October 2013- Archive

10-31-13 Selby Sends English Trio Into World Championship Quarter-Finals by Howard Harding

10-31-13 Video: Worlds Round Two Highlights, Part 1

10-31-13 Video: Worlds Round Two Highlights, Part 2

10-31-13 Video: Worlds Round Two Side Courts Highlights

Quarters Report, Women's $25K Monte Carlo Classic

10-31-13 Squashsite Liz Irving Feature, Part 1

10-31-13 Video: Two Minutes With Cameron Pilley

10-31-13 Video: Two Minutes With Alister Walker

10-31-13 James Willstrop: Fight for Equality Continues

10-31-13 Richard Millman 'Dumb Jocks' Response

10-31-13 A New Episode of Help My Squash Game from Barb Cooper

10-31-13 St Lawrence Men's Season Preview by Anne Bello

10-31-13 Penn State Men's Preview by Michael Bello

10-31-13 Richmond Men's Preview

10-31-13 WSF Approves Hardball Doubles No-Tiebreak Scoring

10-31-13 Denver’s Mile High Squash Hosts Third Annual Anschutz-Hunt Challenge

10-31-13 Nature of Squash Expressed in Western Australia Artwork

10-31-13 Another Tough Year for Australian Sport by Robin Scott-Elliot

Black Knight Squash Fiction League Match, THE T PARTY Chapter Two

10-30-13 Esteemed Panel of Judges in Place for Weekly Squash Fiction Showdown

10-30-13 PSA Worlds Day 4 Report: Ghosal Upsets Walker In Win 'For India' by Howard Harding

10-30-13 WDSA Women’s Pro Doubles Tour Gears Up For Seventh Season by Rob Dinerman

10-30-13 Matthew Vocal Over Title Bid by Rod Gilmour

10-30-13 Fatherhood On Willstrop's Mind

10-30-13 Shabana Downplays Chances

10-30-13 Video: Worlds First Round Highlights, Part 1

10-30-13 Video: Worlds First Round Highlights, Part 2

10-30-13 Video: Worlds First Round Highlights, Part 3

Video: Two Minutes With Chris Gordon

10-30-13 Video: Willstrop Speaks Out at Worlds

10-30-13 Video: Two Minutes With Borja Golan

10-30-13 Video: Two Minutes With Saurav Ghosal

10-30-13 Three Trinity Alums On Wall Street Squash List

10-30-13 Middlebury College Officially Opens 18,000 Sq Ft Squash Center

10-30-13 Brown University Women's Season Preview by Michael Bello

10-30-13 High Rate of Lower Back Injuries Reported in Young Athletes

10-30-13 NY Times: Is the ‘Dumb Jock’ Really a Nerd?

Marathon Exchanges Get Men's World Championship Underway, Gordon & Illingworth Lose In Straights, Howard Harding Reports

10-29-13 Familiar Territory Could Give Willstrop Welcome Advantage by Phil Harrison

10-29-13 Final Excerpt, Nick Matthew Autobiography

10-29-13 Matthew to Framboise: Honesty is the Key

10-29-13 Job Opening: Pro, Atlanta

10-29-13 Video: Two Minutes With Simon Rosner

10-29-13 Jahangir On Hand as Farhan Fightback Reaps Chicago Glory by Howard Harding

10-29-13 Junior Squash Refereeing by Nick-at-Will

10-29-13 Hamilton Women's Season Preview by Anne Bello

Video: Nick Kypreos Interview At Urban Squash Toronto's 'Squash The Stars'

10-29-13 Wisconsin Home on 'Squash Court' Showing Nice Value

10-29-13 Racquet Social by Dax

10-29-13 Asics Gel 1140V Women's Shoes by Pierre Bastien

10-29-13 The Transatlantic Football Swap by Joanna Tilley

10-29-13 Serbian Airline Names Plane After Tennis Player

Black Knight Squash Fiction League Match, Quill Shots Chapter TWO by Kathryn Abernathy

Qualifiers Complete World Championship Line-Up by Howard Harding

10-28-13 El Weleily Can't Hold Two-Love Lead As David Captures $50K China Open Title

10-28-13 5 Continents, 23 Countries Represented in Men's Worlds by Lee Horton

Ashour Seeking to 'Transcend Negative Energy' At Worlds

10-28-13 How Egypt Became a Squash Superpower by James Peacock

10-28-13 Match Commentator Joey Barrington In Footsteps of Famous Father Jonah

10-28-13 Job Opening: Assistant Pro, Detroit

10-28-13 Zaman & Galvez Make Chicago PSA Challenger Final by Howard Harding

10-28-13 Video: Squash Skills Fan Friday 4

Kenyon Men's Season Preview by Michael Bello

10-28-13 Lehigh Men's Preview

10-28-13 Nottingham Squash Rackets Club Celebrates 104th Birthday

10-28-13 Two Select Denver Mile High Students Return Inspired from Good Nick Camp

Williams Caps Tennis Season With $12.4 Million in Prize Money

10-28-13 Environmental Agency Shuts Down High School Cheerleader Car Wash

Tamimis Tear Up Form Book in Manchester Worlds by Howard Harding

10-27-13 David & El Weleily Through to $50K Shanghai Final

10-27-13 SDA St. Louis Recap: Mudge And Gould Dominate St. Louis Open by Rob Dinerman

10-27-13 Schnells Lose Chicago Shootouts by Howard Harding

10-27-13 Men's Worlds Match Predictions by Tom Sunderland

10-27-13 Matthew One of Several Trying to End Brilliant Ashour Run

10-27-13 Willstrop-Matthew Rivalry Reminiscent of Coe-Ovett by Nick Hope

10-27-13 'Sweating Blood' Excerpt #3: My Greatest Match

10-27-13 In Season of Autobiographies, Brits Not a Hit With Each Other by Rod Gilmour

10-27-13 Video: 2012 PSA World Championships Highlights

Squash Off Olympic Bid Mat Despite Falling to Baseball/Softball by Nick Butler

10-27-13 Columbia Women's Season Preview by Michael Bello

10-27-13 Brown Men's Preview

10-27-13 Colby Women's Preview

10-27-13 Comprehensive PSA 2013 US Open Equipment Report by Pierre Bastien

10-27-13 Squash Part of Amenity Package in Hotel-Serviced Living

10-27-13 Doping Scandal Rocks Pigeon Racing

Nick Matthew Book Installment #2: Why The Poker Face?

10-26-13 Video: Two Minutes With Nick Matthew

10-26-13 ZERO (Zip) Americans Entered in 64-Man Qualifying Draw for $325K World Championship

10-26-13 Ashour Looking to Extend Winning Run at World's by Joel Durston

10-26-13 David, El Weleily, Grinham & King Into WSA Shanghai Semis

10-26-13 Lezaud Upsets Atlas Khan in Chicago PSA Challenger by Howard Harding

10-26-13 Map Proclaims Squash Connecticut's Official Sport by Kels Dayton

10-26-13 Rochester Men's Season Preview by Anne Bello

10-26-13 Vermont Men's Preview

10-26-13 Charleston Men's Preview

10-26-13 Hamilton Men's Preview

10-26-13 Staffordshire Court to Be Converted to Unfortunate Weight Room

10-26-13 More Chaos in Pakistan Squash

10-26-13 Black Knight Omega Racket by Pierre Bastien

PSA Reportedly Slaps Gag Order on Players

10-25-13 Following Agony of 3rd Olympic Rejection, WSF Announces Pursuit of 2024 Bid

10-25-13 David & El Weleily Into $50K China Open Quarters

10-25-13 January New York Tournament of Champions Adding WSA Gold Event by Beth Rasin

10-25-13 Nick Matthew Dreaming of Third World Title by Nathan Clarke

10-25-13 Matthew Book Excerpt from 'Sweating Blood - My Life in Squash'

Trinity Women's Season Preview by Anne Bello

10-25-13 Bucknell Women's Preview

10-25-13 Historic Brooklyn Heights Casino a National Junior Beacon

10-25-13 Video: Head Turning Deception, Ashour v Gaultier

10-25-13 Study Says Bright Footwear Signals a Cocky Athlete

Anger from WSA Members Over Lack of Host for Women's World Open by Alan Thatcher

10-24-13 Laura Massaro: Not Fair to Compare Men's and Women's Games

10-24-13 Nick Matthew Says Willstrop Rivalry Down to Personality Clash

10-24-13 Video: Matthew on What's in the Bag

10-24-13 Scottish Number One Alan Clyne Relishing World Championship Challenge by Nathan Clarke

10-24-13 The clock is (still) Ticking..."In The Nick Of Time!" by Nick-at-Will

10-24-13 Video: US Open Mega-rally, Castagnet v Golan

10-24-13 Dunlop Biomimetic Evolution 130 by Pierre Bastien

10-24-13 Spencer Lovejoy, Christina Huchro Claim Baird E Haney Junior Gold Titles

10-24-13 Johns Hopkins Men's Season Preview by Michael Bello

10-24-13 Notre Dame Men's Preview by Anne Bello

10-24-13 Williams Men's Preview

10-24-13 Haverford Men's Preview

10-24-13 Pakistani Women Call for Establishment of Women's Squash Academy

10-24-13 Scribe Says Pakistan Federation Drops Men's World's Coach to Save Money

Junior College Quarterback Throws for 796 Yards in a Game

David Palmer Over Thierry Lincou to Capture 4th PST Cleveland Classic

10-23-13 Lincou v Palmer Full Match PST Video Replay

10-23-13 Squash Fiction League Match, Quill Shots versus T Party, CHAPTER ONE

10-23-13 Job Opening: Urban Squash Director, Cincinnati

10-23-13 Job Opening: Urban Squash Director, Connecticut

10-23-13 Matthew Leads Duffield To Victory & Extends Unbeaten PSL Run Into Seventh Season by Howard Harding

10-23-13 Dipika Pallikal Inspired by Macau Open Win

10-23-13 Willstrop: Fight for Equality Still Raging

10-23-13 Wee Wern to Defend China Open Title With Heavy Heart

10-23-13 New Zealand Hall of Fame Recognizes Seven Greats

10-23-13 Middle School Squash Programs Approach Thirty Nationwide as Nichols Adds Team

10-23-13 PSA Expands Management Team

10-23-13 Yale Women's Season Preview by Anne Bello

10-23-13 Colgate Women's Preview by Michael Bello

10-23-13 Dunlop Biomimetic Tour CX by Pierre Bastien

Breast Cancer Awareness Month Is Close to Home by Natarsha McElhinny for the WDSA

10-22-13 80th Howe Cup Recap by Kim Clearkin

10-22-13 Third Time Unlucky For Selby At $35K PSA Bluenose by Howard Harding

10-22-13 Peter Nicol: What Squash Needs and How We’ll Do It

What Do Trampoline & BMX Have That Squash Doesn't? by Brian O'Connor

10-22-13 Bates Men's Season Preview by Anne Bello

10-22-13 Georgetown Men's Preview by Michael Bello

10-22-13 Ithaca Men's Preview

10-22-13 Nour El Sherbini Has Hand in Two New Alexandria Courts

10-22-13 Rosner v Illingworth US Open Mega-Rally

10-22-13 Stumble on the Field for First-Ever Athlete IPO

10-22-13 NFL Tests Colts Punter for Steroids After Big Hit

Squash Needs to Change Scoring System to Add Drama to Sport by Ted Gross

Mosaad Marks Egyptian Hat-Trick In Macau by Howard Harding

10-21-13 Miguel Masters Walker In Canada by Howard Harding

10-21-13 The Eyes Have It! by Nick-at-Will

10-21-13 My Training Secrets by Nick Matthew

US Open Semis Highlights: Matthew v Willstrop

10-21-13 Catching Up With Adrian Grant by Joel Campbell

10-21-13 Comment: How Ben Became a Victim by Lee Horton

CitySquash Seeking Volunteers

10-21-13 Black Knight Ion Cannon PS Racquet by Pierre Bastien

10-21-13 Franklin & Marshall Women's Preview by Michael Bello

10-21-13 Notre Dame Women's Preview

10-21-13 Startup Helps US Student-Athletes Play Abroad