November 2019 - Archive

11-30-19 WSF Appoints William Louis-Marie New CEO

PSA Veteran Chris Simpson Announces Retirement

11-30-19 Greg Gaulter: Still a Bit Stiff by Jerome Elhaik

11-30-19 Sarah-Jane Perry Saluted at University of Warwick

11-30-19 Nick Wall Wins First PSA Title in Las Vegas

11-30-19 International Squash League in Balochistan Hits a Snag

11-30-19 The In Squash Podcast: Ehsan Zafar Awan

11-30-19 Video: Men's World Quarterfinals

11-30-19 The Fogeys

11-30-19 Pete Hamill ‘Ain’t Done Yet’ by Alex Williams

Premier Squash League Round 4

11-27-19 Best of Channel Vas 2019 from Steve Cubbins

11-27-19 Beautiful Setting for Suttton International, Round One Report

11-27-19 Suburban San Francisco Club Reportedly Building 15 Courts, Seeking Squash Staff

11-27-19 American Stefanoni Seeded 3rd in January British Junior Open, Preview

11-27-19 Inside the Games: PSA Foundation Partners with World Squash Day Auction

11-27-19 Video: Men's World's Round 3 Part 1

11-27-19 Video: Men's World's Round 3 Part 2

11-27-19 No Doubt! by Nick-At-Will

Women's Hockey Concussions by Rod Gilmour

11-26-19 Balls and Walls by Gordon Kerr

11-26-19 Sabrina Sobhy Wins in London, PSA Roundup

College Weekend Recap

11-26-19 Lachlan Johnson Q & A

11-26-19 Manek Mathur & Chris Callis Claim Sleepy Hollow Pro Doubles

11-26-19 World Squash Library

11-26-19 Greg Gaultier Back on Court by Jerome Elhaik

11-26-19 Harrow 2019 from Pierre Bastien

11-26-19 Padel Plays

11-26-19 Sports Books

Gawad Over Elshorbagy in $100K VAS Final

11-25-19 Point: Gawad v Elshorbagy

11-25-19 Point 2: Gawad v Elshorbagy

11-25-19 Harvard Player Crouin a Winner in the Dominican Republic

Squash Player Magazine

11-25-19 SquashSkills: Pros and Cons of Court Sprints

11-25-19 Job Opening: Pro, Chicago

11-25-19 A Budget Friendly Game Analysis Technique by Dominic Benacquista

11-25-19 42,000 Reportedly on Hand for Mexico City Tennis Match

11-25-19 The Vitality of Six-Man Football by Calla Kessler

Gawad Leads Top Seeds Through to Channel VAS Quarters

11-22-19 Willstrop, Sabrina Sobhy Advance in London Open Draws

11-22-19 Point: Mar Elshorbagy v Ng

11-22-19 Squash Analytics: Men’s College Rankings Update and Weekend Preview by David Keating

The In Squash Podcast: Sivasangari Subramanium

11-22-19 53 Americans Headed to January British Junior Open

11-22-19 World Champs by James Zug

11-22-19 Squash Demographics Attract by Pat Evans

11-22-19 Serbia’s Tennis Success Story by Christopher Clarey

Channel VAS Day 2 Report

11-21-19 London Open Round 1

11-21-19 Point: Abouelghar v James

11-21-19 Point: Ghosal v Richards

11-21-19 Job Opening: Head Pro, Washington DC

11-21-19 You Make the Call

11-21-19 Best Squash Gear 2019 from Pierre Bastien

11-21-19 Bates with New Coach, New Courts

11-21-19 Doubles Tour Location

11-21-19 Orlando January Racquet and Paddle Show

$100K Men's St George's Hill Day One Report

11-20-19 Podcast: Danny Lee

11-20-19 Video: Men's World's Round 2 Part 3

11-20-19 Video: Men's World's Round 2 Part 4

11-20-19 England Men's Squad Set for World Teams by Donna Helmer

11-20-19 Qatar Equipment Updates from Pierre Bastien

11-20-19 Inside the Vanderbilt Tennis Club

11-20-19 Amsterdam ebike

The Shoe That Upended the 1968 Olympics

11-20-19 'Loves Me Like a Rock' in Aberdeen

PSA World Tour Finals Standings

11-19-19 Video: Men's World's Round 2 Part 1

11-19-19 Video: Men's World's Round 2 Part 2

11-19-19 Howe Cup Wrap by Matt Lombardi

11-19-19 College Weekend Recap

11-19-19 PSA Challenger Tour Stops in Vegas

11-19-19 Todd Iliff

11-19-19 Nadal Still on Top by Steve Tignor

11-19-19 Emily Chappell

11-19-19 Fitness Gifts

PSA Silver Manchester Open on the Calendar for May

11-18-19 Video: Men's World's Round 1 Part 1 Wrap

11-18-19 Video: Men's World's Round 1 Part 2

11-18-19 Job Opening: Assistant Pro, NYC

11-18-19 Outside the Glass: Derrick Niederman

11-18-19 Squash Australia Annual Report

11-18-19 Victor P9210's

11-18-19 Squashskills: Attacking Patterns

11-18-19 New-Look Davis Cup

11-18-19 On Video Replay in English Soccer by Sam Knight

Tarek Momen Captures 2019-20 World Title

11-16-19 Men's World Finals Wrap

11-16-19 Momen Post-Match

11-16-19 Coll Post-Match

11-16-19 Point

11-16-19 Point 2

11-16-19 Pre-Match

11-16-19 Men's World Galleries

11-16-19 Penn Athletic Department KO's Women's Volleyball Season

11-16-19 The Evolution of Sports Cheating by Tim Newcomb

Egypt's Momen and New Zealander Coll to Square Off for World Men's Title

11-15-19 Coll Post-Semis

11-15-19 Momen Post-Semis

11-15-19 Point: Coll v Mar Elshorbagy

11-15-19 Breakfast with James Willstrop

11-15-19 Squash Analytics: Men’s College Rankings by David Keating

11-15-19 You Make the Call

11-15-19 Tennis Mindset Coach

11-15-19 Andy Murray Says He Overdid It

11-15-19 Sports Illustrated Reducing to Monthly

Marwan Elshorbagy, Momen, Roesner & Coll Advance to World Open Semifinals

11-14-19 Men's World's Draw

11-14-19 Mar Elshorbagy Post-Match

11-14-19 Point

11-14-19 Momen Post-Match

11-14-19 Coll Post-Match

11-14-19 Point: Momen v Elias

11-14-19 Roesner Post-Match

11-14-19 Point: Coll v Salem

11-14-19 Point: Roesner v Willstrop

11-14-19 The Great Geoff Hunt in Doha

11-14-19 Virtual Bike Racing Thinking Big, Looking to Olympics

Elshorbagy Brothers Advance at World Open, Coll Goes 2 Hours to Defeat Mosaad

11-13-19 Mo Elshorbagy Post-Match

11-13-19 Coll Post-Match

11-13-19 Point: Mosaad v Coll

11-13-19 Mar Elshorbagy Post-Match

11-13-19 Salem Post-Match

11-13-19 Point: Rodriguez v Salem

11-13-19 Breakfast with Fram in Doha: Nick Matthew

11-13-19 Calculating Hitting Accuracy

11-13-19 Job Opening: Assistant Coach, Amherst

11-13-19 Beatles' Cover Photographer Robert Freeman Dies at 82

Willstrop Turns Back the Clock, Knocks Off No 4 Gawad in Men's World's 3rd Round

11-12-19 Round 3 Reports

11-12-19 Willstrop Post-Match

11-12-19 Elias Post-Match

11-12-19 Point: Gawad v Willstrop

11-12-19 Rösner Post-Match

11-12-19 Point: Rösner v Makin

11-12-19 Olivia Blatchford Wins Detroit Pro Classic

11-12-19 Penn Inaugurates New Facility

11-12-19 Fitness Gadgets

Men's World's Lower Half Report by Alex Wan

11-11-19 Coll Post-Match

11-11-19 Mar Elshorbagy Post-Match

11-11-19 Abouelghar Post-Match

11-11-19 Point: Ghosal v Serme

11-11-19 Point: Mueller v Elshorbagy

11-11-19 Point: Abouelghar v Au

11-11-19 Point: Salem v Asal

11-11-19 Rodriguez Post-Match

11-11-19 Point 2: Salem v Asal

11-11-19 Qatar Gallery Day 3

$350K Men's World's 2nd Round Report

11-10-19 Elias Post-Match

11-10-19 Point: Castagnet v Tamimi

11-10-19 Willstrop Post-Match

11-10-19 Point: Salazar v Gawad

11-10-19 DAC Women's PSA Semis Report by Mick Joint

11-10-19 In Squash Podcast: Amanda Sobhy

Andrew Shelley Library

11-10-19 The Pep Effect

11-10-19 Football's Campaign to Save the Game

Qatar Men's World Championship, Day 1 Report

11-9-19 Draw

11-9-19 Elshorbagy Post-Match

11-9-19 Point: Momen v Kandra

11-9-19 Point: Marche v Tamimi

11-9-19 Gawad Post-Match

11-9-19 Roesner Post-Match

11-9-19 Tamimi Post-Match

11-9-19 Lone American Harrity Falls to Hong Kong Player

11-9-19 Where Qatar Surpasses Itself by Fram Gommendy

11-9-19 College Weekend Preview

Men's World's to Kick Off in Qatar

11-8-19 Elshorbagy

Qatar Day Zero Photos

11-8-19 $30K Women's Detroit Semis Set

11-8-19 Video: Egyptian Open Men's Final

11-8-19 Video: Women's World Final

11-8-19 PSA Reportedly Waives Pakistan Event Security Fee

11-8-19 Amateur Decisions

11-8-19 Yale 'Poised' as Ivy Scrimmage Kicks Off

11-8-19 New Ringe Center to Host CSA Individuals

Qatar World Champs, Contenders

11-7-19 Momen Sets World's Sights

11-7-19 Men's World Championship to Stream on Facebook

11-7-19 WSF Annual Delegates' Conference Announces No New Changes to Standard Rules of Squash

11-7-19 Womens $30K Detroit 2nd Round

11-7-19 Video: Egyptian Open Men's Semis

11-7-19 Video: Women's World Semis

You Make the Call

11-7-19 Scottish Squash Remembers John Rae

11-7-19 Group Exercise

Maybe Time to Clean House and Start Over by Ted Gross

11-6-19 WSF to Consider Worldwide 17 inch Tin, Banning Player-Referee Debate

11-6-19 Gawad Set for Qatar World's

11-6-19 Men's World Championships Classic Encounters

11-6-19 Premier Squash League Round 3 Report

11-6-19 Video: Men's Egyptian Open Quarters Part 2

11-6-19 Video: Women's World Quarters Part 2

11-6-19 College Preseason Rankings

11-6-19 Peter Nicol: Accepting Constructive Criticism