July 2019 - Archive

7-31-19 World Juniors Day 1 Report

7-31-19 SEA Sets 25-Year Jubilee

7-31-19 Ramy 5 Rallies

7-31-19 Zahed Salem

7-31-19 Video: Elshorbagy v Lee, Extended

7-31-19 And . . . a little humility as well?

7-31-19 Yonex Power Cushion Eclipsion X from Pierre Bastien

7-31-19 Short Story Collaborator Needed

7-31-19 Hawkey by James Zug

7-31-19 Administrative Confusion May Lock India Out of Men's World's

7-31-19 NFL Day in the Life

World Juniors Kicks Off in Kuala Lumpur

7-30-19 World Juniors Photos

7-30-19 WJ's Draws

7-30-19 SquashSkills: Angles of Attack

7-30-19 Low Wee Wern

7-30-19 Pan Am Results a Challenge

7-30-19 Tennis Teaching Legend Dennis Van der Meer Remembered

7-30-19 Najla Imad Lafta

7-30-19 No Ordinary Tour de France by Bonnie Ford

Park Ranger

6-Time Champion Pakistan Reportedly Not Competing in Men's World's, by Alan Thatcher

7-29-19 Outside the Glass: Liz Irving

7-29-19 So. Cal. Gold! by Bob Hanscom

7-29-19 Musto Reportedly on Board as Manhattan Community Center Pro

7-29-19 Tom Richards

7-29-19 Pan Am Report

7-29-19 Israel Event with Media Coverage

The Long and Surprising History of Roller Derby

7-29-19 E-sports Tournament Winner Takes Home Cool $3 Mil

7-29-19 Secret Story of the Brooklyn Heights Promenade

World Juniors Countdown

7-26-19 World Juniors Draws

7-26-19 Pan Am Games Report

7-26-19 Sam Cornett Competing in 3rd Pan Am's

Ooh Boy

7-26-19 Job Opening: Assistant Pro, Denver

7-26-19 Video: Season Story Part 2

7-26-19 Slump

7-26-19 World Team Tennis at 44 Years and Counting

7-26-19 Bob Jackson's Daily Sports Life in Penang

Video: Farag

7-25-19 QSF Finals Report

7-25-19 Nour El Sherbini

7-25-19 Farag and ElShorbagy Set for September Shanghai Showdown

Pan Am Singles Draws Released, Women's Field Thin

7-25-19 Salming Eagle from Pierre Bastien

7-25-19 Conditioning Opinion, by Kyle Andersen

7-25-19 Federer and Djokovic Invest in Dave Fish's Universal Tennis Rating

7-25-19 About UTR

Au, Al Tamimi into $28K Doha Final

7-24-19 French Amateur Open

7-24-19 Premier Squash League 2019/20 Update

7-24-19 WSF May Assess Pakistan World Juniors Bid

7-24-19 Barbados Update

7-24-19 Audio: Andrew Schnell

7-24-19 Job Opening: Elite High Performance Coach, SoCal

7-24-19 Tesni Evans

7-24-19 Video: El Tayeb v El Sherbini Extended

7-24-19 State of the Program, Virginia Men

DC to Welcome Men's World Teams by Howard Harding

7-23-19 PSA Reports Record Prize-Money

7-23-19 Ashour Practice

7-23-19 4th US Squash Academy Report

7-23-19 Team Canada Set to Take on World Juniors

7-23-19 World Juniors Flashback

World Squash Day Apparel

7-23-19 New Squash Blog Geared to Parents

7-23-19 Virginia Women's D-1 Progress

7-23-19 Non-Hall-of-Famers

Racquet Weight by Jeff Warren

7-22-19 US Team Set for Pan Am's

7-22-19 Djokovic

7-22-19 City Gym

7-22-19 Ivan Yuen and Low Wee Wern Win Malaysian Nationals

7-22-19 Reading the Game

7-22-19 $28K Qatar Round 2 Report

7-22-19 Podcast: Paul Assaiante

7-22-19 Selby Hanging In at Age 36

7-22-19 Career NY Crime Fighter Robert Morgenthau Dies at 99

A Carry

7-19-19 Job Opening: UK

7-19-19 September $60K Hong Kong Preview

7-19-19 Job Opening: Assistant Coach, Williams

7-19-19 PSA Season Matches: Perry v El Sherbini

7-19-19 Video: Selby v Rodriguez Extended

7-19-19 Prince Vortex from Pierre Bastien

7-19-19 Running Tech

7-19-19 Pro Lacrosse Making a Run

7-19-19 Baseball Card Fraud Draws FBI Attention

You Make the Call

7-18-19 Harvard Men Announce Class of 2023

7-18-19 Tesni Evans

7-18-19 Squash On Fire to Host December World Men's Teams

7-18-19 Oracle/NetSuite Tickets

7-18-19 Lucas Serme

7-18-19 Video: Tour Story Part 1

7-18-19 Iconic White Plains Y Shuts Its Doors

7-18-19 Tennis on the Roof

7-18-19 Berkeley Moving to Ban Natural Gas

Planes, Trains and Automobiles

7-17-19 Harvard Names Women's Class of 2023

7-17-19 String Pod

7-17-19 Job Opening: Pro, Westchester

7-17-19 Job Opening: Assistant Coach, Penn

7-17-19 Job Opening: Member & Marketing Associate, Westchester

7-17-19 Peter Nicol on Ramy Ashour

7-17-19 England Names World Juniors Squad

7-17-19 Chinese Taipei to Make World Juniors Debut

7-17-19 Open de France Fields Announced

Video: Rallies of the Season

7-16-19 Egypt Talent Factory

7-16-19 PSA Breakthrough Performers 2

7-16-19 Rachael Grinham Proud to be Hanging Around at Age 42

7-16-19 Mobility Warm-Up from Gary Nisbet

7-16-19 Kempa Attack Two Contender from Pierre Bastien

7-16-19 New Jersey Estate Includes Court

7-16-19 Wimbledon Multiple In-Match Scoring Changes Under Debate

7-16-19 Wimbledon Parting Thoughts by Jon Wertheim

7-16-19 Black Woman to Take Over as 007

Pros Back from Injury

7-15-19 Nantes Teasers #3, Le Match

7-15-19 World Juniors Draws Announced

7-15-19 Jay Nelson to Receive 2019 Callahan Sportsmanship Award

7-15-19 Declan James on Breakthrough Season

7-15-19 SquashSkills: Space and Boast

George Washington Names New Head Coach

7-15-19 Big Serves

7-15-19 College Football Top 100 Players

7-15-19 JFK’s TWA Hotel

Job Opening: CEO, World Squash Federation

7-12-19 World No 1s Farag and El Welily to Headline September China Open

7-12-19 SquashSkills: Pressure Drills with Shaun Moxham

7-12-19 Burger King with $400K Jamaican Juniors Support Package

Canadian Junior Open Enhanced

7-12-19 Sumner Malik Celebratory Event

7-12-19 Tasmanian Open Underway

7-12-19 Tour de France Stage 6

7-12-19 D-1 Schools Pouring Millions into Athlete Meals

7-12-19 Sports Best Sellers

Camille Serme

7-11-19 You Make The Call

7-11-19 Squash Canada Summer Newsletter

7-11-19 Job Opening: Urban Coach, Cleveland

7-11-19 Former World 23 Reda Announces PSA Retirement

7-11-19 SquashSkills, Amateur Analysis

7-11-19 You Gotta Be Kidding

7-11-19 Joe Montana Napa Valley Estate on the Market

7-11-19 Groundbreaking Sports Author Jim Bouton Dies at 80

7-11-19 'Ball Four' Legacy

Oracle NetSuite Promo Video

7-10-19 PSA Rallies of the Season

7-10-19 Job Opening: Pro, New Jersey

7-10-19 Puma Boundless from Pierre Bastien

7-10-19 SquashSkills: Attack as Defense

A View on Stretching by Arianna Hoffman

7-10-19 Philly Pop-Up Padel

7-10-19 Ultramarathoner's Real-Life Training Plan

7-10-19 Harvard Fires Head Fencing Coach Over Dubious Home Sale

7-10-19 Epstein Ties to Harvard

$240K Oracle NetSuite Open Tickets on Sale

7-9-19 Oracle NetSuite Schedule

Urban Individuals Nationals Photos

7-9-19 Winners Crowned at European Junior Open

7-9-19 PSA Comebacks Part 2

7-9-19 Dunlop Hyperfibre XT Revelation 125 from Pierre Bastien

7-9-19 Video: Women's PSA Extended

7-9-19 Audio Podcast: Adil Maqbool

7-9-19 New Brockville, Ontario, Facility Open

7-9-19 US Women's Soccer Team Lands SI Bikini Feature

Farag: Love of the Game

7-8-19 2018 Open de Nantes After-Movie

7-8-19 Open de France Teaser 2

7-8-19 SquashSkills at Half-Off

7-8-19 Dealing with Match Choking

7-8-19 Circuit of the Month, July

7-8-19 Pat Millman to Receive Wedgwood Sportsmanship Trophy at US Open

7-8-19 PSA Comebacks Part 1

7-8-19 Gearbox GBX 135 from Pierre Bastien

7-8-19 Asad Khan Takes Over in Buffalo

7-8-19 Wimbledon Midterm Roundtable

Willstrop Speaks by Phil Newton

Le lieu - Open de France 2019

7-7-19 Open de France de Squash Preview

7-7-19 Point

7-7-19 $24K Australian Open Report

7-7-19 Audio: Martin Agatyn

7-7-19 Fermi Racquets Court Chicago Pile

7-7-19 Steve Piltch

7-7-19 Questions with Federer

7-7-19 Slower Grass

Miko Aijanen and Wen Li Lai are PSA Players of the Month

7-4-19 World No 3 Serme to Headline Open de France

7-4-19 You Make the Call

7-4-19 Video: Egyptian Junior Open Finals Stream

Former PSA Player Mir Zaman Gul Situation

7-4-19 Audio Podcast: Andrew Douglas

7-4-19 US Squash Player Rating Enhancements

7-4-19 </