July 2018 - Archive

7-31-18 Video: World Masters Day One

7-31-18 World Masters Draws & Live Streaming

7-31-18 WM Tournament Staff

7-31-18 Catching up with World No 1

7-31-18 Save David Lloyd Gidea Park Courts

7-31-18 Thoroughly Recommended, by Alan Thatcher

7-31-18 This Girl Can: Lexie

7-31-18 Mar Elshorbagy Birthday Shots

7-31-18 New Pakistan PM and Sports

7-31-18 Hard Way Pursuit by Rod Gilmour

7-30-18 Shameful Start to Virginia World Masters as Nearly 50 (so-called) Players Withdraw

7-30-18 Egypt Boys Straight-Set England to Win Record 6th World Juniors Title

7-30-18 More World Juniors

7-30-18 Video: WJ Semis, England v US

7-30-18 South Africa Coach Graham Prior Dies of Apparent Heart Attack at World Juniors

7-30-18 Special Brew by Alan Thatcher

7-30-18 Winners! by Nick-At-Will

7-30-18 Fram's Corner, Gay Games Paris

7-30-18 Qamar Zaman 'Ready to Serve'

7-30-18 Haarlem, Netherlands

7-29-18 Egypt & England Rout Czech Republic & US to Set World Boys U-19 Final

7-29-18 More World Juniors

7-29-18 Video: Malaysian Open Women's Semis

7-29-18 Chris Spahr to Receive Callahan Sportsmanship Award at U.S. Open

7-29-18 Skill Level Nationals Returns to U.S. Open Finals Weekend

7-29-18 Flopping and Soccer

7-29-18 Ultra Exclusive Hurlingham Club Hit with Controversy

7-29-18 1 wave, 8 Barrels

7-29-18 Daily Postcard

7-29-18 Nantucket of the Bronx

7-27-18 Job Opening: Head Pro, Detroit Athletic Club

7-27-18 Boys' World Teams Round of 16's Report

7-27-18 World No.1 El Sherbini to Headline China Open, Draws

7-27-18 New event in Edinburgh by Alan Thatcher

7-27-18 World Masters Arrives in Charlottesville

7-27-18 Video: 2017 Women's World's Extended

7-27-18 Blog: Drop Volley

7-27-18 Billionaire's Futuristic Gloucestershire Mansion Includes Court

7-27-18 PNC Park

7-27-18 Stage 18, Tour de France

7-26-18 Round of 16 Set at Boys' World Teams

7-26-18 Video: Final Season, Ep 4

7-26-18 World Masters TV Preview

7-26-18 Nick Matthew Birthday Shots

7-26-18 Penn Courts

7-26-18 Adidas Counterblast Exadic from Pierre Bastien

7-26-18 US Squash Taking Final Scholar/Athlete Applications

7-26-18 Real Tennis Explained

7-26-18 Point

7-26-18 More Bad News for Football and Hockey Players

7-25-18 World Juniors Boys Teams Pool Day 2 Report

7-25-18 More WJ Teams

7-25-18 Video: Story of the Season, Men's Part 1

7-25-18 Geoff Hunt Hails Al Tamimi Tour Win

7-25-18 Lisa Aitken Happy to See Scottish Open Back

7-25-18 Jogging and Squash Players

7-25-18 Unused Courts Transformed at Durban Holocaust Centre

7-25-18 What Happened When I Tried Men's Soccer by Stephanie Labbe

7-25-18 Oddsmaker Talks Career

7-25-18 Having Choices Not Always a Plus

7-24-18 Rowan Araby & Mostafa Asal Capture World Juniors Titles

7-24-18 More World Juniors

7-24-18 WJ's Boys' Team Pool Play Underway

7-24-18 PSA Prize Money Up 11 Percent

7-24-18 Video: El Tayeb v King, Chicago Extended

7-24-18 Masters to Descend on UVA

7-24-18 Low Wee Wern with Inspiring Return

7-24-18 Blog: Finishing Rallies

7-24-18 'The War to Be Her' Premiers on PBS

7-24-18 Ax Falls at Iconic NY Daily News

7-23-18 Top 4 Seeds into World Juniors Finals, Report

7-23-18 A Promise Fulfilled by John Leavy

7-23-18 Taking Squash Public-II by Nick-At-Will

7-23-18 WSF World Juniors Safety Response

7-23-18 Podcast: Tom Ford

7-23-18 Toorpakai Profiled on NPR

7-23-18 Pickleball Talking Olympics

7-23-18 On-Court Coaching Unlikely at Wimbledon

7-23-18 Upper Eastsiders and Tennis Bubble

7-23-18 The One and Only Wedge, Newport Beach

7-22-18 England’s Turmel Denies Egyptian Clean Sweep in Chennai Quarters by Howard Harding

7-22-18 Taking a Sport Public? by Amal John

7-22-18 Swiss No. 1 Junior Reportedly Withdrew from World's Over Safety Concerns

7-22-18 Video: Shabana Birthday Shots

7-22-18 Comments from the Couch, Episode 6

7-22-18 Psychometric Testing

7-22-18 David Palmer Inducted into Commonwealth Games NSW Division Hall of Fame

7-22-18 Al Tamimi, Yip into $35K Malaysian Final

7-22-18 Adidas Counterblast Exadic from Pierre Bastien

7-22-18 SquashSkills: Drops from the Back

7-20-18 World Juniors Day 3 Report

7-20-18 Video: 2017 Men's World's, Extended

7-20-18 Third US Squash Training Academy Underway

7-20-18 Solinco Heaven Grip from Pierre Bastien

7-20-18 Peak Performance

7-20-18 Recovery Routine as a College Athlete by Emily Reinking

7-20-18 The Making of Alex Danson by Rod Gilmour

7-20-18 Sun Protection for Outdoor Athletes

7-20-18 Youth Soccer Ref Puts Bounty on Bad Parents

7-20-18 California's Scenic Highway One Reopens

7-19-18 WSF & PSA React to IOC Selection-Procedure Announcement

7-19-18 World Juniors Day 2 Report

7-19-18 Video: Women's Story of the Season Part 2

7-19-18 Anil Nayar and Carol Thesieres Named 2018 US Hall of Fame Inductees

7-19-18 SquashFORWARD Initiative Begins in Amsterdam

7-19-18 Blog: Don't Wait

7-19-18 East 44th Street Apartment Tower to Include Court

7-19-18 WSJ Readers Weigh in on Former Squash Player Steve Cohen's Hip Replacement Cost

7-19-18 To Stretch or Not by Gretchen Reynolds

7-19-18 US Open Tennis Paying Winners $3.8 Mil, Highest Total Purse in Grand Slam History

7-18-18 World Juniors Underway

7-18-18 US Team Set

7-18-18 Mizuno Wave Luminous from Pierre Bastien

7-18-18 Video: ToC Semi, Farag v Momen Extended

7-18-18 Nick Matthew Showcases Public Squash Court in New York

7-18-18 Outdoor Matthew Exhibition Video

7-18-18 Future Looking Bright for England Mini-Squash

7-18-18 Blog: Annoying Habits

7-18-18 Wales Rugby Club Displaced after 70 Years Following Behavior

7-18-18 Retiring at 27 by Lizzie Simmonds

7-17-18 Chennai Ready for World Juniors

7-17-18 PSA Weekend Roundup

7-17-18 Video: PSA Story of the Season, Part 1

7-17-18 Blog: Don't Look Up

7-17-18 Wimbledon Reflections by Richard Evans

7-17-18 Recovery

7-17-18 Shoulders of Giants: 1968

7-17-18 Jump Workout

7-17-18 Libraries Dipping into Fitness Classes

7-17-18 Fight Crime with Television by Alan Burdick

7-16-18 Willstrop and Selby Turn on the Style

7-16-18 World Juniors Year by Year

7-16-18 SquashSkills Blog: Attacking Options

7-16-18 The Bull by Will Carlin

7-16-18 Winning Shots

7-16-18 Mizuno Wave Phantom 2 from Pierre Bastien

7-16-18 Former Player Fish Says Tennis Pros the Fittest

7-16-18 Stan Smith Forever Connected to Shoe

7-16-18 Sand Workout

7-16-18 5 Years on the Market for Priciest Rhode Island Estate

7-15-18 Video: Elshorbagy v Ashour Extended

7-15-18 World Juniors Countdown

7-15-18 World Juniors Event Guide

7-15-18 Podcast: Janet Baker McLeod

7-15-18 Blog: Fast Player Problems

7-15-18 Future Lies in Squash by Rachel Wisniewski

7-15-18 Better Than Bench Press?

7-15-18 Sydney with New 'Real Tennis' Court

7-15-18 Calgary and the 2026 Winter Games

7-15-18 Wimbledon Trophy Beats Them All by Anne Quito

7-13-18 Job Opening: Pro, San Diego

7-13-18 Greatest of All Time Part 4

7-13-18 Dutch Junior Open Underway, Record Entries from 36 Countries

7-13-18 Mizuno Wave Bolt 7 from Pierre Bastien

7-13-18 Draw Released for PSA Open International de Nantes

7-13-18 Double Down by Amanda Sobhy

7-13-18 Future of Tennis Training May Come from Hollywood

7-13-18 A Must Read! by Nick-At-Will

7-13-18 Nobody’s Going to Sports in Person Anymore by Will Leitch

7-13-18 Ghosting and Potential Employers

7-12-18 Matthew NYC Outdoor Exhibition Friday

7-12-18 World Juniors, the '90s

7-12-18 Job Opening: Squash Director, Chicago MetroSquash

7-12-18 Hey Ref, July from Barry Faguy

7-12-18 SquashSkills: Volleying with Height from David Palmer

7-12-18 SEA Kicks Off Citizenship Tour

7-12-18 US Scholar-Athlete Award Taking Applications

7-12-18 $17M West Side Manhattan Penthouse Includes Court Access

7-12-18 Princeton and Stanford Latest to Drop SAT Essay Requirement

7-12-18 FIFA Urges World Cup Broadcast Networks to Limit the Attractive Women

7-11-18 Seedings Announced for July 29th Virginia World Masters

7-11-18 July Newsletter from the World Squash Federation

7-11-18 World Juniors History

7-11-18 Job Opening: Urban National Coach

7-11-18 Before the "Why is Egypt so good at squash" Video! by Nick-At-Will

7-11-18 Outside the Glass: Sarah Fitz-Gerald

7-11-18 Blog: Long Shot

7-11-18 England Squash Boot Camp

7-11-18 Summer-League Basketball Incident Sickening by Mark Wiedmer

7-11-18 Nick Hoppe: A Wonderful Halt

7-10-18 Alexandria to Host World's Best in September

7-10-18 PSA Weekend Roundup

7-10-18 Video: Rally of the Season

7-10-18 From Wee Wern Low

7-10-18 SquashSkills: Using Height with David Palmer

7-10-18 Zafar Sisters Profiled

7-10-18 Topspin Drops

7-10-18 Chelsea Piers Celebrates 6-Year Mark

7-10-18 Hawaii to Limit Suncreens

7-10-18 Basketball Players Jump Refs

7-9-18 Podcast: Derek Ryan

7-9-18 Willstrop & Whitlock to Headline September Open International de Squash de Nantes

7-9-18 Video: Qatar 2017 Flashback

7-9-18 Mizuno Wave Lightning Z4 from Pierre Bastien

7-9-18 Squash-player and Artist Extraordinaire by Nick-At-Will

7-9-18 Andover Player Profile

7-9-18 SquashSkills: Holding the Ball

7-9-18 A Tour of Sports Movie Memorabilia Heaven by Jeremy Fuchs

7-9-18 Charlotte Private School Reportedly a Front for Athletes to Dodge ICE

7-9-18 Summer Fitness Gear

7-8-18 Millie Tomlinson Wins Pyramides of Paris Title

7-8-18 World Juniors Promo Trailer

7-8-18 Blog: Following Up Short

7-8-18 Nick Matthew Free Exhibition Match Friday Outdoors in NYC, Streamed

7-8-18 PSA Swedish Open to Move from Linköping After 15 Year Run

7-8-18 Video: Squash XL Final

7-8-18 Job Opening: School Assistant Coach

7-8-18 Jemyca Aribado and Ivan Yuen Named June PSA Players of the Month

7-8-18 Kevin Anderson and Plastic Covers

7-8-18 Peter Bodo: Tennis Needs 25-Second Clock

7-6-18 Oracle Netsuite Tickets On Sale Today

7-6-18 5-Court Facility Open in Redwood City, to Host Netsuite Early Matches

7-6-18 Bad News Again for Squash?

7-6-18 More Olympic Noise

7-6-18 John White, Theo Woodward Staging August Day Camps at Drexel University in Philadelphia

7-6-18 End of the Line After 25 Years for the BSPA

7-6-18 Former World No 5 Low Wee Wern Back from Injury

7-6-18 Whistle-Stop Tour of Scotland

7-6-18 Job Opening: Assistant Coach, Vassar

7-6-18 Annie Au is Squash Player Magazine's Women's Player of the Month

7-5-18 Video: Squash XL Semis

7-5-18 Greatest of All Time Part 1

7-5-18 Job Opening: Assistant Pro, Greenwich

7-5-18 WSF Intervention Reportedly Secures Visas for Pakistani Juniors at Chennai World's

7-5-18 Ivan Yuen Wins Squash Player’s Men's Player of the Month Award

7-5-18 Head Cyber Elite from Pierre Bastien

7-5-18 The Long Game

7-5-18 Coaching Kids: Inspiring Good Behavior

7-5-18 Pakistan Legend Qamar Zaman Running for Office

7-5-18 Outdoor Fitness Gear

7-4-18 BBC Sport Africa: Why is Egypt So Good?

7-4-18 Harvard Senior Perspective: Sue Ann Yong

7-4-18 Job Opening: Assistant Coach, Columbia

7-4-18 Dickinson Women Named Most Improved

7-4-18 How to Get Your Children Playing Squash by Pierre Bastien

7-4-18 US Open Ballpersons Restricted from Throwing Balls

7-4-18 Cornwall Houses with Tennis Courts

7-4-18 World Cup Take by Nick Hoppe

7-4-18 30 Best Sports Books by Paul Wilson

7-4-18 Out-of-Control San Francisco Homeless Problem Scaring Off Conventions

7-3-18 Blog: Deception, Disguise and Hold

7-3-18 Gary Nisbet: Flow Like the French

7-3-18 Tyler Osborne Named Navy Head Coach

7-3-18 Mimicking the Pros by Matt Lombardi

7-3-18 8 Under 23

7-3-18 From Chennai to World No 1

7-3-18 PSA Weekend Roundup

7-3-18 Job Opening: Assistant Women's Coach, Princeton

7-3-18 Tennis Holidays

7-3-18 Chamberlain Bel Air Bachelor Pad on the Market for $19M

7-2-18 Stepped-Up IOC Process Could Determine Squash's 2024 Olympics' Fate Within a Year

7-2-18 July World Rankings

7-2-18 Podcast: Laura Massaro

7-2-18 Canadian Junior World's Team Named

7-2-18 Video: Squash XL Quarters

7-2-18 50 Years Since Pros Welcomed Back to Wimbledon

7-2-18 Harvard Report Suggests Athletes Admitted at Higher Rate

7-2-18 Size and Injury Risk

7-2-18 A Family's Search for Answers by Greg Bishop

7-2-18 Kangaroos Going MMA

7-1-18 Oracle NetSuite Returning to San Francisco Embarcadero

7-1-18 Oracle NetSuite Tickets on Sale Friday

7-1-18 2017 Oracle NetSuite Reel

7-1-18 College Squash Association Announces David Poolman as Executive Director

7-1-18 Fixing Joe's Court

7-1-18 The Elgood Family

7-1-18 Blog: Following Through on the Backhand Serve

7-1-18 Wimbledon Preview by Steve Tignor

7-1-18 Derek Jeter Selling Greenwood Lake Castle for $15M

7-1-18 Quiet Eye