December 2018 - Archive

12-31-18 Mel at Squash Travel Offering Domestic Chicago World's Tournament Packages

12-31-18 Former Champions Recall BJO Memories by Mark Sleightholm

12-31-18 British Junior Open Draws

12-31-18 Achievements

12-31-18 Romanian Open Aftermovie

12-31-18 Penn Squash at Howth Cliff

12-31-18 SDA Boston Pro-Am Set

12-31-18 PSA Quiz

12-31-18 California Bars Pet Stores from Selling Non-Rescue Animals

12-31-18 Times Square & The News

12-30-18 Video: Gawad v Farag Extended

12-30-18 Scottish Junior Open Report

12-30-18 SquashSkills Half Off Ends Today

12-30-18 Pro Matches of the Year Part 1

12-30-18 SquashSkills: Volleying Intro

12-30-18 Black Knight Magnum Crush from Pierre Bastien

12-30-18 Ivan Yuen

12-30-18 Post Favorite Sports Stories by Colleagues

12-30-18 China to Make Doping a Criminal Offense

12-30-18 Final Set Tiebreaks a Solution and Problem by Peter Bodo

12-29-18 Sheriff of Squash by Dave Feschuk

12-29-18 British Junior Open Streamed Free on Squash TV

12-29-18 Point

12-29-18 Caption

12-29-18 Chris Hanson

12-29-18 SEA Year in Pictures

12-29-18 Female NBA Referee Ashley Moyer-Gleich

12-29-18 Most-Read Book Reviews '18

12-29-18 Bloopers and Blunders

12-29-18 One-Time NFL Record Holder Warren Wells Dies at 76

12-28-18 PSA Ones to Watch '19

12-28-18 Video: Shot of the Month

12-28-18 Penn Squad Headed to Ireland and Holland

12-28-18 Intro to Match Prep with Paul Coll

12-28-18 World of Squash Christmas

12-28-18 Slazenger Court Shoes from Pierre Bastien

12-28-18 SquashSkills: Deep Backhand Attack

12-28-18 Brooklyn Hoyt Street Condo Filing Includes Court

12-28-18 Bill Simon 'Has It Right'

12-28-18 The Legend and Myth of Halftime Adjustment

12-27-18 US Junior Open Video, with Commentary by Richard Millman and Chanel Erasmus

12-27-18 You Make the Call

12-27-18 Malcolm Willstrop on The Sumner Malik Remembrance Day

12-27-18 Median Income for American Squash Players Reportedly Tops $300K

12-27-18 Xmas Stringing

12-27-18 West Coast!? by Nick-At-Will

12-27-18 Tennis's Qureshi Profiled

12-27-18 Guy Completes 921-Mile Race Across Antarctica

12-27-18 Wash Post Favorite Sports Stories '18

12-27-18 Coaches and Calling Players 'Kids'

12-24-18 Nick Taylor: Ghosting for Efficiency

12-24-18 Squash BC News & Wishes

12-24-18 Young Japanese Duo Defend Nationals Titles by Alex Wan

12-24-18 New Telly

12-24-18 Wadi Degla Honors El Welily

12-24-18 Former World No 1 Gaultier Turns 36

12-24-18 Karakal Hot Zone 120 from Pierre Bastien

12-24-18 Squash Gaining Momentum in Kentucky

12-24-18 Tennis Trends and Topics

12-24-18 This Old House Best New Home Products 2018

12-23-18 SquashSkills: Deception Through Movement

12-23-18 Prince Team Phantom 900 from Pierre Bastien

12-23-18 Video: ElShorbagy v Gawad, Extended

12-23-18 Scozzie Blast from the Past

12-23-18 Mick Joint: Sharing the Spoils

12-23-18 Will Gens: No Squash on Elba

12-23-18 Peter Heywood: Lahore Squash

12-23-18 Greenwich Academy Players Headed to Division 1 by David Fierro

12-23-18 USF Football Coach Suspends 11 Players Before Bowl Game

12-23-18 Tennis Retiree Reflects on 0 for 10 in Career Finals

12-22-18 A Game for Two, No 2

12-22-18 Season's Greetings from Howard Harding and the WSF

12-22-18 SquashSkills Festive Challenge

12-22-18 Sumner Malik Celebratory Event Today

12-22-18 Lisa Aitken Wins $5K Finland Title

12-22-18 Finland Challenger Final, Aitken v Fiechter (at 40 min)

12-22-18 PSA Wedding

12-22-18 Mizuno Cyclone Speed from Pierre Bastien

12-22-18 Pickle Juice Sport Drink Among Tennis Gear of the Year

12-22-18 Predictions 2019

12-21-18 January CCI Draw Released

12-21-18 Catching Up from Fram Gommendy

12-21-18 A Game for Two

12-21-18 ToC Lodging Options

12-21-18 Pro Doubles PDC Cup Highlights

12-21-18 Victor RTW Concave RK from Pierre Bastien

12-21-18 Nick Taylor: Ultimate Warm-Up

12-21-18 SI Year-End Media Awards

12-21-18 Retiring East Hampton Zoning Chief Recalls Ambitious Basement Requests Including Court

12-21-18 Sharp Decline in College History BAs

12-20-18 Gawad Profile

12-20-18 Video: Point, James v Asal

12-20-18 El Tayeb to Headline January 31st Cleveland Classic

12-20-18 Joelle King on a Quest by Sarah Ross

12-20-18 Message from Chris Binnie

12-20-18 High Hopes for English Contingent at BJO

12-20-18 You Make the Call

12-20-18 Ashaway Powerkill 115 ZX from Pierre Bastien

12-20-18 Tennis: Less is More by Luke Roloff

12-20-18 The Struggles of Kyle Turley by Andy Benoit

12-19-18 Squash Player's Annual Awards by Rod Gilmour

12-19-18 SquashTV Merry Xmas & Gaultier v Matthew, Full Match

12-19-18 Aly Abou El Einen, Marina Stefanoni Win US Junior Open Titles

12-19-18 USJO Divisional Results

12-19-18 Nick Taylor: Masters Level Tactics

12-19-18 SquashCares Continues to Contribute

12-19-18 Geoff Hunt by Nick-At-Will

12-19-18 Canadian Press Recognizes April Hockey Bus Tragedy

12-19-18 Google Pouring $1 Billion into NYC Campus

12-19-18 UK Best Books 2018

12-18-18 Marwan Elshorbagy to Return in PSA January CCI

12-18-18 Video: Black Ball Open Finals

12-18-18 Scott Denne Announced as St Lawrence Head Coach

12-18-18 US Junior Open Finals Set

12-18-18 Head UltraNick Pro Strings from Pierre Bastien

12-18-18 SquashSkills: Working Boast

12-18-18 Boast by James Zug

12-18-18 Stanford Women's Volleyball Under Fire for Whiteboard Message

12-18-18 Sports Knuckleheads 2018 by Steve Politi

12-18-18 Tennis Coaching Business Booming and Chaotic by Peter Bodo

12-17-18 Video: Cairo Black Ball Semis

12-17-18 Willstrop, Moverley Nab London Open Titles

12-17-18 Nathan Lake and Millie Tomlinson Win UK Boston Opens

12-17-18 Joshna Chinappa Wins 16th Indian National Title

12-17-18 Commonwealth Games PR Reportedly Snubs Squash

12-17-18 Podcast: Shajahan Khan

12-17-18 Dunlop Hyperfibre+ Revelation Pro Lite from Pierre Bastien

12-17-18 Racketball Sundays in Aberdeen

12-17-18 What is it!? by Nick-At-Will

12-17-18 ITF Releases Alternate Pro Tennis Rankings

12-17-18 Alex Smith Home for Christmas

12-16-18 Squash Beyond Borders by A.J. Kohlhepp

12-16-18 Ramy Ashour Entered For Now in ToC, DRAWS

12-16-18 ToC Tickets

12-16-18 Record Prize Fund Split by Sean Reuthe

12-16-18 900 Juniors from 41 Countries Competing in Boston

12-16-18 57 Americans Entered in January British Junior Open

12-16-18 Sabrina Sobhy, James Willstrop into London Open Finals

12-16-18 Video: Black Ball Open Quarters

12-16-18 Tennis's Gimelstob Pleads Not Guilty in Halloween Altercation

12-16-18 The Zodiac Case, 50 Years and Counting by Kevin Fagan

12-14-18 Video: Black Ball Open, Round 3 Part 2

12-14-18 Paul Coll Blog

12-14-18 Doors Open at Urban Cleveland $3 Million Center

12-14-18 Penn Men's Team on 6-0 Start

12-14-18 College Updated Rankings

12-14-18 Chicago World's Packages from the UK

12-14-18 Architects Combine Fitness and Squash

12-14-18 The Minneapolis Club and the Socialists by Mike Mullen

12-14-18 Sports Media Stories 2018

12-14-18 Word Processor Pioneer Evelyn Berezin Dies at 93

12-13-18 Podcast: Comments from the Couch

12-13-18 Seeds Announced for January British Junior Open, Preview

12-13-18 Black Ball Wrap by Fram Gommendy

12-13-18 You Make the Call

12-13-18 Happy Holidays from CitySquash

12-13-18 Blog: Delaying off the Back Wall

12-13-18 Pro Doubles Highlights

12-13-18 Steve Tignor: Tennis Book Club

12-13-18 New Yorker Best Albums 2018

12-13-18 California Considers Charging Texters

12-12-18 Farag, El Welily Head PSA Tour Finals Leaderboard

12-12-18 Squash TV Reaches 100,000 Subscribers

12-12-18 US Junior Open Underway Friday in Boston

12-12-18 Cornell Women Add '2018 PSA Young Player of the Year'

12-12-18 Blog: Finishing Rallies

12-12-18 Winter Camp in South Korea

12-12-18 Backswing Analysis

12-12-18 Halifax Courted by Multiple Sports Leagues

12-12-18 Greenwich YWCA Marks 100 Years

12-12-18 A Surefire Way to Lose Weight by Nick Hoppe

Video: Black Ball Open, Round 3 Part 1

12-11-18 Steve Cubbins, Best of the Rest

12-11-18 PSA Head Visits New Facility in Cairo

12-11-18 Chris Hanson Wins $11K Minnesota Title

12-11-18 College Weekend Recap

12-11-18 Wilson Ultra Countervail from Pierre Bastien

12-11-18 What's going on!? by Nick-At-Will

12-11-18 Australian Tennis Open Considering 1st-to-10 5th Set Tiebreak