July 2012- Archive

7-31-12 Hedrick Takes NSW Open After Marathon Final by Howard Harding

Los Angeles Players Enlist "Celebrities" To Back World Squash Day

7-31-12 Chelsea Piers Connecticut Club Unfurls Full Slate Of Autumn Squash Programs by Rob Dinerman

Top Pakistan Junior Danish Atlas Says Federation Should Employ Players

7-31-12 The Squash Joint: The Hashim Khan Files Part 5

7-31-12 South American Junior Champ Anna Porras To Bolster Wendy Lawrence's George Washington Program

7-31-12 Video: Tarek Momen Skill Library from No-Let

In Kamloops, Two Courts Not Enough

7-31-12 Women's CSA Epps Cup Video from Michael Bello

7-31-12 Mixed Reviews For Resurrection Of Wimbledon Grass

7-31-12 Beach Volleyball Looking Out Of Place In London by Rick Morrissey

7-31-12 "The Club From Hell" Chapter SIX by Alan Thatcher

Home Hero Shuja Wins Palmerston North Title by Howard Harding

7-30-12 Aussie Winner Guaranteed In Sydney

7-30-12 World Squash Day Sign-Ups Hit 6000 Mark

7-30-12 Time To Give Your Club A Wake-Up Call, from Alan Thatcher

7-30-12 SquashSkills: Feed & Call Pairs Practice

Japanese Engineers Devise New Camera System For Fast Ball Sports

7-30-12 Two Former Harvard Teammates Have Taken Different Paths to 2012 Games

US Olympic Women's Soccer Keeper's Twitter Rant Stirs Pot

7-30-12 A $115-Billion Table Tennis Match

7-29-12 Longtime ISDA Star Willie Hosey Captures World Masters 50-And-Over Crown by Rob Dinerman

South Africa's Peter Fahrenheim Wins Record-Tying 4th World Masters Title by Howard Harding

7-29-12 Kiwis Dominate Manawatu Quarters

7-29-12 Aussie Video On The Benefits Of Playing Squash from Alan Thatcher

7-29-12 August Pro Calendar

7-29-12 FitBit Cashing In on High-Tech Fitness Trend

Olympic Table Tennis: Who Can Beat The Chinese? by Steve Slater

Should Olympic Athletes Be Protesters, Too? by Reeves Wiedeman

7-29-12 The Socialympics, by Ethan Gilsdorf

7-28-12 Willie Hosey, John Macrury Among 18 World Masters Champions Crowned In Birmingham

World Masters Semis Report by Howard Harding

7-28-12 After 12 Years At The ISDA Helm, Hewitt To Step Down by Rob Dinerman

7-28-12 U.S. Open Pre-Qualifiers Kick Off In Philadelphia by Todd Harrity

7-28-12 Michelle Obama Visits Philadelphia's SquashSmarts by Kristi Maroc

7-28-12 Hot Shots And Length from No-Let

7-28-12 "Apple-esque" Bay Club To Open August 1st In Silicon Valley

7-28-12 Video: Side Wall Volleys from SquashSkills

7-28-12 The Force Of Olympic Branding by Brennan Murray

Olympic Challenge: More Female Athletes But Fewer Events by Laura Pappano

7-27-12 Nimick To Hold $70K PSA NetSuite Open Outdoors In San Francisco In October

More Seeds Tumble In Birmingham World Masters by Howard Harding

7-27-12 New SDA Pro Doubles Tour Releases Early 2012-13 Calendar

7-27-12 CitySquash Students Spend An Evening With New Yorker Writer Tad Friend

Asics Sensei Series Shoes from Pierre Bastien

7-27-12 Squash And Family Life Thread from Squashsite

7-27-12 E-Zine World Squash Participation Numbers

7-27-12 Prince Emerges From Bankruptcy As "Prince Americas"

7-27-12 Undefeated Harvard Women Announce Three Fall Freshmen Recruits

7-27-12 CSA Women's Princeton-Harvard Photos from Michael Bello

7-27-12 As We Know It: Life After College Athletics by Emily Layden

Berwyn's Dominic Hughes Scores Big Win At World Masters by Howard Harding

Baseball, Softball, Merging Bodies As They Challenge Squash For 2020 Bid

7-26-12 Nicol David Looking To Avenge Last Year's US Open Loss by Kristi Maroc

7-26-12 Mick Joint Endorses PST No-Dissent Policy

7-26-12 Video: Help My Game Episode Targets Hardball Doubles

7-26-12 Bert Armstrong's "World's Greatest Squash Collection"

7-26-12 Kinesiology Expert Favors Muscle Biopsies To Determine Athletic Potential

7-26-12 FCC Ruling On Tennis Channel Slammed By Cable Groups

7-26-12 Iowa Tennis-Loving Farmer's Grass Court Rises Out Of The Corn

Many Ex-Olympians Struggling With Passage Of Time, by Erin Allday

Chelsea Piers Connecticut Club Already Off And Running by Rob Dinerman

Nimes World Championship To Introduce Three Glass Show Courts by Howard Harding

7-25-12 Job Opening: Head Pro, Princeton Club Of NY

7-25-12 Unsettled Future For Idyllic British Columbia Seaside Club

7-25-12 For Sale: 3-Court Bayside Squash Club, British Columbia At US Border, $2.6 Million

McManus's Squash E-Zine Celebrates 100th Issue

7-25-12 Video: Mental Attitude And The Off Season from Peter Nicol

7-25-12 More Shoes from Pierre Bastien

7-25-12 2012 NESCAC Men's All-Conference Team Profiled, from Michael Bello

7-25-12 WSF President Ramachandran Given Two-Year Extension

7-25-12 Video Squash-Talk In "Life & Times Of Tim"

"White Collar" TV Characters Take Up Squash

7-25-12 Agony Of Defeat Increasingly Addressed By Sports Psychologists

7-24-12 1986-87 Squash Team To Be Inducted Into Franklin & Marshall Hall Of Fame This Autumn by Rob Dinerman

Monday At The World Masters by Steve Cubbins

7-24-12 Job Openings: Head Men's & Women's Coaches, Tufts

New Champions Crowned At 2012 CASA Juniors In Jamaica

7-24-12 Los Angeles Athletic Club Backs The Bid, by Bob Hanscom

7-24-12 John Lau's University Club Of San Francisco Hosts Battle Of The City

7-24-12 New York's StreetSquash Center Offers Open Summer Round Robins

7-24-12 Conroy Cup Video, Hobart v Tufts from Michael Bello

7-24-12 Olympic Opening Ceremony Too Late For Many Athletes

7-24-12 Researchers Follow Dozens Of Fitness Products, Don't Endorse Any

7-24-12 "The Club from Hell" Chapter FIVE by Tracy J. Gates

World Masters Report From Birmingham by Steve Cubbins

7-23-12 World Masters Draws

7-23-12 No-Let Video Blog - More Ashour v Golan

7-23-12 Asics Gel Rocket 6 Women's by Pierre Bastien

7-23-12 Mind Games Working Into Athletic Training

7-23-12 Italian Company Designs Revolutionary Olympics Track Surface

Adventurer Reaches Bodega Bay, California, As Reportedly First To  Circumnavigate Globe Under Own Power

7-23-12 America's Refusal To Dip Flag Complicates Olympic History by David Wharton

7-23-12 Reader: Sir Richard Branson Saves The Olympics

Possible Rules Change In Doubles? Pros Experiment With One-Serve Rule This Weekend In Nantucket by Rob Dinerman

7-22-12 Over 750 Seniors (But Where Are The Americans?) Converge On London World Masters

7-22-12 More World Masters from Steve Cubbins

John White Chimes In On Burnout In Racquet Sports, by John Branston

7-22-12 Job Openings: 2013 Head Coaches, Squash Canada

7-22-12 Bay Club Silicon Valley Set to Open With Four Courts

England's Moreton Morell Club Revives Squash-Tennis National Championships

7-22-12 Master Of The Attacking Boast, from No-Let

7-22-12 Tennis's Nick Bollettieri Not Slowing At 80

7-22-12 Courier, Agassi, McEnroe Say Olympic Tennis More Relevant

7-21-12 From The World Juniors To The World Masters by Steve Cubbins

7-21-12  World Masters Entries

Al Muzayen Wins PSA Ghaeme Cup In Iran by Howard Harding

7-21-12 College Squash Exposure Event At Yale This Weekend

7-21-12 PST Looking For Feedback

7-21-12 More On Shoes from Pierre Bastien

7-21-12 Pakistan Coach Says #1 Player Injured, Not Overage In World Juniors

7-21-12 CSA Amherst v Connecticut NESCAC Photos from Michael Bello

7-21-12 Squash Canada Calls For Junior Development Committee Nominations by Danny Da Costa

7-21-12 Muslim Athletes Face Fasting Challenges Ahead Of Olympics

7-21-12 Massachusetts Companies Stepping Up As Olympic Sponsors

Video: Harvard Coach Mike Way Gives A Lesson

7-20-12 WDSA Wilson Cup Impresses On Eastern Long Island by Jack Graves

Attacking Wrong #2, Pilley v Golan

7-20-12 Squash-Tennis Court Revived In Rural UK

7-20-12 Dipika Pallikal Pushes Follow-Your-Heart Message

Somerset Members Irked As Club Stalls Court Repairs

7-20-12 Brown Athletic Department Removes Joe Paterno Name From Awards

Step Forward For Arab Women At London Olympics

Sebastian Coe: Stop Tweeting If You Want To Perform

Tennis's Place In Olympics Debated

Egypt Retains World Junior Title by Howard Harding

7-19-12 Tyler Olson's Clutch Win Lifts Canada Over The US For 7th Place In World Junior Teams Finale

7-19-12 Canada Wraps Up Successful World Juniors by Danny Da Costa

7-19-12 US Head Coach Paul Assaiante From Qatar Following The US-Canada Match

7-19-12 Team Canada Coach Jonathan Hill From Qatar

7-19-12 India Tops England To Win First Ever World Juniors Medal

7-19-12 Squash Seniors To Contest Historic World Masters In Birmingham by Howard Harding

7-19-12 Smith College's Clair Oblamski Named 2012 Wetzel Award Winner, by Michael Bello

More Shoes Documented by Pierre Bastien

7-19-12 Attacking At The Wrong Moment, from No-Let

WSA's Miranda Ranieri Shifting Gears But Looking Toward Olympics

Japan Shocks US Team In Emotional Win At World Juniors

7-18-12 Canada Falls To Hong Kong, Plays US For 7th Place

Egypt & Pakistan To Meet Fifth Straight Time In World Juniors Final by Steve Cubbins

7-18-12 Egypt v Pakistan Final To Be Streamed Live Today at 8:30am EST

7-18-12 Pakistan Sits #1 Atlas Khan in WJ Teams As Age Rumors Swirl

7-18-12 New Adidas Court Shoes, from Pierre Bastien

Cornell-Stanford 2012 Howe Cup Video, from Michael Bello

7-18-12 The Squashist: Smartest Commentary I've Read All Year...

7-18-12 Squash & Physical Limitations by Jeff Warren

7-18-12 London Olympics Seen As Fitness Motivation For British Women, by Liz Clarke

7-17-12 Team USA Derailed By England In World Juniors Quarterfinals

7-17-12 Canada Falls To Egypt In Qatar Quarters by Danny Da Costa

7-17-12 Doha WSF Men's World Junior Team Championships, Quarterfinal Report from Steve Cubbins

7-17-12 Craig Claims Second Title After Tasmanian Open Win by Matt Wagg

7-17-12 August WSA Australian Open Draw Released

UK Court Dedicated To WSA's Laura Massaro

7-17-12 Willstrop Draws Crowds In Poland

7-17-12 CitySquash Seeking Three Runners For NYC Marathon   

7-17-12 Toronto Grappling With Privatization Of Public Tennis Courts

7-17-12 Still More On The Olympic Uniforms, from Bob Hanscom

Newton At The Olympics, by Sharon Begley

US Beats Kuwait, World Juniors Showdown Versus England Set

7-16-12 Team Canada Over Brazil, Faces Egypt In Quarters by Danny Da Costa

7-16-12 Doha WSF World Junior Team Championships, Day Three Report by Steve Cubbins

7-16-12 Bits & Pieces From Doha by Steve Cubbins

7-16-12 WDSA Wilson Cup: Krizek And Pierrepont Out-Last Hewitt And McElhinny In Route-Going Final by Rob Dinerman

7-16-12 Rehman Rallies To Maiden Tour Title In Tasmania by Howard Harding

7-16-12 Former NZ Great Ross Norman Latest Ex-Player Invited To "Safe" Pakistan

7-16-12 Ramy Ashour Shoes, by Pierre Bastien

7-16-12 A View of Televised Squash, from Aubrey Waddy

7-16-12 Olympics Have Lost Something But Can Still Inspire, by Bill Dwyre

US Boys Beat France & Guatemala To Advance To Winners' Bracket At World Junior Teams

7-15-12 Canada Earns Clutch Win Over Belgium To Advance To Medal Round

7-15-12 Day Two Report: Doha WSF Men’s World Junior Team Championships 2012 by Steve Cubbins

Dashers & Bashers: PST's Zero Tolerance Policy Intolerable

7-15-12 Gripping Stuff From Robbie Temple, from Alan Thatcher

7-15-12 Science And The Major Racquet Sports, from the e-Zine

More US Olympic Team Uniform Updates from Bob Hanscom

7-15-12 Unlikely Caltech Nailed With Multiple NCAA Sanctions

7-15-12 What Makes Extreme Athletes Risk It All, by Tom Sims

7-15-12 Hall Of Fame Induction Caps Jennifer Capriati's Turbulent Ride

7-15-12 "The Club from Hell" Chapter FOUR by Will Gens

WDSA Wilson Cup Update: Top Two Seeds To Meet In Final by Rob Dinerman

7-14-12 US Team Opens World Men's Juniors With 3-0 Win Over Brazil

7-14-12 Team Canada Beats Zimbabwe, Loses To England

7-14-12 World Junior Men's Teams, Day One Report from Steve Cubbins

7-14-12 A Whole New Bawl Game, by Alan Thatcher

7-14-12 Pakistan Federation Reportedly At Odds With WSF Over Age-Testing Issue

7-14-12 Santa Barbara School Of Squash Becomes 12th Member Of National Urban Association

7-14-12 Pallikal Wants Her Racquet To Do The Talking

More On The David Palmer Game, by Kenneth Tuttle

7-14-12 Olympic Team Uniforms Follow-Up by Bob Hanscom

7-14-12 A Review Of The PSA's Squash TV by Pierre Bastien

7-13-12 Shorbagy & Sherbini Share World Junior Double In Doha by Howard Harding

7-13-12 Chris Walker On Board At SquashSkills, Produces 30 New Clips

7-13-12 SquashSkills Worth The Subscription, by Jeff Warren

7-13-12 Santa Barbara Pros Orla O’Doherty and Debbie Brown Heading To World Masters

Outrageous! by Bob Hanscom

7-13-12 CSA Penn-Dartmouth Photos from Michael Bello

7-13-12 Australian Family Of Eight Forced To Live In Court

7-13-12 Squashist: PST Makes The Right Call

FOG Squash A Bit Embarrassing, by Pierre Bastien

7-13-12 Extreme Exercise May Undo Benefits

Two All-Egyptian Finals Set In World Juniors by Steve Cubbins

7-12-12 WDSA Wilson Cup Kicks Off Today In Southampton by Rob Dinerman

7-12-12 US Boys Seeded Sixth In World Teams, To Open Pool Play Friday

7-12-12 Canada Seeded Tenth, Pooled With England In World Junior Teams

7-12-12 Pakistan Coach Displeased With World Juniors Refereeing

Internationals Ready For Tasmanian Open

7-12-12 Tracy J. Gates On Learning To Surf In Southern California

7-12-12 Welcome To The No-Let Blog, Mr. Ghosal

7-12-12 US Open Tennis Ups Prize Money To $25.5 Million

7-12-12 I Didn't Make The Olympics - Now What? by Leanne Shapton

7-11-12 Great Day For Egypt In World Juniors, Day Four by Steve Cubbins

Willstrop: Krak-ing time in Poland

7-11-12 Indian Squash Federation Under Scrutiny As Pallikal Snubbed For Award

7-11-12 Trinity To Host 2012-13 CSA Individuals, Yale to Host Teams, from Michael Bello

7-11-12 A New Episode of Help My Squash Game from Barb Cooper

7-11-12 Squash One Of 66 Sports Slated For 2013 World Police & Fire Games

7-11-12 Brand New Chelsea Piers CT Launches Programs For Non-Members by Erica Schietinger

7-11-12 Standout Malaysian Tan Yan Xin To Enroll At Penn

7-11-12 The Hashim Khan Files, Part 4 from Mick Joint

7-11-12 How Risky Is Getting Your Bell Rung Long Ago?

World Juniors Ends In Round of 16 For Ubina and Sobhy

7-10-12 Doha WSF World Junior Championships Day THREE Report from Steve Cubbins

7-10-12 Aussie Legend & Current Qatar Coach Geoff Hunt Blasts Controversial World Juniors Ruling

Dominant Return From Injury For Korean Starlet, by Matt Wagg

7-10-12 Pakistan's Qamar Zaman: Time To Take Game To The Underprivileged

7-10-12 Job Opening: Head Pro, Cleveland

PST Adopting No-Tolerance Referee-Dissent Policy

7-10-12 Chelsea Piers, CT, Opens, Showcases Multi-Sport Floor Plans

Video: Men's 2012 NESCAC's from Michael Bello

7-10-12 With Wimbledon In The books, All England Club Preps For Olympics

Rough Second Round In Qatar For North American Boys As US Individual Hopes Eliminated

7-9-12 Maria Elena Ubina and Sabrina Sobhy Advance To Round-of-16 At World Juniors

7-9-12 WSF World Juniors, Day TWO Report from Steve Cubbins

7-9-12 Bits & Pieces From Doha, Day Two, by Steve Cubbins

7-9-12 Bloodied Grayson Wins Victorian Open In 110 Minute Final by Howard Harding

7-9-12 Meakins, Cumberbatch, Winners In Barbados

7-9-12 Reader: Don't Cancel "Squash On The Street"

7-9-12 Ramy Ashour's Shoe-Shine Trick

7-9-12 Squash v Tennis Prize Money Thread

UC Berkeley Efforts Reflective Of Colleges Saving Smaller Sports

7-9-12 Federer Defies Tennis Old Age, by SL Price

Good Opening Day For North American Boys At World Juniors