What's On My Mind

8-7-18 Look at these World Masters Times . . .
6-22-18 Things are Not Always by Richard Millman
5-24-18 The Tenaciousness Of Miguel Rodriguez by Chris Hanebury
5-16-18 Correction: American Men's British Open Futility Streak Shortened to 32 Years and Counting by Ted Gross
4-30-18 7 Years in the Books for DSR by Ted Gross
4-5-18 The Squash Scoring Squabble by Mick Joint
9-18-17 Excerpt from Forthcoming History of Squash at Princeton by Rob Dinerman
8-8-17 The Unfair Playing Field by Nick-At-Will
7-21-17 What's Wrong With This Picture? Everything . . . by Ted Gross
4-6-17 Changes Needed to Major Sports by Ted Gross
3-28-17 “If You Build It…” by AJ Kohlhepp
1-30-17 The Ugly, the Bad and the Good by Alan Stapleton
10-5-16 Balls to the Wall: Look at Yourself by Alan Stapleton
8-31-16 Actress Emma Watson Pays a Visit to the DSR Offices by Ted Gross
6-30-16 A Winning Loss by Alan Stapleton
5-7-16 Doing the Laundry by A. J. Kohlhepp
5-4-16 The Mechanics of Squash by Neil Martin
3-22-16 What's On My Mind, Part 2 by AJ Kohlhepp
3-21-16 What's On My Mind, Part 1 by AJ Kohlhepp
2-17-16 'That's a Squash Shot' by John Branston
1-29-16 Critique of American Men's College Squash Off the Mark by Sasha Cooke
1-28-16 Athletes and Self-Confidence by Alex Diaz, PhD
1-27-16 Opinion From The Cheap Seats: American Players Taking a Hit in College Men’s Squash by Ted Gross
1-27-16 Length Does Count by Alan Stapleton
12-22-15 Balls to the Wall: Ours, is to Reason Why by Alan Stapleton
12-5-15 World Teams Guess, and Women's Pro Squash Needs Running Clock by Ted Gross
11-28-15 Balls to the Wall: Stroke It, Don't Poke It by Alan Stapleton
11-7-15 How Squash Has Changed . . . by Ray Linsday
10-28-15 Balls to the Wall: The Unbelievable Lightness of Being….A Squash Player by Alan Stapleton
10-22-15 Multitudes:  Reflections on the Squash Summit by A. J. Kohlhepp
10-3-15 Squash The Olympics by Steve Hufford
10-2-15 The Squashist: The Olympic Failure
7-14-15 Why I (Still) Go to Camp by A.J. Kohlhepp
6-17-15 Here We Go Again by Mick Joint
4-28-15 In Response to Richard Millman's Post of 24 April by Guy Cipriano
4-26-15 Lessons on Love and Loss: An Open Letter to My Team by A.J. Kohlhepp
3-26-15 Balls to the Wall: Open Letter to my Squash Playing Child by Alan Stapleton
3-18-15 Balls to the Wall: Hell hath no Fury like a Woman scorned ….by Alan Stapleton
3-16-15 Balls to the Wall: Cough….Splutter….CHOKE by Alan Stapleton
3-13-15 Balls to the Wall: Squashi-rella by Alan Stapleton
3-11-15 Balls to the Wall: In Search of Burned-Out Drop-Outs by Alan Stapleton
3-2-15 Balls to the Wall: A Whirlpool of Waters by Alan Stapleton
2-25-15 Bobby Callahan by Guy Cipriano
2-21-15 Squethics and Squetiquette by Alan Stapleton
2-18-15 Balls to the Wall, Going Solo by Alan Stapleton
1-5-15 Parenting Youth Athletes by Alex Diaz
11-30-14 'The Next Level' by A.J. Kohlhepp
11-15-14 Pressure and the Women’s World Team Championship by Sam Cornett
11-12-14 The Truly Helpful Entourage by Matthew Munich
11-6-14 Evolution by Richard Millman
11-2-14 Building Squash With League Play by David Keating
10-29-14 Safety on the Court and on the Road by John Branston
10-26-14 Glass Court to Glass Walls by Naveen Garg
10-24-14 TA, by Aubrey Waddy
10-21-14 A Performance Edge by Alex Diaz
9-28-14 NUSEA 20th Anniversary by Guy Cipriano
5-8-14 A Time Out by Alex Diaz
5-4-14 Rankings by Sam Cornett
4-30-14 A Warning by Guy Cipriano
4-24-14 Increasing Participation by John Musto
4-22-14 The Answer Is Drama by Aubrey Waddy
4-20-14 Promising News by Pierre Bastien
4-19-14 With a Few Ideas . . . by Geoff McCuen
4-15-14 Self Starters, by Richard Millman
4-13-14 Badminton Numbers Dwarfing Squash by Kenneth Wilhelm
4-10-14 The Geopolitical Landscape by Matthew Munich
4-3-14 The Princess and Superman by David Smith
4-2-14 Dear Guy, by Ferez S. Nallaseth
4-1-14 Swordmetrics by David Keating
3-27-14 Squash/Class by A.J. Kohlhepp
3-25-14 Keep the Ball in Play! by Naveen Garg
3-20-14 The Public School Hurdle by Georgetta Morque
3-19-14 Road Warriors Go to Richmond by John Branston
3-18-14 Assessment by Matthew Munich
3-13-14 Of Racquets Old and New by Aubrey Waddy
3-11-14 You Be the Judge by Pierre Bastien
3-9-14 Rants, Raves, Random Thoughts by Alan L. Goldberg
3-4-14 MMA and Squash by Kenneth Tuttle Wilhelm
3-1-14 The Devil is in the Details by Geoffrey McCuen
2-20-14 'Crazy About Sports' by John Branston
2-18-14 Uncommon Will by David Smith
2-13-14 Last Bear Standing by A.J. Kohlhepp
2-11-14 Squash As a Metaphor by Naveen Garg
2-6-14 Squash Memories Never Forgotten by Georgetta Lordi Morque
2-2-14 Defining Success by Sarah Odell
1-30-14 Top 10 TOC Reasons by John Musto
1-28-14 Of Fathers and Sons, and Staying Fit in Outlandish Places by Aubrey Waddy
1-26-14 Sweatshop Labor by Pierre Bastien
1-22-14 UK Racketball Arrives in Memphis by John Branston
1-21-14 Squash Lessons by Samantha Cornett
1-19-14 Staying Alive by Richard Millman
1-16-14 The Reality of Egyptian Dominance by Kenneth Tuttle Wilhelm
1-12-14 A Modest Proposal for Revamping PSA Draws by Matthew Lombardi
1-7-14 On the Willstrop Book by Guy Cipriano
1-5-14 The Low-Hanging Fruit by John Branston

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