April 2021 - Archive

4-30-21 Daily Squash Report Turns 10 by Ted Gross

4-30-21 It's Been a Great Run by Rob Dinerman

4-30-21 The Great Jonah Barrington at 80

4-30-21 Barrington Tribute

4-30-21 Hunt v Barrington, 1974

4-30-21 Job Opening: Coach, MSquash

4-30-21 Job Opening: Client Relations & Marketing Associate, MSquash

4-30-21 Josh Saysell's Stable Bodied Squash App

Rosanna Radlinska-Tyma: Black Ball Sporting Club on Course

4-30-21 StreetSquash Persevering Through the Pandemic

4-30-21 Video: Hamburg Men's Final

4-30-21 CSA Interview Series: Karina Tyma

4-30-21 Your Court-Entrance Theme Tune

4-30-21 Under The Tin Episode 6, Zena Wooldridge

4-30-21 Men's $10K San Antonio Report

4-30-21 Call

4-30-21 Women's Tour 2007 Promo

4-30-21 Andre Agassi on Problem Solving

4-30-21 Joel Drucker: Tennis and the NFL

Eduardo Alvarez: For Our Game to Recover

4-28-21 Squash Radio: 9 to 5s

4-28-21 Challenger Tour Preview

4-28-21 Video: 2020 Manchester Day 6

4-28-21 Manchester Day 7

4-28-21 Job Opening: Assistant Coach, University of Virginia

4-28-21 Alberta Fitness & Racquet Sports Chain Prepares to File Bankruptcy

4-28-21 A Dick Crawford Memory by David Tepper

4-28-21 Maspeth Court

4-28-21 SquashSkills: Smart Goal-Setting

4-28-21 Perfectionism and Burnout by Alex Hutchinson

4-28-21 My Tennis Life Season 5

4-28-21 Holding Court: Patrick & John McEnroe

4-28-21 A Year with the '69 Mets

Dinerman’s A History Of Princeton Tennis Released

For the Love of the Game by Alex Robertson

4-26-21 World Squash Library Books

4-26-21 Mackevica and Omlor Win in Hamburg

4-26-21 Video: Hamburg Challenger Finals

4-26-21 Poem

4-26-21 PSA Foundation & Covid

4-26-21 Video: Hany v Elaraby, Black Ball 2021

4-26-21 Video: Manchester 2020 Day 5

4-26-21 Squash Radio: Raheem Logan

4-26-21 April Wedge

MSQUASH Announces 5-Court Hi-tech Connecticut Campus

4-23-21 In Squash Podcast: Marwan ElShorbagy

4-23-21 Double Dot Killing the Game by Andy Whipp

4-23-21 Video PSC: Makin v Rooney

4-23-21 Odense Open Set for June in Denmark

Personality and Racket

4-23-21 Call

4-23-21 Squash Canada Hosts First Squash 57 Webinar

4-23-21 Referee Chas Evans to be Inducted into New Zealand Squash Hall of Fame

4-23-21 Crowded House by Peter Heywood

4-23-21 Video: Manchester 2020 Day 3

4-23-21 Video: Manchester 2020 Day 4

4-23-21 Squash Player Magazine Newsletter

4-23-21 Reopening Racquets Exhibition

4-23-21 The Open Era

$350K El Gouna International Set for May

Danny Lee’s Pro Squash Challenge Series

4-21-21 Video PSC: King v Evans

4-21-21 Video PSC: Elshorbagy v James

4-21-21 Life as a Squash Referee: Andrea Santamaria

4-21-21 Simon Rösner: Watch out for Marwan

4-21-21 Video: Manchester 2020 Extended

4-21-21 Coaches Corner with Tania Bailey

4-21-21 Job Opening: Coach/Teacher

4-21-21 Maspeth Court

4-21-21 Gary Nisbet: Warm-Down

4-21-21 Chat: The Great Dave Fish

4-21-21 'Footsteps of Federer'

4-21-21 Where Quarterbacks Come From

4-21-21 Rod Hockey Championships

October Philadelphia US Open Back on Schedule

4-19-21 A Message from WSF President Zena Wooldridge

4-19-21 2021 WSF Conference to be Held in Pakistan in November

4-19-21 Time for the Sport to Bounce Back Down Under by Andy Whipp

4-19-21 SquashSkills: Physical Training With Solo Practice

4-19-21 Court

4-19-21 Library: When Pakistan and Australia were On Top

4-19-21 Video: Salem v Momen, Extended

4-19-21 Maspeth Court

4-19-21 Family Wants $500K Tennis Donation Back

4-19-21 Tennis Week in Preview by Steve Tignor

4-19-21 Phil Mushnick: MLB Whiffing

4-19-21 John Madden at 85

WSF and PSA Join Forces to Standardize Refereeing

4-16-21 CSA Interview Series: Margaret Gerety

4-16-21 Job Opening: Director of Squash, Manhattan Community Squash Center

4-16-21 Manhattan Day Camps with Mike Way

4-16-21 Event Posters

4-16-21 Solo Practice Routine

4-16-21 World Squash Day is Back

4-16-21 Patrick Rooney Profile

4-16-21 Cristina Gomez

4-16-21 Video: Women's Shot of the Month

4-16-21 Men's Shot of the Month

4-16-21 Cycling Colorado

August 2021 World Juniors Postponed

Cherish Our Coaches by Danny Lee

4-14-21 Jethro Binns: Building SquashSkills

4-14-21 Andy Whipp: Coaches Follow the Money

4-14-21 UK Roadshow to Encourage Players Back on Court

4-14-21 Tel Aviv Hub with 4 Outdoor Smart Courts

4-14-21 Pro Squash Challenge Highlights

4-14-21 US Squash Announces Summer Junior Tournament Calendar

4-14-21 Court

4-14-21 Talking to Joelle King

4-14-21 Handshake

Back to Court Plan by James Roberts

4-12-21 Leonel Cardenas Wins Life Time Texas Challenger

4-12-21 PSA Postpones April Manchester Open

4-12-21 Video: Women's Super 8 Final, Perry v Kennedy

4-12-21 Video: Men's Super 8 Final, James v Rooney

4-12-21 Video: Black Ball Quarter, Farag v Dessouky Extended

H.R.H Prince Philip and Squash

4-12-21 Player Analysis

4-12-21 Squash Mind Podcast Part 2

4-12-21 Solo Practices

4-12-21 SquashSkills with Paul Carter

4-12-21 Wedge

4-12-21 The Best Throwers on the Planet

Two High-Schoolers Bike for Squash

Rhode Island Saint Andrew’s School to Break Ground on State-of-the-Art Squash Center

AJ Bell Super 8 Report

4-9-21 Veteran Alister Walker into $6K Texas Quarters

4-9-21 Video: Super 8 Men's Day 1

4-9-21 Video: Super 8 Women's Day 1

CSA Interview Series: The Great Pat Cosquer

4-9-21 A New Type Of Error

4-9-21 Good Nick Camps Set for June & July

4-9-21 When Somebody Is Watching

4-9-21 Stanford Women's Squash Hoping for Reversal

4-9-21 Specter Center Flythrough

4-9-21 Low Wee Wern

4-9-21 Squash Radio: Thierry Lincou

4-9-21 Vaccine Passports and Pro Tennis

Marwan ElShorbagy Opens Up

4-7-21 England Super 8 Series Underway

4-7-21 Beloved Guyana Squash Figure Samuel Colin Ming Killed in Accident

4-7-21 Job Opening: Head Coach, Yale

4-7-21 Bob Steps Down by Nick-At-Will

Andy Whipp: After Lockdown

4-7-21 Coaches Corner: Paul Carter

4-7-21 2-Minute CIB Black Ball '21

4-7-21 Amanda Sobhy in 'Good Place'

4-7-21 Coll & Gilis

4-7-21 Maspeth Court

4-7-21 Youth Sports and B.1.1.7

4-7-21 Brown Joins Cornell in Mandating Fall Student Vaccinations

Outside the Glass: Jonah Barrington

4-5-21 Nour El Sherbini and Marwan ElShorbagy Named Tour Players of the Month

4-5-21 Tactical Tip with David Pearson

4-5-21 1980 US Junior Women’s Team to Be Honored

4-5-21 Todd Harrity Wins Challenger Event in India

4-5-21 Video Challenge Series, Whitlock v Evans

4-5-21 Job Opening: Head Pro, Locust Valley

4-5-21 Bart Wijnhoven

4-5-21 Racket Sports Coaching

4-5-21 Refueling After Squash by Gary Nisbet

4-5-21 Tennis Week in Preview by Steve Tignor

4-5-21 Weight-Cutting

'Bob Hawthorn Squash Initiative' Surpasses Its Goal And Supports Fordham Squash by Rob Dinerman

CSA Interview Series: Simba Muhwati

4-2-21 Call

4-2-21 April World Rankings Update

4-2-21 Laura Massaro: Squash Mind Podcast, Part 1

4-2-21 Manchester Super 8 on Tap

4-2-21 Andrew Douglas

4-2-21 Squash for Development and Peace: Asia

4-2-21 On The Mic, Parke v Nicol, Super Series 2000

4-2-21 TPoint Takes Squash Outside In Tel Aviv by Howard Harding

4-2-21 ASB Outdoor Court Promo

4-2-21 Undercover at the Squash Club by Nick Pesce

4-2-21 Pro Tennis's New Normal by Joel Drucker