June 2020 - Archive

6-29-20 In Squash Podcast: Mohamed Elshorbagy

6-29-20 The Great Heather McKay


6-29-20 US Squash Class of 2020

6-29-20 Job Opening: Pro, Atlanta

6-29-20 What Was I Thinking by Richard Millman

6-29-20 Fearlessness by Chris Hanebury

6-29-20 Runners' Gear

6-29-20 Now What by Tom Verducci

6-29-20 The Gambler Who Cracked the Horse Racing Code by Kit Chellel

6-29-20 Moab 240

World No 1 Raneem El Welily Retires from Squash

6-26-20 Tributes

6-26-20 From Jenny Duncalf

6-26-20 Tour, Set and Match

6-26-20 Raneem Top 10 Shots

Dinerman: Raneem Appreciation, 2011

6-26-20 Dinerman Raneem Appreciation No 2

6-26-20 El Welily v El Sherbini, AJ Bell Final 2017

6-26-20 Bowdoin First NESCAC School to Cancel Fall Sports

6-26-20 Front Line Worker Hannah Sings Her Heart Out by Alan Thatcher

6-26-20 James Blake

6-26-20 Phil Mushnick: Misguided Statues Nothing New in Sports

6-26-20 An Ode to the Sports Handshake by Steve Rushin

England Squash 'Extremely Disappointed' by Indoor Sports Shutdown Extension

6-24-20 Adrian Grant Opens Up by RJ Mitchell

6-24-20 PSA Throwback, Elshorbagy v Matthew

6-24-20 Catching Up with Mostafa Asal

Brown Varsity Athletes' Attorney Reportedly Giving University 'A Few Days'

6-24-20 Sue Strachan Working the Front Line

6-24-20 Haley Mendez

6-24-20 Pittsburgh Spread Includes Court

6-24-20 Djokovic World Under Scrutiny

6-24-20 If Health was Top Priority by Andrew Brandt

In Squash Podcast: Tim Garner

6-22-20 Phillip Marlowe: A Fitness Chat

6-22-20 Trickle Boast

The PSA’s Covid Advantage by Alix Williams

6-22-20 Firefighter Jackie

6-22-20 Barry Svrluga: Between Unlikely and Irresponsible

6-22-20 NFL Union Against Players Working Out Together

6-22-20 This is Tough by Dick Harmon

6-22-20 An Ode to the Backboard

6-22-20 Johnny Oleksinski: Whiny Tennis Stars Need to Check Their Privilege

Demoted Brown Athletes Retain Counsel, University Reportedly Accused of 'Years-Long Secret Process'

6-19-20 11 Points

6-19-20 Squash and the Reopening of Professional Sports by Mark Anderson & Joe Russell

6-19-20 US Squash Member Meeting Replayed

6-19-20 6 Shot Solo Practice

6-19-20 Economics of Squash: The Rise Of Ali Loke by Alix Williams

6-19-20 Squash Workout 101

6-19-20 Steve Tignor: Tennis Opening Day Takeaways

6-19-20 Fauci: NFL Needs Bubble

6-17-20 Race in Squash in America Statement from Pat Cosquer

In Squash Podcast: Arthur Gaskin

6-17-20 Sequencing by Will Carlin

6-17-20 A Bronx Tale

6-17-20 Inside the Brown Varsity Track & Field Reversal

6-17-20 Fanless US Tennis Open Clears Hurdles

6-17-20 Matthew-Selby Podcast Episode 7

6-17-20 Marcus Rashford

6-17-20 Joys & Fears of Returning to Recreational Tennis

6-17-20 California Gym Installs Workout Pods

6-17-20 Dropping the Bucks on Summer Camps

UK Racketball Making a Run by Alan Thatcher

6-15-20 Sarah Fitz-Gerald Feels for Players

6-15-20 Bryan Patterson: Post-Match

6-15-20 SquashSkills: Keeping Solo Practice Relevant

6-15-20 What Fall Sports Might Look Like Across NCAA Campuses by Keith Zubrow

6-15-20 Harbaugh Calls NFL Covid Return Guidelines Impossible

6-15-20 Harvard Online Fall Likely

13-Year Quest to do Right by Guillermo Vilas by Peter Bodo

6-15-20 Greed by Buster Olney

6-15-20 Great Reads by Rick Telander

Brown Reinstates 3 Varsity Sports, Leaves Squash as Club

6-12-20 Demoted Brown Athletes Weigh Transfer Option

6-12-20 In Squash Podcast No 145: Rob Dinerman

6-12-20 Squash Canada Reschedules Nationals for October-November

6-12-20 Helping Children Navigate Return to Sport by Gordon MacLelland

Does Tennis Need to be Disrupted? by Steve Tignor

6-12-20 Pure Heart by James Zug

6-12-20 The Crippling Impact of Schools Cutting Sports by Ross Dellenger & Pat Forde

6-12-20 Vaccines by Nick-At-Will

6-12-20 Good Day for Some Spec

6-12-20 Wipeouts

September Oracle NetSuite Open Called Off

6-10-20 Tim Wyant Sees Multi-Coloured Future for Squash by Alan Thatcher

Anil Nayar’s Story: A Portrait of a Legendary Champion by Jean Nayar

6-10-20 Outside the Glass: Anil Nayar

6-10-20 Signature Shots, Fares Dessouky

6-10-20 Amherst Names Busani Xaba Head Coach

6-10-20 The "Social" Game by Nick-At-Will

6-10-20 Julia Beaver

6-10-20 Dick Gould

6-10-20 1-Year Columbia Data-Journalism Master's at $159K

Is It Time!? by Nick-At-Will

6-8-20 US Squash Virtual Town Hall Replay

6-8-20 World Masters Pushed Back a Year

6-8-20 British Open Rewind, Farag v Elshorbagy

College Squash to Place Club Teams in Separate Nationals

6-8-20 Nick Matthew Touting New Pupil

6-8-20 UTS Says Tennis Living on the Fans of the 70s and 80s

6-8-20 D1 Tennis Drills

6-8-20 Fan Experience to Change by Dave Skretta

6-8-20 Little League Slowly Returning

In Squash Podcast: Tarek Momen

6-5-20 More Keen by Geoff Bew

6-5-20 The Virus & Squash in the UK by Rob Ellis

6-5-20 Matthew-Selby Roundtable Episode 5

6-5-20 Putting it Together: Andrew Shelley

6-5-20 Diego Elias: Son of Two Cities by Alix Williams

6-5-20 Brown Squash Discussion with Arthur Gaskin

6-5-20 Brown Players with Statement

6-5-20 Sports Books

6-5-20 May Wedge

'Squash' Reopening in France

6-3-20 Update from Squash Australia

6-3-20 Hong Kong’s Leo Au Calls Time on 16-Year Career

6-3-20 PSA Disciplinary Update Includes World No 7 Marwan Elshorbagy

6-3-20 Jahangir

6-3-20 TIIIGHT Shirts

6-3-20 Brown Men's Track Atop Push for Varsity Sports' Reinstatement

6-3-20 Poor On-Field Performance Prompted Brown Varsity Cuts

6-3-20 Sports Can Take Its Time by Will Leitch

6-3-20 The Rise and Fall of the Press League by John Walters

In Squash Podcast: Nick Taylor

6-1-20 Former World Squash Federation President Susie Simcock Remembered

6-1-20 US Squash 'Bracing for the Worst'

6-1-20 CSA with Letter to Brown President

6-1-20 Toby Lynch

6-1-20 Spotlight Celine Vendler by Nick-at-Will

6-1-20 US Open Tennis Considers Multiple Scenarios

6-1-20 One-Hander

6-1-20 Around the World in 50 Courts

6-1-20 MLB Drops the Ball by Ken Davidoff