December 2012- Archive

12-31-12 Squash Weddings Etc from Fram Gommendy

12-31-12 Dipika Pallikal Looks Ahead by Nandini Kumar

12-31-12 Fantasy Squash League Underway

Squash Slowly Regaining Popularity In New South Wales

12-31-12 Resolved, from the Squashist

12-31-12 Adidas Feather Team Js from Pierre Bastien

12-31-12 Los Angeles Beachfront Fitness Fanatics Under Fire

12-31-12 Seven Job Seekers Die In South Africa Fitness Test

12-31-12 UFC Commissioner Says Most Fighters Smoke Dope

Sports Illustrated Recognizes Nicol David

Peterborough, Ontario Club Hanging On

12-30-12 Georgetta Morque On PST 2013

12-30-12 Video: Nick Matthew On The Forehand Volley Drop

12-30-12 Video: Squash Circuit Training from Raphael Kandra

12-30-12 Fire At Shut-Down UK Club Called Suspicious

12-30-12 Fitness Apps Of 2012

12-30-12 Ivan Lendl Called Tennis Teacher Of The Year

12-30-12 2012 Athlete Tweets Set To Music

12-30-12 Sports Marketers Debate Future Of RGIII

12-29-12 Top 10 CSA Stories Of 2012

12-29-12 Job Opening: Head Coach, Massachusetts

12-29-12 PST Returns To Philly Next Week by John George

12-29-12 Dan Kneipp Signs Off At The Top

Hardball Singles Updates from Tefft Smith

12-29-12 When Your Squash Partner 'Endorses' Your Coding Skills On LinkedIn...

12-29-12 Asics Gel Tactics from Pierre Bastien

Best Table Tennis Shots of 2012

500+ Juniors Descend On British Junior Open

12-28-12 Squashsite's 2012 At A Glance, January-April

Registration Closing On New York Grand Open

12-28-12 Squash Canada & Dunlop Renew Partnership

12-28-12 Updated Men's CSA Division 3 Team Rankings

12-28-12 Hi Tec S300's from SquashSource

12-28-12 Jonathon Power Combination Drill Video

12-28-12 Federer Reportedly Earned $6 Million For South American Exhibitions

12-28-12 Riot Police Stop Brawl At Youth Football Game

Holiday Cheer From The WDSA

12-27-12 The Squash Poet by Mick Joint

A New Episode Of Help My Squash Game from Barb Cooper

12-27-12 The Disappearance Of Pro Scoring, from the E-Zine

12-27-12 Updated CSA Women's Division 3 Team Rankings

12-27-12 Hi Tec M106's from Pierre Bastien

12-27-12 Back & Forth In 2012 from No-Let

12-27-12 Exercise And The Ever-Smarter Human Brain by Gretchen Reynolds

12-27-12 Quirky US Tennis Champion Art Larsen Dies At 87

12-27-12 112 Sports Moments Of The Year

My Side Of The Victory by Nicol David

12-26-12 Video: 2012 World Open Finals Roundup

12-26-12 Ghosal and Chinappa Take Indian Titles

From The Archives: Heather McKay Has A New Racquet by Jim Kaplan

12-26-12 Merry Christmas from Squash Source

12-26-12 Fitness Trends For 2013

12-26-12 Sports' Secret Weapon: Sleep

12-26-12 One Night At Dodger Staduim by Steve Dilbeck

Rosner Replaces Ramy In World Series Finals At Queen's by Howard Harding

12-25-12 Gladiatorial? by The Squashist

Video: Maria Toor Pakay Rallies On

12-25-12 Trinity Men's Team Happy To Have This Detter

12-25-12 The Art Of Squash by Michael Fiteni

12-25-12 CSA Men's Video: F&M v St Lawrence from Michael Bello

Former NFL Lineman Says He Let QB Get Hurt

12-25-12 Packers Fans Help Shovel Lambeau Field

12-25-12 Caroling, Caroling by Alfred Burt

Ashour Withdraws From World Series Finals, Cites Hamstring

12-24-12 Iqbal Invincible In Islamabad by Howard Harding

12-24-12 Leave it to Las Vegas! by Bob Hanscom

12-24-12 Joelle King Looks To 2013

12-24-12 The Forehand Drop Masters

12-24-12 Slingshot Mechanics by Richard Millman

12-24-12 Adidas Feather Team W's from Pierre Bastien

12-24-12 Ricky Martin Spends $6 Million On NY Condo But Has Court Access

12-24-12 The Curious Case Of Lee Child by Bryan Curtis

Why Richard Branson Gave $400,000 to an 18-Year-Old by Katie Morell

Nicol David: I Might Play Another Seven Years

12-23-12 Massaro Proud To Make World Final But Disappointed

12-23-12 Video: Women's World Semifinal Roundup

Teenagers Nasir & Danish In Islamabad Final by Howard Harding

12-23-12 The Relative 'Truth' About Tactics And Strategy from Kenneth Tuttle

12-23-12 Adidas Adizero Prime Indoor Shoes from Pierre Bastien

12-23-12 Adidas Feather Team Men’s Shoes

12-23-12 Olympian Suzy Hamilton Not Alone Going Off Track by Rick Telander

12-23-12 Hamilton Latest Olympic Athlete To Crash And Burn by Kurt Badenhausen

12-23-12 Beach Tennis & Paddleboard Yoga Take Off In Aruba by Becca Hensley

David Dominates Massaro To Win 7th World Open Title

12-22-12 Cayman World Open Blog from Steve Cubbins

12-22-12 Ashour & Willstrop Are Top Seeds For January PSA World Series Finals by Howard Harding

12-22-12 Mehboob Downs Khan In Islamabad Upset by Howard Harding

12-22-12 Video: Men's 2012 World's First Round Highlights

2012 Pakistan Results Depressing by Waqar Hamza

12-22-12 Merry Christmas From Squash UK

12-22-12 Puma Vibrant VI Squash Shoes from Pierre Bastien

12-22-12 Barry Faguy On Rules & Refereeing

Tennis Ref Reinstated After Murder Case Dropped

Massaro Beats El Weleily 13-11 In The 5th To Set World Final With David

12-21-12 PSA Can Bank On Bankers Hall Pro Am In Calgary by Howard Harding

12-21-12 Willstrop, Matthew, Gaultier, Ashour To Headline January TOC As Draw Released, by Howard Harding

12-21-12 US Junior Open Wrap from Kristi Maroc

12-21-12 Philadelphia Cricket Club Wins Zoning Approval To Revamp Squash Facilities

12-21-12 Sport-Specific Classes Added At Chelsea Piers, Connecticut

12-21-12 Boston College Tops CSA Women's Club Rankings

12-21-12 Harrow Surf-Themed Racket from Pierre Bastien

12-21-12 Under The Tin - Shabana v Willstrop

12-21-12 Serena Williams Says Wozniacki Impersonation Not Racist

12-21-12 US Olympian Reportedly Worked As An Escort

12-21-12 Looking For Love In All The Wrong Places by Nick Hoppe

WSF Presents Olympic Case To IOC by Howard Harding

12-20-12 Two Olympic Bid Promo Films Unveiled

12-20-12 Women's World Open Quarters Report from Steve Cubbins

SDA Midseason Summary by Rob Dinerman

12-20-12 A CitySquash Look Back At 2012 from Tim Wyant

12-20-12 Stanford Tops CSA Men's Club Rankings

12-20-12 Fram's Corner, from Framboise Gommendy

12-20-12 Yonex SHB-SC2EX Shoes from Pierre Bastien

Average College Football Assistant Makes $200,000

12-20-12 Best, Worst US Sports Media 2012 by Richard Deitsch

El Weleily Over Pallikal In Grand Cayman As World Open Quarters Set

12-19-12 Manchester World Championship Countdown Begins by Howard Harding

12-19-12 London Borough Mayor Gets Tips From Peter Barker

ATCO PSA World Series Finals Field Set by Howard Harding

12-19-12 Third WSA Title For Waters In Mediterranean Open

12-19-12 Bronxville's Murray Siblings Profiled

12-19-12 Video: Women's CSA Dartmouth Fall Classic from Michael Bello

12-19-12 Hi Tec Rackets from Pierre Bastien

12-19-12 The Incredi-Balls Take 6 by Mick Joint

12-19-12 Sports Illustrated's 33 Most Off-Beat Swimsuit Photos

Women's World Open Report from Steve Cubbins

12-18-12 Cayman World Open Blog

Top-Seed Illingworth Wins PSA Challenger Event In Florida by Howard Harding

12-18-12 Lobban Marks Bratislava Breakthrough by Howard Harding

12-18-12 President & World No1 Lead IOC Squash Presentation

12-18-12 Willstrop: World Men's Ends With Ferocity

12-18-12 Job Opening: Assistant Pro, San Francisco

12-18-12 Yonex SHB-SC2EXs from Pierre Bastien

12-18-12 Ridiculous Tennis TV Comedy Coming To Fox

12-18-12 In Newtown, Golden Retrievers Arrive To Comfort Survivors by Melissa Locker

Women's World Open First Round Report by Steve Cubbins

12-17-12 Nicol David Starts Strong Against Egyptian Kawy

Field Stocked For January NY Tournament of Champions by Howard Harding

12-17-12 Companion Grand Open Amateur Event To Include Free TOC Tickets

12-17-12 Video: Men's World 2012 Semis Roundup

Donna Urquhart Squash Equipment from Pierre Bastien

12-17-12 Head Radical Pro II Shoes from Pierre Bastien

12-17-12 Coach to Chris Kluwe: Shut Up and Punt by David Daley

12-17-12 Stamford Unites In Honor Of Newtown Victims

Cayman Women's World Qualifying Finals Report by Steve Cubbins

Nicol David Eyeing Seventh World Title

12-16-12 US Squash Announces Partnership With SquashSkills by Kristi Maroc

12-16-12 Adidas Opticourt Team Light from Pierre Bastien

12-16-12 Simply Spectacular by Mick Joint

12-16-12 Barclay White by James Zug

12-16-12 Canada Takes Double Gold At Canadian Junior Open

12-16-12 World's Strongest Woman Down To Earth by Kevin Acee

12-16-12 Former Tennis Star Andrea Jaeger Grieves At Sandy Hook Elementary School

12-16-12 Football Fanatics by John Branston

Ashour Beats El Shorbagy 11-8 In The Fifth To Win World Championship by Howard Harding

12-15-12 Third All-Egyptian World Final In Five Years A Marathon by Rod Gilmour

12-15-12 Video: Ashour v El Shorbagy, Game 4 Monster Point

12-15-12 Yathreb Adel Over Maria Toor Pakay As Cayman Women's World Qualifier Underway

12-15-12 Career-Best #5 Joelle King Primed For World Cayman Open

12-15-12 Illingworth & Delierre Gain In Florida Challenger by Howard Harding

12-15-12 US Junior Open Begins Today With 800 Players by Kristi Maroc

12-15-12 Harvard's Farag & Sobhy: Squash Egyptian Style, by Craig Lambert

12-15-12 Deportation Player Gets Emergency Reprieve

Pakistan Official Says Female Players As Important As Males

12-15-12 Squash Great For Hobbits As Well As Humans

Egyptians Rule In $325K World Open Semis by Howard Harding

12-14-12 Willstrop & Matthew Lose Epic Matches by Rod Gilmour

12-14-12 Pakistan Official Says Player Facing Canadian Deportation Is A Fraud

12-14-12 Georgetown Women's Team Launches "Squash Diabetes" Campaign

12-14-12 Detroit Athletic Club Announces 3-Year Relationship With PST During Palmer-Lincou Exhibition

John Lau's University Club To Host 41st Pacific Coast Doubles

12-14-12 US Squash Embarking On Broad 2013 Initiatives To Improve Squash Experience by Kristi Maroc

12-14-12 Video: Assaiante's Trinity On Renewed Title Quest

CSA Men's Video: Drexel v Amherst from Michael Bello