May 2014- Archive

5-29-14 Chelsea Piers Squash Camps Provide Launching Pad for New Players by Dana Thayer

5-29-14 Coleman Clinches PSA Ipswich Open Crown

5-29-14 Joelle King Leads NZ Hopes in Commonwealth Games by Alan Thatcher

5-29-14 Scotland Legacy After Commonwealth Games by Stuart Milne

5-29-14 Amanda Sobhy Coming of Age by Eddie So

5-29-14 St Lawrence Women's Team Named 2014 Most Improved, by Michael Bello

Comstock Powers Handouts in Black Knight Chapter 14, Complete NOVEL to Date

5-29-14 Black Knight Fiction Scorecard

5-29-14 Video: Mega-Rally, Ashour v Anjema

5-29-14 Hi Tec Indoor Lite Shoes by Pierre Bastien

5-29-14 Players Scuffle in PSF Trials by Mohsin Ali

5-29-14 Athletes Adding Vision Training by Kate Murphy

5-29-14 Technique-Tracking Tennis Bracelet Developed

US Squash Figure Ham Biggar Dies at 67

5-28-14 Video: Ham's Classic Photos

5-28-14 Milou Marks Perth Success by Howard Harding

5-28-14 Canadian Men's Team Named for August World Juniors by Danny Da Costa

5-28-14 Video: Mega-Rally, Shabana v Marche

5-28-14 Head Graphene Xenon 145 Racket from Pierre Bastien

5-28-14 October US Open Tickets On Sale

5-28-14 How the Mighty Have Fallen by Waqar Hamza

5-28-14 Fitness Crazed by Daniel Duane

5-28-14 Rise of the Supersize Athlete by Matt Knight

Arif Sarfraz Remembered, Forum

Grayson Over Salazar 11-9 in the Fifth to Win PSA Las Vegas Challenger

5-27-14 Bedell Jersey Squash Classic 2014 Report by Steve Cubbins

5-27-14 Egypt To Defend Women's World Team Title In Canada in December by Howard Harding

5-27-14 Video: Mega-Rally, Matthew v Selby

5-27-14 Job Opening: Part Time Pro, Westchester, NY

5-27-14 Get Your Act Right by Azlan Iskandar

5-27-14 Head Xenon 140 Racket by Pierre Bastien

5-27-14 A New Fram's Corner

Sporting Act Backfires for New Zealand's Megan Craig

5-27-14 How Tennis Officials Are Trying to Make the Game Fair by Carl Bialik

Former Princeton Captain Arif Sarfraz Dies At Age 60 by Rob Dinerman

5-26-14 Black Knight Squash Fiction: "Reckonings" by Margot Comstock

5-26-14 Black Knight Squash Fiction: "Uptown & Eastside" by Roland Jacopetti

5-26-14 Sobhy Soars To Hong Kong Success by Howard Harding

5-26-14 Mexicans Salazar and Avila Knock Off Illingworth & Harrity in Vegas PSA

5-26-14 Thierry Lincou Named MIT Head Coach, by Michael Bello

5-26-14 Squash Still Hanging by a Thread for 2020

Video: Mega-rally, Matthew v Elshorbagy

5-26-14 Baltimore's Stan Dorney Profiled by Matt Hamilton

5-26-14 Ramy Ashour Exhibition Jumpstarts Charity Drive

5-26-14 Head Graphene Xenon 135 by Pierre Bastien

5-26-14 Video: Women's CSA, Bowdoin v Amherst

5-26-14 Golf Market Stuck in Bunker

Remembering Adorable Lacey With a Racehorse by Adam Himmelsbach

Salma Sinks Top Seed Duncalf In HKFC Shock by Howard Harding

5-22-14 Sobhy Advances, Day One Hong Kong Recap

5-22-14 Matthew Reflects On Coming Up Short at British Open

5-22-14 Arroyo Seco Celebrates by Bob Hanscom

5-22-14 Megan Craig Cruises To NT Success by Howard Harding

5-22-14 Corren Charges To PSA Title No 49

5-22-14 BK Squash Fiction: Tin Ringers Extend to 7-5 Over Handouts Behind Mehmed, Complete NOVEL to Date

5-22-14 Fiction Scorecard

Drexel Men Win 2014 Barnaby Award by Michael Bello

Squash Canada Nominates Two for Glasgow 2014 Canadian Team

5-22-14 Equal Treatment Demanded for Female Pakistani Players by Mohsin Ali

5-22-14 Video: Nick Taylor on the Jersey Squash Classic

5-22-14 End of Season by Tamika Saxby

5-22-14 StreetSquash Newark Event Raises $60K

Amanda Sobhy, Latasha Khan, Chris Gordon in Hong Kong Open Action Today

5-21-14 Hong Kong Open DRAWS

5-21-14 Jersey Classic Day One Report by Steve Cubbins

5-21-14 Legend Proves Her Point by Devinder Singh

5-21-14 Cassie Thomas: Great to See British Open Back on Big Stage

5-21-14 Job Opening: High Performance Coach, Calgary

5-21-14 Princeton Senior All-American Libby Eyre Profiled

5-21-14 Inside the Locker Room by Sarah Caughey

5-21-14 Video: Volley Drive by Chris Walker

5-21-14 Lauren Selby Doing Her Bit to Further Women's Game

5-21-14 Video: Men's CSA, Middlebury v Brown from Michael Bello

5-21-14 Tecnifibre Suprem 130 Squash Racket Review by Pierre Bastien

Video: British Open Women's Finals Highlights

5-20-14 Video: Men's Finals Highlights

5-20-14 British Open En Bref

5-20-14 Fram's Best of BO Photos

5-20-14 Meguid Makes Tour Breakthrough In Penang by Howard Harding

5-20-14 Aussie Vet Mike Corren First 40-Year-Old to Win a PSA Event

5-20-14 Schoor Captures Kriens Crown

5-20-14 Learn From the English Shabana by Alan Thatcher

5-20-14 Video: Kemp v Waller, Kent Open Full Match Replay

5-20-14 Turning Point by Joyce Dendy

5-20-14 Deaf Pakistani Squash Players Feel Left Out by Waqar Hamza

5-20-14 Three Harvard Student-Athletes Earn Hoopes Prize

5-20-14 Remembering, as an Extreme Sport by Benedict Carey

Nicol David Reclaims British Open Crown by Howard Harding

5-19-14 Gaultier Crushes Matthew to Win Men's British Open Title

5-19-14 Finals Recap

5-19-14 Video: British Open Women's Semis Highlights

5-19-14 Video: Semis Highlights, Matthew v Elshorbagy

5-19-14 Video: Semis Highlights, Gaultier v Ashour

5-19-14 Ross Norman Wins BO 55s, MASTERS Results

5-19-14 WDSA Turner Cup Final: Pierrepont And Krizek Motor To Victory by Rob Dinerman

5-19-14 Black Knight Squash Fiction: "Kuch" by Tammy Mehmed

5-19-14 Black Knight Squash Fiction: "Bruises" by David Bickford

5-19-14 Let Survey from Dax Nair

US Soccer Optimistic Despite 2 of 3 Americans Not Following World Cup

Nicol David & Laura Massaro Set Up British Open Final Rematch by Howard Harding

5-18-14 Gaultier Over Ashour in British Open Semis, Matthew Survives Elshorbagy by Nathan Clarke

5-18-14 Day 8 Recap

5-18-14 Massaro: New Line of Refereeing Not Communicated

5-18-14 Aubrey Waddy into British Open 65s Final; John Musto Falls in 45s Semis; MASTERS Reports

5-18-14 Video: British Open Quarters Highlights Part 1

5-18-14 Video: Quarters Highlights Part 2

5-18-14 Video: Second Round Part 3

5-18-14 Video: Second Round Part 4

5-18-14 WDSA Turner Cup Semis: Pierrepont/Krizek and Quick/Hewitt Charge Into Final by Rob Dinerman

5-18-14 Job Opening: Head Pro, Baltimore

5-18-14 Pan Am Games Menu Includes Olympic Leftovers Squash and Baseball/Softball

5-18-14 Education with a Penn Pipeline by Mike Tony

Asics Gel Flashpoint Shoes by Pierre Bastien

5-18-14 Pro Beast 750 by Pierre Bastien

5-18-14 Orthopedist Speaks on Overuse Injuries

Favourite David Moves Into British Open Quarters by Howard Harding

5-16-14 Double Delight For Egypt At Men's British Open by Nathan Clarke

5-16-14 'Old Man' Shabana into Quarters by Richard Eaton

5-16-14 Day 6 Recap

5-16-14 Video: British Open 2nd Round Highlights Part 1

5-16-14 Video: British Open 2nd Round Highlights Part 2

5-16-14 Shabana: Lee Drew-Chaired Refereeing On Right Track

5-16-14 University of Hull Students Acting as British Open Trainers

5-16-14 WDSA Turner Cup Round-of -16 Summary by Rob Dinerman

5-16-14 Westchester Weekend Turner Cup Streaming Live

5-16-14 Trinity’s Pelaez Wins 2014 Richey Award by Michael Bello

Movement and Shot Mechanics: Full Court Press! by Richard Millman

Cardwell Mental Toughness Runs in Family

5-16-14 Another StreetSquash Fundraiser Set

5-16-14 Women's British Open Gear by Pierre Bastien

5-16-14 Smart Tennis Racket Final Frontier or Gimmick?

Massaro & Kippax Set Up English British Open Quarter-Final by Howard Harding

5-15-14 Dessouki Dispatches Dark Prince In British Open Upset by Nathan Clarke

5-15-14 Day 5 Report

Video: British Open Highlights Part 3

5-15-14 Video: British Open Highlights Part 4

5-15-14 British Open DRAWS

5-15-14 Handouts' Bastien Narrows Margin in Squash Fiction Play, Complete NOVEL to Date

5-15-14 Black Knight Fiction Week 11 Scoreboard

Chris Sachvie and Dickinson's Inaugural Varsity Program by Michael Bello

5-15-14 Video: Chris Walker on Length

Bricklayer Attempting to Enter Guinness Book and Smash Reported Squash Court Laying Record

5-15-14 Tennis's Nadal Endorses 'Smart' Racket

David, Massaro Win BO Openers, World Finalist El Sherbini Upset by Howard Harding

5-14-14 Ashour, Gaultier, Willstrop Through to British Open Second Round by Nathan Clarke

5-14-14 British Open Day 4 Recap

5-14-14 Nicol David Blasts British Open Organisers by Richard Eaton

5-14-14 Video: British Open First Round Highlights, Part 1

5-14-14 Video: British Open First Round, Part 2

5-14-14 Willstrop Prepared to Do Things the Hard Way by Phil Harrison

5-14-14 Job Opening: Seasonal Pro, Martha's Vineyard

5-14-14 Hull Venue Layout