February 2021 - Archive

2-26-21 Ali Farag on Return of World Champs & Tough Black Ball Draw

2-26-21 Video: Throwback, Nicol v Parke

2-26-21 Talking to...Hollie Naughton

2-26-21 Call

2-26-21 Houston Hosting Weekend Challenger

2-26-21 PSA Foundation

Maspeth Court

2-26-21 Backhand Volley Drop

2-26-21 Frontal Lobe by Nick-At-Will

2-26-21 World's Highest, Central Park Tower Includes Court

2-26-21 Discussing the Resurgence of Rec Tennis in the US

2-26-21 Sun Valley Mountain Biking

PSA World Championships Slated to Return to Chicago in July

2-24-21 March Black Ball Open Draws Announced

2-24-21 Squash Radio: Collegiate Squash v Pro Tour

Growing Diversity by Laura Trevelyan

2-24-21 NYC Cobble Hill Closure Reportedly Final

2-24-21 Job Opening: Head of Squash for The Northern, Manchester, UK

2-24-21 Coaches Corner

2-24-21 Maspeth Court

2-24-21 Harvard Crimson: Too Slow

2-24-21 Santa Monica and Venice

2-22-21 Unstrung: An Evening with Three Decades of ToC Champions

2-22-21 Tournament of Champions Schedules January 2022 Return

2-22-21 On the Mic, Elshorbagy v Farag Complete

Maspeth Court

2-22-21 Pro Player Analysis

2-22-21 Around the Court Podcast, Episode 50

2-22-21 The Book by Nick-At-Will

2-22-21 Video: Kobe Bryant and Ivy Pochoda

2-22-21 Choosing Egypt as Training Ground

2-22-21 Shelley Kitchen Close by Dave Worsley

2-22-21 Rod Martin

2-22-21 Courts to Classrooms

2-22-21 $46 Mil Condo Includes Court Access

2-22-21 'Unsavoury Scenes' Mar Australian Open Wrap

PSA Sets April $170K Event in Manchester

Under The Tin, Episode 2

2-19-21 Matthew Berkshire Camps on Tap for July

2-19-21 In Squash Podcast: Zushan Hashmi

2-19-21 Declan James

2-19-21 Call

2-19-21 Talking to Mostafa Asal

2-19-21 Squashball by Nick-At-Will

2-19-21 Dying Length

2-19-21 Aditya Jagtap

2-19-21 Egoli Squash

2-19-21 Maspeth Court

2-19-21 Eric Zillmer

2-19-21 Ivy League Cancels Spring Sports

Pancake Moments

2-17-21 Training Diary

2-17-21 Egyptian Success Story by Andy Whipp

2-17-21 Russian Hopes by Alan Thatcher

2-17-21 Trip Down Memory Lane

2-17-21 Specter Center Seeks Membership & Marketing Manager

2-17-21 Georgia Adderley

2-17-21 Willstrop on 'Interviews with Inspiration'

2-17-21 GW Men to Play Masked-Up Short Season

2-17-21 Squash NSW CEO Kristi Maroc Endorses Pambula Development

2-17-21 Ultimate Bite with Ming Tsai

2-17-21 Georgina Kennedy

2-17-21 Brooklyn Hoyt Street Tower Includes Court

2-17-21 Maspeth Court

Declan James and Sarah-Jane Perry Win English Titles

2-15-21 Ramy, On his Day

2-15-21 Video, AJ Bell Women's Final

2-15-21 Video, AJ Bell Men's Final

SquashSkills: Between Games

2-15-21 ElShorbagy Brothers

2-15-21 Specter Center Update

2-15-21 The Triangle

2-15-21 The Shot Budget

2-15-21 New Year Start for Andrea by Kng Zheng Guan

2-15-21 Foam Rollers

2-15-21 Baltimore Listing Includes Court

2-15-21 15 Years of Bike Adventures

2-15-21 Matthew Futterman: No Sports without Fans

PSA Takes on Partner, Looks to Reinvigorate on Multiple Fronts

2-12-21 In Squash Podcast: Dean Brown and Darren Thomson

2-12-21 Call

2-12-21 England Championships Report

2-12-21 Coaches Corner 1 with Jethro Binns

2-12-21 Video: AJ Bell Men's Day 2

2-12-21 Video: AJ Bell Women's Day 2

2-12-21 Sachika Balvani by Nick-At-Will

2-12-21 Maspeth Court

2-12-21 Superstitions

2-12-21 Ivy League Allows Current Seniors to Play as Grad Students

2-12-21 Gold-Medal Swimmer Klete Keller Indicted in Capitol Riots

2-12-21 Aussie Open Tennis Locks Out Crowds

2-12-21 Apple CEO Pivots to Fitness

AJ Bell England Championships Underway

2-10-21 England Championships Streaming on SquashTV and Facebook

2-10-21 Video: England Squash Day 1

2-10-21 Joelle King Among Māori Sports Awardees

2-10-21 In Squash Podcast: Rodney Martin

2-10-21 Maspeth Court

2-10-21 SquashSkills: Crosscourt Down the Middle

2-10-21 Talking to Miguel Rodriguez

2-10-21 Playing in an Airport by James Zug

2-10-21 Phil Mushnick: Political Correctness and Women's Sports

2-10-21 Bikepacking The White Rim Trail

$350K Black Ball Open Set for March in Cairo

2-8-21 Elshorbagy Talks Rivalries

2-8-21 Rachael Grinham a Winner in Australia at 44

2-8-21 Pro Player Analysis

Peter Genever

2-8-21 Sam Cornett in New Chapter by Martin Cleary

2-8-21 Outside the Glass: Scott Denne

2-8-21 Kerikeri Squash Club

2-8-21 Axed GW Sports Sit Out Final Seasons

2-8-21 In Depth with Joel Makin

2-8-21 Tony Trabert Remembered by Joel Drucker

2-8-21 Tom Brady Routines

Challenger Chats, Georgia Adderley

2-5-21 Black Ball 2020: El Sherbini v S Sobhy

2-5-21 Job Opening: Head Pro, Connecticut

York Squash Legend Edwin Johnson Remembered

2-5-21 Anderson Courts Joins Forces with CourtTech

2-5-21 Call

2-5-21 Under The Tin Episode 1: Mick Todd

2-5-21 Washington Education & Squash Academy Winter Newsletter

2-5-21 More than a Coach by Rehan Melwani

2-5-21 Front Wall Photography

2-5-21 Stanford Faces Bonuses Backlash Amid Sports Cuts

2-5-21 Brady After 40

Message from PSA Chief Alex Gough

2-3-21 Sarah Fitz-Gerald Weighs in on Women's Tour

2-3-21 ToC Flashback, Semis

2-3-21 ToC Flashback, Finals

2-3-21 Steve Tignor: Can Squash Give Tennis a Lesson?

2-3-21 In Response to Bob Kingsley by Guy Cipriano

Squash Radio No 4

2-3-21 Hardball Doubles' Viktor Berg on Tennis is Life Podcast

2-3-21 Court

2-3-21 Nicol David Beats Out Tug-of-War's James Kehoe as World Games Greatest

2-3-21 World University Championships Scheduled for 2022 in Egypt

2-3-21 France Stages Men's Pro Event, Crouin Over Serme for Title

2-3-21 Happy Birthday to Squash Hero Linda Davie by Alan Thatcher

2-3-21 Olivia Clyne, 'Ask Me Anything'

2-3-21 Adding an NCAA Sport During the Pandemic

2-3-21 Sports Illustrated Going to Metered Paywall

2-3-21 Soccer's Josef Bican

The Pandemic Toll on Athletes by Dave Feschuk

2-1-21 Squash, the Product Review by Andrew Mount

2-1-21 1970's Tour Player Abbas Khan Dies of Covid-19

2-1-21 Former Canadian No 1 Samantha Cornett Founds Rubi Living

2-1-21 SquashSkills: Volley Drop Off a Ball With Pace

2-1-21 Marty & Maja Clark by Nick-At-Will

2-1-21 Danielle Letourneau

2-1-21 The Pod Father

2-1-21 US Squash Recognizes Cancelled World Juniors Squads

2-1-21 Peter Nicol Weighs in on Pro Tour

2-1-21 Video: Le Reve Semis Stream

2-1-21 All That Was by Jon Wertheim