August 2018 - Archive

8-31-18 SquashTV Updates Broadcast Schedule

8-31-18 Japan & Pakistan Into Asian Games Team Semis by Howard Harding

8-31-18 USA Pan Am Report

8-31-18 Video: Tomlinson v Gilis

8-31-18 Prince O3 Pro Ramy Ashour from Pierre Bastien

8-31-18 SquashSkills: Open Space

8-31-18 DC Squash

8-31-18 Sarah Fitz-Gerald-Led Renovations

8-31-18 In an Unusual Sport

8-31-18 The National Tennis Center Turns 40

8-30-18 Elias and Sobhy Win Pan Am Titles

8-30-18 Hong Kong, India & Malaysia Certain Of Asian Games Team Medals by Howard Harding

8-30-18 Alan Clyne and Lisa Aitken Win Scottish Nationals

8-30-18 PSA Signs Multi-Year Netherlands Deal

8-30-18 Video: 2018 British Open, Extended

8-30-18 An Old World Champion

8-30-18 Job Opening: Pro, NYC

8-30-18 The Day the Jaz Stopped by James Zug

8-30-18 Navratilova Says Let Tennis Women Change Their Shirts

8-30-18 Strike-Throwing Sister

8-29-18 Charles Ufford, 1931-2018 by Rob Dinerman

8-29-18 Sobhy Sisters to Contend for Pan Am Women's Title, US Player Hanson Falls to Jamaican

8-29-18 Asian Games Report by Howard Harding

8-29-18 Squash de Nantes Opening Opera

8-29-18 A More Positive Image by Barry Watkins

8-29-18 Podcast: Hollie Naughton

8-29-18 SEA News

8-29-18 SquashTV to Cover British Junior Open

8-29-18 Court Removal

8-29-18 A Decade in Ivy Sports by Jonathan Pollack

8-22-18 PSA Going Interactive

8-22-18 Smart Courts

8-22-18 Squash de Nantes

8-22-18 Charlie Ufford Dies at 87

8-22-18 Blog: Serve in Attack

8-22-18 Middlebury Player Profiled

8-22-18 Blog: Victories

8-22-18 British Ph.D and Hawk-Eye

8-22-18 Outdoor Adventure Gear

8-22-18 Saturday at The Wedge

8-21-18 Job Opening: Head Pro, Baltimore

8-21-18 Job Opening: Part-Time Assistant Coach, Bard College

8-21-18 Fields Set for October US Open

8-21-18 Malaysia to Host 2020 Women’s World Teams

8-21-18 Too Late for Some by Alan Thatcher

8-21-18 SquashSkills: Flexibility Part 2

8-21-18 Razik's Quick Tips 3 (Forehand)

8-21-18 Blog: Cross Return

8-21-18 The Consummate! by Nick-at-Will

8-21-18 Surfing Named California's Official State Sport

8-20-18 Video: Matthew v Willstrop ToC '17

8-20-18 From the Archives: The deVillafranca Court by Rob Dinerman

8-20-18 Oracle NetSuite Draws

8-20-18 Job Opening: Pro, Virginia

8-20-18 Razik's Quick Tips 2 (Footwork)

8-20-18 Mizuno Wave Tornado X2 from Pierre Bastien

8-20-18 Gary Nisbet: Coping with Injury

8-20-18 New Bedford Historic Mansion Contains Courts

8-20-18 Scozzie Sunday Morning

8-20-18 Bill Swift

8-19-18 Asian Games

8-19-18 Video: El Gouna Flashback

8-19-18 Job Opening: Assistant Coach, Dartmouth

8-19-18 Oracle NetSuite Tickets

8-19-18 Razik's Squash Quick Tips 1 (Grip)

8-19-18 Kempa Wing Lite from Pierre Bastien

8-19-18 Great Club

8-19-18 Wall Work

8-19-18 Tennis Courts as Canvas

8-19-18 The City Born in a Day by Sam Anderson

8-17-18 ElShorbagy and Rodriguez on Course for Oracle NetSuite Showdown

8-17-18 Video: Gaultier v Rosner, ToC Extended

8-17-18 More Indian Team Controversy Ahead of Asian Games

8-17-18 Asian Games Preview by Kng Zheng Guan

8-17-18 Al-Tamimi Profile

8-17-18 Addiction! by Nick-At-Will

8-17-18 Kempa Wing from Pierre Bastien

8-17-18 The Tyrannical Bonds of Data

8-17-18 Punters from Down Under

8-17-18 Border Song

8-16-18 JP Morgan Sponsoring September $240K China Open

8-16-18 Willstrop & Vegan Diet by Geoff Bew

8-16-18 Job Opening: Head Coach, Dickinson College

8-16-18 The Marksman

8-16-18 Video: Windy City '18

8-16-18 Video: Day with Roesner

8-16-18 Blog: Long Run

8-16-18 Blog: Natural Advantage

8-16-18 Djokovic Says Grand Slams Should be Best of 3

8-16-18 Culture of Brutality by Will Leitch

8-15-18 Bellevue, Washington, Round Robin Draws Top PSA Pros

8-15-18 Video: World Juniors Men's Final

8-15-18 Indian Players Question Role of Coaches in Asian Games

8-15-18 Harrow Agility Jacket from Pierre Bastien

8-15-18 Job Opening: Pro, Metro NYC

8-15-18 Blog: Environs

8-15-18 Space Station Astronauts to Attempt Tennis

8-15-18 Gornergrat Zermatt

8-15-18 Yacht Spotting

8-15-18 Napa Home Claims Priciest Foreclosure Tag

8-14-18 Podcast: Ali Farag

8-14-18 UK Court Closures with Stay of Execution by Alan Thatcher

8-14-18 Premier Squash League Preview

8-14-18 PSA Weekend Roundup

8-14-18 SquashSkills: Flexibility, Part 1

8-14-18 US Squash Tournaments Page

8-14-18 Laver Leads Aussie Greats in Davis Cup Reform

8-14-18 Tennis Serve Clock Reaction

8-14-18 The World According to Jon Gruden by Albert Breer

8-14-18 Summer in the City

8-13-18 Summer Malik - Forever Smiling

8-13-18 Christophe Andre & Vanessa Chu Claim Melbourne Titles

8-13-18 Video: World Juniors Women's Final, Elaraby v El Hammamy

8-13-18 Team USA Retains the Battle of the Border

8-13-18 Job Opening: School Coach, Illinois

8-13-18 Pamela Anckermann Named Denison Head Coach

8-13-18 Howard Armitage

8-13-18 Study Hotels and US Squash

8-13-18 Asics Gel Netburner Ballistic FF

8-13-18 SquashSkills, Shape Your Shot

8-12-18 Squash World Mourns Brave Sumner Malik by Alan Thatcher

8-12-18 From Amr Shabana

8-12-18 From Tarek Momen

8-12-18 PSA Reaction

8-12-18 Campaigning Players Appear to Lose Fight by Alan Thatcher

8-12-18 Blog: Pressure

8-12-18 SDA Tour Calendar Set

8-12-18 Multi-Ball Training

8-12-18 Laziness May Have Driven Homo Erectus to Extinction by Yasemin Saplakoglu

8-12-18 Modern Men & Self-Improvement

8-10-18 Squash Celebrates Diversity, Respect and Solidarity at the Paris 2018 Gay Games by Howard Harding

8-10-18 7th San Francisco Oracle-NetSuite Set, Both Fields Loaded

8-10-18 Petition to Save UK Courts Needs Signatures

8-10-18 Squash Wales Joins Premier Squash League

8-10-18 Job Opening: Pro, Maryland

8-10-18 Shaun Moxham's M-Squash

8-10-18 Circuit of the month: August

8-10-18 Lessons from Ancient Greece

8-10-18 Rod Laver Turns 80

8-10-18 Sports Tweets Spurring Evolution by Hayden Bird

8-9-18 PSA Narrowing Gap by Mike Rowbottom

8-9-18 More David Lloyd by Alan Thatcher

8-9-18 Outside the Glass: Nicol David & Mark Talbott

8-9-18 Job Opening: Head Coach, Colby College

8-9-18 Job Opening: Assistant Pro, Piping Rock

8-9-18 Blog: Environments

8-9-18 Bert Kornyei on Fergusson Grand Master Honor Roll

8-9-18 Video: Evans v Price, Extended

8-9-18 Ted Talk, Mathematics of Weight Loss

8-9-18 Rex Bolt Cranks out Book 9

8-8-18 Local Campaign but National Crisis? by James Roberts

8-8-18 Podcast: Olivia Clyne

8-8-18 Video: Return to Dominance

8-8-18 Job Opening: Assistant Pro, Westchester County

8-8-18 SEA on Journey from New York

8-8-18 Day With Roesner

8-8-18 Except a Racquets Court, Not a Squash Court

8-8-18 Geoff Hunt Carving up the Course

8-8-18 Why the British Tell Better Children’s Stories by Colleen Gillard

8-8-18 Sports Term Origins

8-7-18 Look at These World Masters Times . . .

8-7-18 Fury at ‘Dishonest’ Media Response from David Lloyd Clubs by Alan Thatcher

8-7-18 Alexandria Open Draw Released

8-7-18 Video: ToC '18

8-7-18 PSA Weekend Roundup

8-7-18 Kandra Q & A

8-7-18 US Squash World Masters Wrap

8-7-18 The Challenge Facing Mujahid Anwar by Khalid Hussain

8-7-18 Desert Hotels, Some with Squash

8-7-18 Dick Cavett in the Digital Age

8-6-18 Fitz-Gerald & Davenport Lead Australian World Masters Gold Haul

8-6-18 Low & Al Tamimi Named PSA Players of the Month for July

8-6-18 Egyptians and Malaysians Share Top Spots in New World Junior Rankings

8-6-18 Liz McKenzie Named South Africa Coach of the Year

8-6-18 Blog: Wrong Leg

8-6-18 Video: Squash Australia CEO Update

8-6-18 Video: Hedrick v Stienmann

8-6-18 Video: Ramadan v Low

8-6-18 Squash Athlete on Growing Up Gay in Mexico

8-6-18 Training, Motivation, and Luck by Dana Smith

8-5-18 Virginia World Masters Concludes, John Macrury Wins 65's, Joyce Davenport Wins 75's, Divisional Results

8-5-18 WM Players Like Charlottesville by John Harvey

8-5-18 Nick Matthew Extends Berkshire School Ambassadorship

8-5-18 StreetSquash Summer Adventures Include James Willstrop

8-5-18 Video: Australian Open Men's Semis, Hedrick v Kamal

8-5-18 Video: Australian Women's Semis, Ramadan v Arnold

8-5-18 Adidas Counterblast Bounce from Pierre Bastien

8-5-18 Syrian Refugee Girls Pursue Squash Dreams in Hong Kong by Yan Zhao

8-5-18 Now Dodgeball Chasing Olympic Dream

8-5-18 The Lost 'Art' of Telephone Conversation by Zoe Williams

8-3-18 World Masters Report

8-3-18 El Sherbini Heads Unchanged August Top 20

8-3-18 Podcast: Camille Serme

8-3-18 Lahore Squash by Peter Heywood

8-3-18 SquashSkills July Circuit of the Month

8-3-18 The Future of Squash – A  Visionary! by Nick-At-Will

8-3-18 Fram's Corner

8-3-18 Colleges Shift to Reach Next Generation by Laura Pappano

8-3-18 Spec Tennis Nationals Entries Close Sunday

8-3-18 Spec Tennis 2017 Highlights

8-2-18 Damien Mudge To Undergo Knee Surgery, Sidelined Until Calendar 2019 By Rob Dinerman

8-2-18 ElShorbagy Overtakes Shabana as Longest-Reigning Egyptian World No 1

8-2-18 South Africa Out to Defend Nations Cup at World Masters

8-2-18 Video: Yorkshire Day

8-2-18 World Juniors Commentary from Chris Hanebury

8-2-18 Faces in the Crowd by Jim Zug

8-2-18 Jason Kidd Condo Includes Court

8-2-18 Video Game Lessons Now

8-2-18 5 Second Rule

8-2-18 World's Most Beautiful Libraries

8-1-18 New PSA Tour Structure to Debut Today at Australian Open

8-1-18 BBC Evie Squash Letter at 49:37

8-1-18 World Masters Opening Reception

8-1-18 Day 3 WM Stream

8-1-18 August CitySquash News

8-1-18 Toorpakai Film, Complete

8-1-18 US Squash JCT Juniors by Nick at Will

8-1-18 Blog: Ignore Bad Shots

8-1-18 Wales' First Female Head Greenkeeper

8-1-18 Ball Park Cheat Sheat