November 2013- Archive

11-30-13 Zaman Zaps Avila In Edmonton Upset by Howard Harding

11-30-13 Double Disappointment for NZ Star Joelle King

11-30-13 Willstrop, Ghosal Pace Pontefract PSL Squad

Video: Quick Hit, Matthew v Barker

11-30-13 Video: Two Minutes with Campbell Grayson

11-30-13 Squash's Pawarful Family by Wriddhaayan Bhattacharyya

11-30-13 8 CitySquashers Run NYC Marathon  

11-30-13 Asics Gel Sensei 4 Shoes by Pierre Bastien

11-30-13 Open or Closed Throat Racquet? by Jeff Warren

11-30-13 Czech Fugitive's Villa Included Squash Courts, Secret Vault and Pet Shark Aquarium

11-30-13 5,000 Sq Ft Toronto Contemporary With Court Listed for $4.25M

11-30-13 New Tennis Technology Can Be Game-Changer by Douglas Robson

11-30-13 Mississippi State Mascot Taken Off on Stretcher After Being Hit by ESPN Cart

England Squash: Why We Had to Ban Pakistan from British Junior Open by Lee Horton

11-29-13 PSA Players Prepping for Sunday's $150K Hong Kong Open

11-29-13 A Quick History of the Hong Kong Open

11-29-13 Video: Two Minutes With Stephen Coppinger

11-29-13 Matthew, Willstop Winners as Exeter Diamonds Defeat PSL Champions Surrey Health by Howard Harding

Dipika Pallikal Reportedly Engaged to Cricket Player

Hardball Singles Hanging On, Schedule

11-29-13 Video: Bates Squash Documentary Preview

51 Reported No-Shows at Roshan Khan Junior Open

11-29-13 Dixon Squash Goggles by Pierre Bastien

11-29-13 Fram's En Bref from Cairo

11-29-13 Sports Psychologist Helps Pitcher Win 269 Games

Pakistani Players Reportedly Banned from January British Junior Open, by Lee Horton

11-28-13 Ho, ho, ho . . .

11-28-13 Young Belgian Player Gaetane Hitchins Perishes in Bicycle Accident

11-28-13 Credit Where Credit’s Due by Richard Millman

Job Opening: Assistant Pro, Detroit

Video: Two Minutes With Ryan Cuskelly

11-28-13 KL Looks to Produce Champions as 550 Enter December Junior Open

11-28-13 Ivy Scrimmages Yale v Columbia Video

11-28-13 Virginia Women's Squad Excited by Fast Start

Nursing a Squash Dream by Sleeping on Platforms by Maria Bilkis

11-28-13 Mick Joint: They're Back

11-28-13 Black Knight C2C nXS Squash Racket by Pierre Bastien

Black Knight Squash Fiction League Match, T Party Chapter Six by THE SQUASHIST

11-27-13 Ramy Set for Hong Kong Return by Nathan Clarke

11-27-13 World Open Winner Matthew Snubbed by BBC Year-End Shortlist

11-27-13 BBC Sports Personality 2013 Contenders Announced

James Willstrop: Why Are Successful Athletes Criticized?

11-27-13 Alex Lee Credited With Leading Malaysian Squash to New Heights

New York Open Entries Closing

11-27-13 Hamilton’s Hannah Coffin and Drexel’s Ibrahim Bakir are CSA Players of the Week

#6 St Lawrence Men Handle #5 Rochester

11-27-13 E-Zine Blog: On Claiming a National Championship

11-27-13 Video: John White Reflects on 'Best Match'

11-27-13 Black Knight Squash Bags by Pierre Bastien

11-27-13 Coaching During Junior Play a Concern in Pakistan by Waqar Hamza

11-27-13 Adrian Dudzicki in Canadian Pros' Thoughts as Edmonton Open Underway

11-27-13 Concussions Reportedly Convert Ex-Athlete to Musical Prodigy

January Showpiece PSA/WSA World Series Finals Reportedly Called Off

11-26-13 New IOC Chairman Setting Squash Up For More Agony

11-26-13 Ali Fathi Flourishes In Saskatoon by Howard Harding

11-26-13 Fuller Forges Tour Title Breakthrough In Porto by Howard Harding

11-26-13 Selfish v. Self-full by Matthew A. Munich

11-26-13 Hunter Lott Juniors Merion Results

Sophomore All-American Anna Porras Leading George Washington Women

11-26-13 Princeton Women Stay Unbeaten

11-26-13 Princeton Men Open Season Embracing Underdog Status

11-26-13 Brown Opens With Mixed Results by Andrew Flax

11-26-13 Penn Women Off to Fast Start

11-26-13 Drexel on the Board After Beating Williams

11-26-13 Karachi Seeking Revival of High-Profile Events

11-26-13 Squash Balls for Kids by Pierre Bastien

Black Knight Squash Fiction League Match, Quill Shots Chapter Six by MARCIE CHAN

11-25-13 T Party Awarded Chapter 5 Decision, Leads 3-1

11-25-13 Mohamed Elshorbagy Is Sky Open Champion by Howard Harding

11-25-13 Sabrina Sobhy Beats Maria Toor Pakay in Arizona to Win First WSA Title by Tina Fuselli

11-25-13 Top Seeds Survive Saskatoon Semis by Howard Harding

11-25-13 Promoter Likens Egyptian Squash to Brazilian Football by Alan Thatcher

11-25-13 College Weekend Highlights by Michael Bello

11-25-13 Cornell Women Start Strong in Beating Stanford

11-25-13 Cornell Freshmen 3 for 3 As Men Beat Western Ontario

11-25-13 Trinity Men Blank Bates in Opener

11-25-13 Princeton Women Open Season With Sweep

11-25-13 Columbia Women Start With Win Over George Washington

11-25-13 Penn Women Overpower Williams

11-25-13 Navy Extends Early Record to 9-0

Greenwich Brunswick School Team Picks Up Where It Left Off

11-25-13 Elite US Juniors Gather for Regional Squads

Costumes Add Glitter to Hong Kong Tournament

11-25-13 Asics Gel Squad 2 Shoes by Pierre Bastien

11-25-13 Multiple Causes for American Tennis Decline by Merlisa Corbett

11-25-13 Writer Says Technology Changing Sport Mostly for Better

F&M Shocks Princeton in Men's Opener

11-24-13 Top Seeds Make Sky Open Summit by Howard Harding

11-24-13 Galvez Foils Farhan In Saskatoon Upset by Howard Harding

11-24-13 2013-14 Trinity Men's Video Preview

11-24-13 Trinity Women's Video Preview

John White's Drexel Squads Fall To F&M in Home Openers

11-24-13 Updated CSA Men's Team Rankings

11-24-13 Updated CSA Women's Team Rankings

11-24-13 Singapore Association Looking to Revive Sport

11-24-13 Malaysia Readying Large Contingent for British Junior Open

2014 Nissan Versa Features 'Squash Line' Styling

11-24-13 What About Non-Members?

11-24-13 Elm City Squash Reinvigorating Squash Camp Model

11-24-13 Asics Gel Blade 4 Women's Shoes by Pierre Bastien

11-24-13 A Public University Ex-President on Squash Courts & Other Upgrades

Meguid Makes All-Egyptian Sky Open Semis by Howard Harding

11-23-13 Locals Boast Success In Saskatoon by Howard Harding

11-23-13 WSF Welcomes New IOC President’s ‘Openness’

Friends Mourn Loss of ‘Night Watchman’ by Patrick White

11-23-13 Adrian Dudzicki Obituary

11-23-13 ‘Lived and Breathed to Play’

11-23-13 Phillip Marlowe: Women Deserve Equal Prize Money but . . .

11-23-13 Squash Anyone? Pick Your Platform by Gary Arlen

11-23-13 Hull Lot of Shaking Going On by Alan Thatcher

11-23-13 Video: Stanford Women's Preview

Video Interview: St Lawrence Coach Chris Abplanalp

Drexel Hosting Multiple Action

11-23-13 Ashaway Ultranick 18 by Pierre Bastien

11-23-13 How Books About Sport Got Serious by Simon Kuper

11-23-13 How Can an Athlete Enhance Performance Legally? by Gabriela Torres

11-23-13 Tennis Legend Gardnar Mulloy Celebrates 100th Birthday

Squash Ontario Remembers Adrian Dudzicki

11-22-13 Remembrance from Adrian's Friend and Coach Johnny Wilson

11-22-13 Samantha Cornett Remembers Adrian

Toronto Driver Charged

11-22-13 Dessouki Downs Mosaad In Sky Open Upset by Howard Harding

Penn Women's Squash Seeking Sophomore Surge

11-22-13 30 Seconds With Penn's Derek Chilvers

11-22-13 Tyler Odell Installed as Quaker #1

11-22-13 Penn Women's Senior Trio Set for Campaign

11-22-13 Columbia Men Open Up Against George Washington

11-22-13 Navy Looks To Stay Unbeaten on New England Swing

11-22-13 Julee Devoy's Cornell Women Return 2 All-Americans and 4 All-Ivies

11-22-13 18-Year-Old Englishman Richie Fallows Thinking Big

December US Open Doubles Draws Set, Men's

11-22-13 Women's US Open Doubles Draws

11-22-13 Video: Backhand Volley Drop

11-22-13 Jimmy Breslin on JFK Gravedigger Clifton Pollard: 'It's An Honor'

Squash World Mourns the Death of 23-Year-Old Toronto Pro Adrian Dudzicki

11-21-13 Adrian Tragically Struck While Bicycling to Training Session

Tributes on Squash Canada Page

11-21-13 In Yet Another Body Slam for Squash, IOC Considers Including Baseball/Softball in 2020 Games

11-21-13 Baseball/Softball Still Alive Despite 'Crucial' September IOC Vote, by Philip Hersh

11-21-13 Pressure Mounts As PSL Season Gathers Pace by Howard Harding

11-21-13 Fram's Sky Open Blog

Threatened Closure of Australia Kanahooka Squash Center Called 'Disaster'

11-21-13 Climbing Wall Doomed, Court Conversion Set

11-21-13 Ashaway PowerNick 18 Red by Pierre Bastien

11-21-13 Cornell Women Set to Open Against Drexel & Stanford

11-21-13 St Lawrence Men to Host Weekend Liberty League Championships

11-21-13 Amherst Women Dominate Northeastern in Opener

11-21-13 UC Berkeley Officials Admit to Serious Student-Athlete Flaws

11-21-13 Legislation Introduced to Protect Athletes at High-Revenue Sports Schools

Black Knight Squash Fiction League Match, The T Party Chapter Five by TOM OBERDORFER

11-20-13 Quill Shots Close Gap In Squash Fiction Match Behind Tracy Gates Effort

11-20-13 First Round Report, $50K Cairo PSA

11-20-13 Fram's Cairo Blog

11-20-13 Willstrop: Injuries & See-Saw Battles Dominate Qatar Classic

11-20-13 Leading UK Coach Paul Selby Responds To Millman Push for Livelier Ball

11-20-13 Georgetown’s Elizabeth Johnson and Navy's Jim Kacergis Named CSA Players of the Week

11-20-13 GW Women Win 'Battle of the Sexes' Exhibition

11-20-13 Hamilton Women Off to 1-1 Start

11-20-13 Hamilton Men Over Stanford

Paul Assaiante Keynote Speaker at Connecticut Conference

11-20-13 Harry Falconer Named Lincolnshire Young Sportsman of the Year

11-20-13 Temple University Tennis Team Pairs Up With Philly SquashSmarts

11-20-13 New World Record Attempted in Sheffield

11-20-13 Adidas Stabil Essence 10.1 Women's Shoes by Pierre Bastien

11-20-13 NZ Courts and Stadium Rebuilt 3 Years After Collapsing in Snowstorm

11-20-13 Harrow Climbing Wall Defenders Say More Climb than Play Squash

11-20-13 Study Says Kids Run Slower Than Parents Did

LA Open Recap: Sobhy Wins WSA Singles, Betts/Pierrepont Take WDSA Doubles by Rob Dinerman

11-19-13 Day 2 Results, $50K Cairo PSA