16 Maria Toorpakai to Receive US Squash President's Cup

8-22-16 Adidas Volley Team 4 from Pierre Bastien

8-22-16 Investigation Raises New Questions About Rio Police, Lochte Incident

8-22-16 Monica Puig Tennis Gold Medal Complicates Argument for Puerto Rico Statehood

World Junior Team Champions Pakistan Accused of Fielding Over-Age Players by Alan Thatcher

8-21-16 IOC Executive Reportedly Moved to Rio Prison Following Ticket-Scalping Arrest

8-21-16 Qualifying to Kick Off in $265K Hong Kong Open

8-21-16 Hong Kong Open, A History

8-21-16 Video: HK Preview

8-21-16 Throwback, 2015 Men's Hong Kong Open

8-21-16 Throwback 2105 Women's HK Open

8-21-16 World No 3 Mosaad Out of Hong Kong

8-21-16 SquashSkills Weight Loss Plan

8-21-16 Beach Read Focuses on Scandalous Side of Tennis by Dena Silver

Ex-NFL Quarterbacks Bound By Parallel Battles by Jon Wertheim

8-21-16 College Football Incorporating Hybrid Defenders

8-21-16 Time Magazine: How Trolls are Ruining the Internet

King Crowned Double Doubles World Champion In Darwin by Howard Harding

8-19-16 Job Opening: Men's and Women's Head Coach, Cornell

8-19-16 Pakistan Prime Minister Salutes Boys World Championship Team, Hopes for Return to Lost Glory

8-19-16 World Junior Teams Wrap

8-19-16 US Squash Calls Boys Team Performance Historic

8-19-16 $34M Phillips Academy Snyder Center to Include 13 Courts

8-19-16 PSA Signs Multi-Year Deal With Eleven Sports Network

8-19-16 Adidas Volley Response Boost 2 from Pierre Bastien

8-19-16 The Squash Cast Episode 4

8-19-16 GB Team Member Reported Robbed in Rio

8-19-16 Plot Thickens as Ryan Lochte Story Changes

8-19-16 Rio Organizers Admit to Learning Curve

8-19-16 Rio Swimmer's Period Comment  Breaks Taboos

8-19-16 What Makes an Elite Badminton Player by Jodie Wilkie

8-19-16 44 Table Tennis Players in Rio Chinese-Born, 6 Play for China

8-19-16 Little-Known History of Racewalking

8-19-16 NBC's Pro-American Coverage No Surprise

Pakistan Beats Egypt for World Junior Boys Team Title

8-18-16 Kiwi King Eyes World Doubles Double In Darwin by Howard Harding

8-18-16 Video: World Doubles Semi, Cuskelly/Pilley v Clyne/Lobban

8-18-16 Video: World Doubles, Ghosal/Pallikal v Chinappa/Sandhu

Video: World Doubles, Alexander/Palmer Post Semis

8-18-16 Video: Clyne/Lobban Post Semis

8-18-16 Video: Joelle King Post-Semis

8-18-16 NYC Public Park Court Update

8-18-16 Job Opening: Assistant Pro, Atlanta

Video: Backhand Technique with Jethro Binns

8-18-16 Adidas Team Spezial from Pierre Bastien

8-18-16 2017 CSA Individuals March 3-5 at Dartmouth

8-18-16 Ryan Lochte Teammates Pulled Off Plane as Rio Robbery Probe Intensifies

IOC Executive Board Member Reportedly Arrested for Scalping Rio Tickets

8-18-16 Connecticut Pro Tennis Spending Under Fire

Egypt Beats England 2-0, Pakistan 2-0 Over US to Set Junior World Teams Final

8-17-16 Mixed Fortunes For Hosts On Second World Doubles Day In Darwin by Howard Harding

8-17-16 Video: World Mixed Doubles, Grinham/Pilley v Chinappa/Sandhu

Video: 2016-17 Professional Season Preview