March 2015 - Archive

3-31-15 WSA Tour Returns To Pakistan by Howard Harding

3-31-15 Battle of the Border Takes on National Status by Danny Da Costa

3-31-15 Job Opening: Assistant Pro, Detroit Athletic Club

3-31-15 Mission Edges Los Gatos in Inaugural Northern California High School Team Championship by Kim Clearkin

3-31-15 European U-19's Semis Report

3-31-15 $115K PSA El Gouna International to Kick Off

3-31-15 Job Opening: Pro, Atlanta

3-31-15 Men's CSA Video: Navy v Princeton

3-31-15 Video: Mega-Rally 111, Selby v Golan

3-31-15 Chris Simpson Set for England Debut

3-31-15 Atlanta Falcons Sanctioned for Using Fake Noise

The Great Larry Sconzo Receives 2015 Stewart Brauns Award

3-30-15 Jacques Swanepoel/Greg McArthur, Dana Betts/Natalie Grainger Crowned US National Doubles Champions

3-30-15 John White, Shane Coleman Win 40's, Divisional Results

3-30-15 European Juniors Quarters Report

3-30-15 Video: Punch Drive

Massachusetts State Singles Winding Down, Draws

3-30-15 StreetSquash Newark Seeking Community Supporters

3-30-15 Chris Evert Sounds Off On Modern Tennis World by Simon Briggs

3-30-15 Fantasy Sports Websites Find Riches in Internet Gaming Loophole by Adam Kilgore

3-30-15 Youth Sports Killing Sunday School by Bob Cook

Swanepoel/McArthur to Meet Bassett/Scharff in US National Doubles Final

3-29-15 Video: Canary Wharf Finals Highlights

Counter Attacking with Simon Parke

3-29-15 Bumps and Bruises from Lee Horton

3-29-15 Nick Matthew Says Soccer Refs Need Video Technology

3-29-15 Video: Mustonen v  Phipps, UK Racketball

3-29-15 Video: Defending, from Mike Way

3-29-15 Broken Gentleman's Agreement Ends in $11 Million Sale of Sydney Tennis Court

3-29-15 Stanford Looking into Cheating Allegations

3-29-15 Rich Girl

Matthew Beats Rosner in Canary Wharf Final for 3rd Straight PSA Title by Alan Thatcher

3-28-15 Video: Canary Wharf Semis Highlights

3-28-15 Video: Matthew-Rosner Pre-Final

3-28-15 Liu Takes Out Tong For Malaysian Tour Title by Howard Harding

3-28-15 80th US National Doubles Underway, Draws

3-28-15 British Open Set for Strong Masters Field, ENTRIES

Chelsea Piers Connecticut Players Produce Record Showing at US Junior Nationals by Erica Bates

3-28-15 Pathé Squash by Peter Heywood

3-28-15 Men's CSA National Team Photos from Michael Bello

3-28-15 Pakistan Reportedly to Host Groundbreaking $10,000 Women's Pro Event

3-28-15 Brunswick's Jim Stephens Reflects on Dream Season

3-28-15 India's Ghosal Hoping for 2020 Reversal

Rösner to Meet Matthew in Canary Wharf Final by Alan Thatcher

3-27-15 Canary Wharf Semis Photos from Steve Line (

3-27-15 Video: Canary Quarters, Part 1

3-27-15 Video: Canary Quarters, Part 2

3-27-15 Tennis Channel Plus to Air Canary Wharf Final Live

3-27-15 Former Princeton Men's Coach Bill Summers Dies at 84

3-27-15 US Pan Am Teams Selected

3-27-15 Fram's Corner: Lessons I Have Learned by Peter Nicol

3-27-15 Breaking the 3.0 Level by Paul Assaiante

Agassi and Graf Raising Multi-Sport Kids

3-27-15 NFL Looking to Add Spice to Extra Points

Selby Scores Canary Wharf Semi Spot

3-26-15 Matthew Marches Into CWC Semis

3-26-15 Rosner Romp Prevents English Clean Sweep by Nathan Clarke

3-26-15 Video: Canary Wharf First Round, Part 2

Balls to the Wall: Open Letter to my Squash Playing Child by Alan Stapleton

3-26-15 James Willstrop: No One to Criticize the Amateur Critics

3-26-15 US Doubles Championships Head to Philadelphia, More Players Entered than in Recent National Singles

3-26-15 Men's CSA Scholar Athletes Recognized

3-26-15 End of an Era as Scottish Courts Set to Make Way for Parasports Center

3-26-15 San Francisco Giants Double in Value in One Year

The Fitness Guru of the Trucking Industry by Mackenzie Havey

Canary Wharf Squash Classic, Day 2 Report by Lee Horton

Willstrop Wins on Canary Wharf Return, Barker Advances by Nathan Clarke

3-25-15 Canary Wharf Day 2 Photos from Steve Line (

3-25-15 Two Worlds Colliding in the Docklands by Fred Nathan

3-25-15 Video: Canary Wharf First Round, Part 1

Chris Fernandez Makes College Squash History

3-25-15 Princeton's Kang, Osborne Wrap Up Ivy Careers With All-League Honors

3-25-15 New Canaan High School Boys Varsity Wins FairWest Cup

Sage Ramadge Profiled

Squash Magazine Selling Covers

3-25-15 Tennis Experiments With Scrapping Linespeople

Black Knight Squash Fiction, Chapter 23: 'International Airspace' by Pierre Bastien (The Conclusion)

3-24-15 Suzie Pierrepont And Steph Hewitt Capture Third Straight Hashim Khan Open by Rob Dinerman

Matthew, Golan, Selby & Dessouki Advance on Day One at Canary Wharf by Nathan Clarke

3-24-15 Canary Wharf Set for Classic Week

3-24-15 Q & A with Nick Matthew by Alan Thatcher

3-24-15 11 Points with Mazen Hesham

3-24-15 Willstrop Delighted to be Back from Injury by Alan Thatcher

3-24-15 Anvari/Berg Over Qualifiers John White & Shane Coleman in $15K Germantown Final

3-24-15 14-Year-Old El Hammamy Wins Historic WSA Tour Title by Howard Harding

3-24-15 Charlie Johnson Defeats Juan Gomez in 2nd NorCal Closed Satellite Series Final by Kim Clearkin

Video: Quick Hit 159, Matthew v Barker

3-24-15 Fram's Corner: Tips When Starting a New Coaching Job

3-24-15 Surprise at Canary Wharf by Faye Andrews

3-24-15 Video: Women's CSA, Cornell v Yale from Michael Bello

3-24-15 Concrete Chuck Bednarik Defined the Legend (courtesy Squash Word)

3-24-15 Documentaries the Go-To Players of Sports Television by Richard Sandomir

3-21-15 July World Juniors in Jeopardy as WSF Nixes Cairo Location Due to Safety Concerns

Marie Earns Maiden WSA Title In Montreal by Howard Harding

3-21-15 WSF President Appointed Onto ANOC Committee by Howard Harding

3-21-15 $50K Canary Wharf Qualifying Draw Announced

3-21-15 Yes, I Remember It Well by Malcolm Willstrop

3-21-15 Video: Mega-Rally 110, Momen v Mueller

3-21-15 Head Hydrosorb Grips from Pierre Bastien

3-21-15 Women's CSA Photos from Michael Bello

3-21-15 Federer Joins Nadal in Critique of Penn Tennis Balls

Wearable Technology Said to Be Creating New Playing Field

3-21-15 Nike's New Sportswear Collection Slammed

3-21-15 Fitness Guru Killed by Freight Train While Making Workout Video

Turner Cup Finalist Kayley Leonard Wins Major Junior Award by Rob Dinerman

3-20-15 Canary Wharf Preview: 11 Points With Eddie Charlton by Alan Thatcher

3-20-15 Marie Stephan & Melissa Alves to Contest All-French Final in $5K Montreal Challenger

3-20-15 Former WSA Pro Lauren Selby on Kids' Fitness Mission

3-20-15 NY Squash Introducing Adult Clinics, 50 Bucks a Shot

3-20-15 Job Opening: Cincinnati T Academy Seeks Director of Boys Squash/Touring Pro

3-20-15 Tony Griffin on Match Mentality

3-20-15 Harvard, Trinity, Princeton, Penn Top Final CSA Women's Rankings

3-20-15 Smith College Head Coach Tim Bacon Resigns

3-20-15 Video: Mega-rally 109, Matthew v Gaultier

Winchester Fives Combines Handball and Squash

3-20-15 All-England Club Forced to Apologize After Using Iconic Female Tennis Poster as Promotion

Canary Preview: 11 Points With LJ Anjema by Alan Thatcher

3-19-15 Canary Wharf Court to Incorporate Latest Technology