March 2014- Archive

3-31-14 Black Knight Squash Fiction: The Night is Young by Georgetta L. Morque

3-31-14 Black Knight Squash Fiction: Game Plan by David Bickford

3-31-14 Video: Nick Matthew Canary Wharf Training Session

3-31-14 Video: PSA Megarally, Rodriguez v Grant

3-31-14 Moustafa Nabil Wins PST Mamaroneck Open

3-31-14 Nicol David Remains Focused on Developing the Sport by Kng Zheng Guan

3-31-14 Matthew Looks to Commonwealth Games by Doug Revolta

3-31-14 From Scozzie Squash: What is Talent?

Toronto National Squash Academy Announces Spring Program

3-31-14 Wilson Squash Bags by Pierre Bastien

3-31-14 Video: Squashskills, Pairs Attacking

Wrigley Field Turning 100

Canadian Government Serves Up $150,000 for Squash Canada

3-30-14 Video: Canary Wharf Finals Highlights

3-30-14 Video: Canary Final-Four Quick Takes

3-30-14 Nicol's Prestigious Awards by Nick-at-Will

Back to Business for David by Devinder Singh

3-30-14 Nabil v MacAulay in PST Mamaroneck Open Finals

3-30-14 A New Fram's Corner

3-30-14 Wilmington Welcomes US Junior Doubles

3-30-14 Baltimore SquashWise Seeks Academic Coordinator

3-30-14 Salming-on-Salming Action at Canary Wharf by Pierre Bastien

3-30-14 The Trampoline Effect and String Tension Strategy by Steve Crandall

Women Being Jocks May Signal Political Ambition by Alexandra Starr

Ohio State Men's Tennis Wins NCAA Record 185th Straight Home Match

3-30-14 Andy Murray Looks for New Coach on Twitter

Matthew Dominates Willstrop for Fourth Canary Wharf Title by Alan Thatcher

3-29-14 Matthew: On Court, Take no Prisoners

3-29-14 Matthew/Willstrop Career Head-to-Heads from Howard Harding

3-29-14 Video: Canary Semis Highlights Part 1

3-29-14 Video: Canary Semis Highlights Part 2

3-29-14 Peruvian Junior Elias Over Illingworth in Houston, Salazar Downs Harrity, Gordon Advances

3-29-14 Weisskopf Headlines PST Mamaroneck Open

3-29-14 My Journey With the 'Manzi' by Omar El Sherbini

3-29-14 Players Recognized from CSA Men's Team Championship

Trinity's Anna Kimberley Featured in 'Faces in the Crowd'

3-29-14 Prince TT Sovereign Racket by Pierre Bastien

The Whole Body Fix by Katie McDonald

3-29-14 NCAA Reportedly Disallows Water Bottle Label

3-29-14 To Some English-Speakers, Soccer Matches Sound Better In Spanish

Top Seeds Matthew and Willstrop Set Canary Wharf Finals Matchup by Alan Thatcher

3-28-14 Video: Matthew Post-Match

3-28-14 Video: Willstrop Post-Match

3-28-14 Video: Canary Quarters Highlights Part 1

3-28-14 Video: Canary Quarters Highlights Part 2

3-28-14 Illingworth, Harrity, Gordon in Action in $15K PSA Houston

3-28-14 Harvard's Farag Tops Men's All-Ivy Team

3-28-14 Sobhy Heads Women's All-Ivy Squad

3-28-14 World Champion Massaro Inspires Young Players on Moss Side

3-28-14 Massaro Heads WSA Awards by Howard Harding

Prince F3 Agile Racket by Pierre Bastien

3-28-14 Friends in Training for World Record Squash Marathon by Sarah Bould

3-28-14 Squash in the Twenties Promo

3-28-14 National Labor Board Okays Northwestern Football Players to Form Union

What's On My Mind: Squash/Class by A.J. Kohlhepp

3-27-14 Rodriguez Joins Matthew, Willstrop & Barker in $50K Canary Semis by Nathan Clarke

3-27-14 Video: Canary Highlights, Part 3

3-27-14 Video: Canary Highlights Part 4

3-27-14 PSA Referees' Director Lee Drew Reportedly to Crack Down on Stoppages

3-27-14 11 Points with Nick Matthew by Alan Thatcher

3-27-14 Trinity Women's Players Garner Prestigious Awards And Recognition by David Kingsley

3-27-14 Virginia Tops Final CSA Women's Club Rankings

3-27-14 Tammy Mehmed Powers Tin Ringers to 3-1 Lead in Black Knight Fiction Play, Complete Novel to Date

3-27-14 SquashWise Seeks AmeriCorps Coach

Nick Matthew Collects PSA Player Of The Year Award by Nathan Clarke

3-27-14 Massaro & Matthew Deserve More Than Being Footnotes by Tanya Alred

3-27-14 SquashSite Daily Photo

US Tennis Plans National Training Center in Orlando

Dodgers-Diamondbacks Good Look for Australia by Richard Hinds

Selby Survives Thriller At Canary Wharf Classic, Willstrop Advances by Nathan Clarke

3-26-14 Video: Canary Wharf First Round Highlights, Part 1

3-26-14 Video: Canary First Round Highlights, Part 2

3-26-14 11 Points with Saurav Ghosal by Alan Thatcher

3-26-14 Job Opening: Assistant Pro, Cleveland

3-26-14 MacAulay Wins in PST Philadelphia Debut

Chris Robertson: Massaro Will Lift English Squash

3-26-14 Lobban Raises PSA Geneva Open Trophy

3-26-14 Squash Canada Unveils 2014 Women's World Team Championship Logo by Howard Harding

3-26-14 Head Nano Ti Mirage Racket by Pierre Bastien

Treddy Ketcham Awards Go to Most Improved US Juniors

3-26-14 A New Fram's Corner

3-26-14 NFL to Penalize Goal Post Dunks

What's On My Mind by Naveen Garg

3-25-14 Qualifier Max Lee Stuns Darwish on Opening Day at Canary Wharf, Mosaad Match Has 70 Lets by Alan Thatcher

3-25-14 11 Points with Omar Mosaad

3-25-14 11 Points with Miguel Rodriguez

3-25-14 Tom Poor & Lenny Bernheimer Continue Age-Group Domination at US National Doubles, Eleven Champion Teams Crowned

3-25-14 Bay Club of San Francisco Pro Open Report by Kim Clearkin

Massaro Feared Worlds Had Slipped Away by Piers Newbery

3-25-14 Cassie Thomas: World Open Success Gives Hope for Women's Tour

Cairo Scene: El Sherbini Makes History

3-25-14 No Delays for Next Women's Worlds by Kng Zheng Guan

3-25-14 Q & A With Drexel President John Fry

Eight English Junior Champions Crowned

3-25-14 Pallikal Wins Consumer Dispute Against Bank

3-25-14 First-Ever GW All-American Anna Porras Gains Repeat Honor

3-25-14 Head Cerium 150 Racket by Pierre Bastien

England's Laura Massaro Wins Women's World Championship Title by Howard Harding

3-24-14 The View from Malaysia by Alex Wan

3-24-14 Manek Mathur and Steve Scharff Capture US National Doubles Title by Rob Dinerman

3-24-14 Giant task for London boy Waller as he faces Canary Wharf champion Willstrop by Alan Thatcher

Black Knight Squash Fiction: Walkies With Pike by Tammy Mehmed

3-24-14 Black Knight Squash Fiction: The Devil in the Detail by Kathryn Dysart

3-24-14 Yuen On A Roll In KL

3-24-14 Harrity Celebrates Tour Title Breakthrough

3-24-14 The Black Knight Razor TC Reviewed, by Jeff Warren

3-24-14 Video: Backhand Shoulder Rotation

El Sherbini Shocks David in Women's Worlds Semis, Massaro Beats El Weleily by Howard Harding

3-23-14 Steve Cubbins: The Match of Her Life?

3-23-14 David Succumbs to Home Crowd Pressure and Brilliance of El Sherbini by Kng Zheng Guan

3-23-14 Massaro Seeking to Become England's First Women's World Titlist Since 1999

3-23-14 Harrity Beats Tandon in NY Pro to Capture First PSA Title

3-23-14 Canary Wharf Qualifying Report by Alan Thatcher

3-23-14 English Junior Nationals Report

3-23-14 The A to Z of Squash by Phillip Marlowe

Video: Women's Worlds Opening Ceremony

3-23-14 Sarah-Jane Perry Named WSA Breakthrough Player

3-23-14 Salming Viper Shoes by Pierre Bastien

3-23-14 Video: Power Squash Part 2, Defending

Is March Madness a Sporting or Gambling Event? by Allen Barra

David Survives Worlds' 5-Game Quarterfinal, El Sherbini Through by Howard Harding

3-22-14 El Sherbini Back at her Best

3-22-14 Penang Semis Head to Heads from Howard Harding

Arthur and Bob Meet Up in Penang by Arthur Curran

3-22-14 Job Opening: Head Pro, Baltimore

3-22-14 Squash Revolution NY Pro Open Semis Results

3-22-14 Women's College Nationals Players Recognized, by Michael Bello

Malaysian Junior Yong Sue Ann Headed to Harvard

3-22-14 Chatham Pro Patrick Cosquer Teaches Squash & More to Newark Students

3-22-14 Wales Establishes Commonwealth Games Team

3-22-14 Vancouver Racquetballers Upset Over Squash Conversion

3-22-14 World's Top 30 Men Confirmed for May British Open

3-22-14 Why Golf May be California’s Most Dangerous Sport by Lindsay Abrams

Women's World Championship: El Sherbini Over Waters, El Weleily Crushes Pallikal, Wee Wern Ends Cornett Run

3-21-14 Ireland’s Perry Too Good for Perry of England by Loganath Velloo

3-21-14 Penang Quarterfinal Head to Heads, from Howard Harding

Video: Power Men's World Series Finals Highlights

3-21-14 Video: Ashour Post-Finals

3-21-14 Has the Torch Been Passed? by Will Gens

3-21-14 Todd Harrity, Columbia's Tandon Advance in NY Metro Open

3-21-14 Bay Club of San Francisco Hosting Weekend Closed Circuit Satellite PSA Tournament by Kim Clearkin

David Pearson: Thoughts on the State of Refereeing

3-21-14 A New Episode of Help My Squash Game from Barb Cooper

3-21-14 Trinity College Urban Program Seeks Director

3-21-14 Aussie Juniors Fight for Recognition by Kim Schramm

3-21-14 Shawn Delierre and Chris Gordon in Salming by Pierre Bastien

Duffield & Surrey Health Clinch Early PSL Play-Off Slots by Howard Harding

3-21-14 A New Fram's Corner

What's On My Mind by Georgetta Morque

3-20-14 Ashour Beats Elshorbagy to Win Second World Series Finals Title by Nathan Clarke

Video: Power World Series Semis Highlights

3-20-14 Video: Ashour on the Semis

3-20-14 Video: Elshorbagy Post-Semis

3-20-14 Video: Top 4 on WSF and Westwood Club

Canada's Cornett Beats No 21 Line Hansen to Gain Worlds Round of 16 by Howard Harding

3-20-14 Pallikal Looking for Significant Year

Laura Massaro Savours World Award Win by Steve Tinniswood

3-20-14 Al Tommervik Puts Tin Ringers in Front in Squash Fiction Play

3-20-14 Black Knight Complete Novel Through Chapter 4

Women's College All-Americans Announced, by Michael Bello