December 2015 - Archive

12-31-15 Year-End Thoughts from James Willstrop

12-31-15 Penn, Columbia Top Men's Division 1 Rankings

12-31-15 Volunteer Slots Available at ToC

12-31-15 ToC Tickets

12-31-15 ToC Qualifier Tickets

NYC Grand Open Seeks More Entries, ToC Tickets Included

12-31-15 David Wins Squash Player’s Player of the Month Award

12-31-15 Toronto Cambridge Cup Men's Pro Novelty Event Returns for Sixth Edition

Hey Ref, by Barry Faguy

12-31-15 Mass State Singles Offering 27 Brackets

12-31-15 Dartmouth Swim Tragedy Points to Shallow Water Blackout

12-31-15 Winter Speed Training

Video: Ashour v Elshorbagy, Full Match Replay

12-30-15 Laura Massaro Ticks Last Box by Piers Newbery

12-30-15 Recovery & Stretching, Amateur v Pro

12-30-15 ToC Kids and Family Day on Tap

12-30-15 Flooded Club in Need of Help

12-30-15 Black Knight Backpacks from Pierre Bastien

12-30-15 Harvard Penn Princeton Top Women's D1 Rankings

12-30-15 Single Leg by Damon Leedale-Brown

12-30-15 Donna Urquhart Surfs in Yamba

12-30-15 Toronto Private School for Elite Athletes in Financial Disarray by Alex Ballingall

12-30-15 Report Says Colleges Relax Marijuana Penalties for Athletes

12-30-15 Tennis Hawk-Eye Ball Tracking Technology Proving Trickier in Other Sports

U. S. Hardball Nationals To Have Its Swan Song In 2016 by Rob Dinerman

12-29-15 British Junior Open To Begin Saturday

12-29-15 3 Americans Projected into BJO Quarters

12-29-15 2015 CSA Editors' Picks from Michael Bello

12-29-15 Video: Massaro v David, Full Match

12-29-15 Playing Squash to a Hundred by Robert Mosier

12-29-15 Salming Backpacks from Pierre Bastien

12-29-15 Video: Nick Pairs Routine

Top Banana from SquashSkills

12-29-15 Parents Paying for Youth Sports Recaps Written by Computers

12-29-15 Nike Releasing Updated Tennis Classic

Remembering Meadowlark Lemon by Phil Taylor

PSA Year in Review Part 2

Women's Shot of the Year Contenders

12-28-15 Video: David v El Sherbini, Full Match Replay

12-28-15 Mastermind: Laurens Jan Anjema

12-28-15 Squash and Love from Peter Heywood

12-28-15 Women's Division 3 Rankings

12-28-15 Men's Division 3 Rankings

12-28-15 More UK Racketball by James Zug

12-28-15 Wimbledon Golfers Reject Tennis Buyout

12-28-15 From Stan Smiths to Nikes by Tim Newcomb

PSA Year in Review, Part 1

12-27-15 Men's Shot of the Year Contenders

Improve Your Focus by Chris Hanebury

12-27-15 Hadrian Stiff on Defining Correct Technique

12-27-15 Alison Waters on Dealing with Injury

12-27-15 Scozzie Squash at the US Junior Open

12-27-15 Video: Gaultier v Hesham, Full Match Replay

12-27-15 Japan Juniors Serving Notice

12-27-15 Q and A with Susan Devoy

12-27-15 Federer and Djokovic Poised to Become First $100 Million Men in Tennis

NYT Best-Selling Sports Books

12-27-15 More Bad News for Sitters

NYSC Flagship Uptown Racquet Club To Close In January by Rob Dinerman

12-23-15 Israr Ahmed and Satomi Watanabe Win US Junior Open Titles

12-23-15 US Squash Wrap

Australia To Host 2016 World Softball Doubles Championship by Howard Harding

12-23-15 GQ: The Real-Life Diet of Elshorbagy

12-23-15 Video: Elshorbagy v Willstrop, Complete

12-23-15 Video: Daryl Selby Interview

Slightly Confusing US Squash Academy Theme Announced

12-23-15 College Squash Circuit Taking Root in Malaysia

12-23-15 The Secret Little Game by James Zug

12-23-15 UK Take on Best Sports Books 2015

Finals Set in Connecticut US Junior Open

Balls to the Wall: Ours, is to Reason Why by Alan Stapleton

12-22-15 PSA Player Spotlight: Paul Coll by Jonny Coverdale

12-22-15 E Pluribus Unum – Squash Style by Richard Millman

12-22-15 Nice Words from Nick Matthew

12-22-15 Fram's December in Cairo Part 3

12-22-15 Video: PSA Christmas Cracker, El Welily v El Tayeb

12-22-15 2015 College Squash Top 20 Stories from Michael Bello

12-22-15 Breaking Through the Levels by Chris Hanson

12-22-15 NZ Club Continues to be Targeted by Thieves

12-22-15 Athletes Embrace Golden Years of Exercise by Mike Plunkett

The Millman Experience at the US Junior Open

12-21-15 US Junior Open Divisions into Monday Quarterfinals

12-21-15 A Squash Court for Christmas by David Keating

The Ramy Ashour New York Interview Part 3, With John Nimick

12-21-15 November Shot of the Month

12-21-15 Pro Draw Confirmed for New Poly Prep Tournament, Amateur Registration Open by Corey Modeste

Friends of Urban Squash Letter from National Director Tim Wyant

12-21-15 IOC Wants Changes in Kuwaiti Law Before Removing Ban

12-21-15 Artificial Surfing Wave Refined

Classic Pro Hardball Tour Documentary Film Surfaces

12-19-15 900 Juniors Competing in Connecticut as US Nationals Kicks Off

12-19-15 US Junior Nationals DRAWS

12-19-15 Mosaad Trying to Push On After Summer Tragedy

12-19-15 Travel to My Hometown by Gregory Gaultier

12-19-15 ToC Updates from The Engineer

Creativity vs. Discipline by Chris Hanebury

12-19-15 Video: $150K Briggs Cup Recap

12-19-15 Prince Textreme Pro Warrior 600 (Signature Ramy Ashour Racket) from Pierre Bastien

12-19-15 CSA Men's Team Rankings

12-19-15 CSA Women's Team Rankings

12-19-15 Studies Continue to Tweak Stretching Guidelines

12-19-15 How Natural Gut Strings Became a Part of Tennis by Tim Newcomb

12-19-15 More High School Football Teams Playing NFL-like Schedule

McWIL Brooklyn Poly Prep Courts Complete

12-18-15 Poly Prep Time Lapse Video

12-18-15 Statement from US Squash Chief Kevin Klipstein

12-18-15 Squash TV Partnering with On-Demand Eurosport

12-18-15 Episcopal Coach Frank Phillips Profiled

12-18-15 US Junior Championships Bracing for 2500 Players, Coaches and Parents

12-18-15 BC's Matthew Henderson Runs Canadian Juniors Table

12-18-15 Fram Gommendy: A Glass Court, Free for All, Under a Bridge in Egypt

12-18-15 Never Been That Busy

12-18-15 Possible Good News for Knees

12-18-15 Australian Olympic Committee Lectures Athletes On Social Media Practice

12-18-15 $4.2 Million for Flintstones House off California Freeway

The Ramy Ashour New York Interview Part 2, With John Nimick

12-17-15 2016 ToC Women's Draw Announced; El Welily, Massaro & David Atop Field by Nathan Clarke

12-17-15 January Tournament of Champions DRAWS

12-17-15 World Titlist Gaultier To Headline 2016 UCS Swedish Open by Nathan Clarke

12-17-15 Serbian Squash Fights to Keep Club Alive in Belgrade by Rod Gilmour

12-17-15 Amelia Henley of England & Matthew Henderson of Canada Capture Canadian Junior Open Titles

12-17-15 Video: Laurens Jan Anjema Speaks

12-17-15 Celia Allamargot and Alex Stait Named Assistant US National Junior Coaches

12-17-15 84th Gold Racquets Invitational Report

12-17-15 Things Looking Grim for One-Time NYC Squash Powerhouse Town Sports International

Desert Places ( la Evelyn Waugh) – Part Two by Peter Heywood

12-17-15 Year's Hits & Misses in Sports Journalism by Anna Clark

12-17-15 Westport Runner Hannah DeBalsi Named Sports Illustrated High School Athlete of the Month

12-17-15 High School Water Polo Player Charged With Felony Over Broken Nose

12-17-15 Average Price of Manhattan Apartment Cracks $1 Million

Cameron Pilley Says Extra Motivation Behind Hong Kong Run

12-16-15 Video: Alison Waters Speaks

12-16-15 and Q & A

12-16-15 Malaysian No 3 Wee Wern Discusses ACL Rehab

12-16-15 Sheffield British Junior Open Counting Down

12-16-15 Virginia's Russell Bogue and Princeton's Nick Barton Earn Rhodes Scholarships

12-16-15 Year End from Steel City Squash

12-16-15 They're Playing Squash?

12-16-15 Mudge and Gould Win First Briggs Cup Doubles Title

12-16-15 Video: 2015 Briggs Cup Final

12-16-15 Flooded North West England Club Dealing with Aftermath

12-16-15 New Plantar Fasciitis Procedure Reportedly Shows Promise

12-16-15 Brazil Olympics Tennis Court to Seat Ten Thousand

12-16-15 In Support of Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives by Jeremy Repanich

Reader: US Squash Needs to Respond to Outrageous Calls for Muslim Ban

12-15-15 2016 Colombia Open To Be Most Lucrative Latin American Squash Tournament Ever by Nathan Clarke

Fuller Fells Jaume to Lift IMET Open Title by Sean Reuthe

12-15-15 December in Cairo by Fram Gommendy

12-15-15 40 Americans Entered in January British Junior Open

12-15-15 Video: Megarally 145, Selby v Coppinger

12-15-15 Tecnifibre Carboflex Storm from Pierre Bastien

12-15-15 College Highlights from Michael Bello

12-15-15 Indian Stars Pallikal and Chinappa Reportedly Bury Hatchet

12-15-15 How a Boy’s Concussion Death Changed British Sports by Ken Belson

Mudge/Gould, Mathur/Badan to Square Off in $100k Briggs Cup Final, Live Streaming 8:00pm EST

12-14-15 Natalie Grainger/Suzie Pierrepont Upended in Women's Briggs Opening Round, Final Set for 7pm Monday

12-14-15 From Squash Player Magazine: France's Belated Hero by Richard Eaton

12-14-15 Video: Hesham v Farag

12-14-15 SquashSite: A Look at the 2016 World Calendar

12-14-15 Karakal Smash 140 Racket from Pierre Bastien

12-14-15 College Men's Video: Penn v Princeton from Michael Bello

12-14-15 US Women's Soccer Team Digs in On Artificial Turf Issue

12-14-15 Planet Fitness & $10 Memberships Fastest-Growing in US

12-14-15 Nike Continues Naming Buildings After Athletes

Framboise Undeterred by 'Security Issues' Enjoys Cairo, Appears on Egyptian Television

$100K Briggs Cup Men's Semis Streaming Live at 3:00pm EST

12-13-15 Women's Briggs DRAW

12-13-15 Dana Betts December World No 1 in Women's Hardball Doubles

12-13-15 WSDA December Rankings

12-13-15 Video: Shot of the Month Contenders

12-13-15 Alan Thatcher: How We Can Help Flooded Club

Greenwich Academy Girls Beat Sacred Heart in Season Opener

12-13-15 Getting the Right Fit by Gary Nisbett

12-13-15 Job Opening: Pro, Virginia

12-13-15 Peter Genever Wants More From Malaysian Players, US Squash Should Hire Him

Mizuno Wave Lightning Shoes from Pierre Bastien

12-13-15 On Squash's Greatest Artist (and a good guy)

12-13-15 College Sports’ Fastest-Rising Expense: Paying Coaches Not to Work

12-13-15 A Pro Tennis Career Cut Short, by Bassam Beidas

12-13-15 Australian Study Says Too Much Sleep Hazardous

Rachel Arnold Captures Women’s Malaysian Tour Title by Sean Reuthe

12-11-15 Elshorbagy Throwback Thursday

12-11-15 John Lau's Pacific Coast Doubles on Track

12-11-15 Squash Christmas Sweater Unleashed

12-11-15 Video: Amanda Sobhy & Harrow

12-11-15 $100,000 Briggs Cup Doubles Underway in Rye

12-11-15 James Willstrop Speaks

12-11-15 England Squash Celebrates Rise in Playing Numbers

12-11-15 Steve Walton from Down Under

12-11-15 Matt Giegerich (Dartmouth) and Tyler Odell (Penn) are College Players of the Week

12-11-15 New Canaan High School Serves Up New Season at Chelsea Piers

12-11-15 Historic East Side Apartment with Converted Squash-Tennis Court on the Market

12-11-15 LA Times Veteran Bill Dwyre on the Past & Future of Sportswriting

The Ramy Ashour New York Interview Part 1, With John Nimick

12-10-15 Sasha Cooke Weighs in On Clock Proposal for Women's Pro Squash

12-10-15 Azam Sets Hashim Story Straight

12-10-15 Undefeated Starts for Men's & Women's Penn Squads Unprecedented by Corey Henry

12-10-15 Columbia Coach Says Lack of On-Campus Facilities Limits Practice Time