October 2012- Archive

10-31-12 A Tribute To The Career Of Princeton Men’s Squash Coach Robert W. Callahan by Rob Dinerman

10-31-12 UK's Sarah-Jane Perry Wins WSA Pyramid In Westchester, New York, by Matt Wagg

10-31-12 England Seeded To Win Seventh Women's World Team Title; Canada 11th, US 12th by Howard Harding

10-31-12 Chichester & Duffield Extend Unbeaten PSL Runs

10-31-12 Willstrop Book On William Hill Shortlist A First For Squash by Howard Harding

Happy Prince Edward Island Couple Weds On World Squash Day

10-31-12 San Diego's Access Youth Academy In Back the Bid Video

10-31-12 Hamilton Men's Season Preview by Anne Bello

10-31-12 Middlebury Men's Season Preview

10-31-12 Tufts Men's Season Preview

10-31-12 Hobart Men's Season Preview by Michael Bello

10-31-12 Polar Workout Watch Does It All, For $350

10-31-12 Tennis's Andy Murray For Harsher Drug Testing

10-31-12 A Visit To Wembley For An NFL Football Game, by Tom Rachman

My Second Season Journey So Far, by Nicol David

10-30-12 Delierre Marks GoodLife Ottawa PSA Hat-Trick by Howard Harding

10-30-12 Fifth For Hedrick In Hitachi Queensland by Howard Harding

10-30-12 Wee Wern's Rise Called Testament To Home-Based Training

10-30-12 Where Are They Now: Former World #6 Bryan Beeson

Q & A With Dartmouth Player Michael Mistras

10-30-12 Cornell Women's Season Preview by Anne Bello

10-30-12 Williams Women's Season Preview by Michael Bello

10-30-12 Prince O3 Speedport Silver from Pierre Bastien

10-30-12 Indoor Surfing Classes Carving Fitness Niche

10-30-12 "The Club From Hell" Chapter NINETEEN

Canadians Rally Past U.S. To Capture 2012 Can-Am Cup by Rob Dinerman

10-29-12 SDA St. Louis Open Recap by Rob Dinerman

10-29-12 Malaysia's Wee Wern Jolts Field To Capture $55K WSA China Open by Matt Wagg

Abdel Aziz Wins PSA Valencia by Howard Harding

10-29-12 India's Chinnapa Claims Penang WSA Title by Matt Wagg

Delierre & Knight Into GoodLife Ottawa Final by Howard Harding

10-29-12 Landers-Murphy Claims WSA Hitachi Queensland Title

10-29-12 Columbia Men's Season Preview by Anne Bello

10-29-12 Bucknell Men's Season Preview

10-29-12 Charleston Men's Season Preview

10-29-12 Barely Half UC Berkeley Football Players Graduate
King and Low Set Up Surprise China Final

10-28-12 The Other Malaysian! by Bob Hanscom

10-28-12 Serme Scores PSA Ottawa GoodLife Semi by Howard Harding

Hari Hangs On In Valencia by Howard Harding

10-28-12 $20,000 St. Louis Doubles Won By Mudge/Gould

10-28-12 David Palmer Puts On A Good Show In Going Five In PST Maine Final

10-28-12 Johns Hopkins Women's Season Preview by Anne Bello

10-28-12 Random Thoughts On The Sport from Richard Millman

10-28-12 Video: WISPA Front Court Tactics Highlighted

10-28-12 NZ Pro Alex Grayson Starts Fresh In Boston

10-28-12 Abrupt Conclusion For Many College Football Players, by John Keilman

10-27-12 Waters Beats El Weleily 13-11 In Five To Reach China Semis by Matt Wagg

Delierre Leads Home Hopes In PSA Ottawa Goodlife Open by Howard Harding

Sandhu Sinks Top Seed Grant In Valencia by Howard Harding

10-27-12 McArthur/Stout Upset Quick/Jenson In $20K SDA St, Louis, Mudge/Gould Advance

10-27-12 First Day Can-Am Cup Dead Even At 14-All

10-27-12 Bates Amateur Draws Sandwich Today's PST Event

A Cautionary Tale, from Guy Cipriano

10-27-12 Coaching: The Rule of Three, by Kenneth Tuttle

10-27-12 Franklin & Marshall Men's Season Preview by Anne Bello

10-27-12 Vassar Men's Season Preview

10-27-12 Williams Men's Season Preview

10-27-12 Lincou and Palmer Racquet Choices, from Pierre Bastien

10-27-12 Derek Jeter Diary Points to Agony of Defeat

10-26-12 Jenny Duncalf Upset In $55K WSA China Open First Round by Matt Wagg

PSA Valencia, Spain, 1st Round by Howard Harding

10-26-12 Biannual US v Canada Can-Am Cup Doubles Kicks Off Today In Buffalo

10-26-12 David Palmer Headlines 8-Man PST Field Tonight In Maine

10-26-12 James Willstrop: Squash Gives Way To Giants Baseball

10-26-12 Willstrop's Book Nominated For 2012 Sports Book Award

10-26-12 The Squashist: US Squash Did A Pretty Good Job After All

Tanzania A Winner On World Squash Day

10-26-12 Video: Full Match Semis Replay - Shabana v Gaultier, Netsuite San Francisco

10-26-12 New Shoes Updated from Pierre Bastien

10-26-12 Rochester Women's Season Preview by Anne Bello

10-26-12 Wellesley Womens' Season Preview

10-25-12 Racquet Club Of Chicago To Celebrate Restored (After Eighty Years!) Court Tennis Court by Rob Dinerman

10-25-12 Steph Hewitt And Scott Dulmage Take Convenors Cup In Toronto by Rob Dinerman

10-25-12 US Squash Says It Was "Deeply Engaged" In World Squash Day

10-25-12 Gaultier Beats Matthew On A Cool Tuesday Night In San Francisco by Howard Harding

10-25-12 Video: Matthew v Gaultier San Francisco Netsuite Final, Complete

10-25-12 Jonathon Power To Host Unique Winter Break Camp In Mexico

10-25-12 Job Opening: Part-Time Pro, Connecticut

10-25-12 Video Highlights Of World Squash Day In Kuala Lumpur

10-25-12 World Squash Day Set To Music Around The Globe

10-25-12 Rising Washington University Program Hires Mike Puertas As Head Coach

10-25-12 Hansi Wiens' Dartmouth Men's Season Preview by Anne Bello

10-25-12 Swarthmore Men's Season Preview

10-25-12 Illinois-Springfield Men's Season Preview

10-25-12 Basketball's Rick Pitino Says Squash Affected Career Move

10-24-12 Surprise in Queensland as Alankamony Storms Ipswich Open by Matt Wagg

10-24-12 Host Seattle Teams Dominant At 2012 Howe Cup

10-24-12 David In Search Of Lucky Number Seven In Hong Kong

Hong Kong Welcomes World's Best...say what!? by Bob Hanscom

10-24-12 Cavalier In Cleveland, by Mick Joint

10-24-12 A Woman at the Fights by Tracy J. Gates

Video: Middlebury Grad Thriving At CitySquash

10-24-12 Dave Talbott's Yale Women's Season Preview by Anne Bello

10-24-12 Washington University Women's Season Preview

10-24-12 Head Anion 135, from Pierre Bastien

10-24-12 Tennis's Sharapova Says First Round Losers Don't Deserve Bigger Payout

10-24-12 Shark Kills Surfer Off Central California

To U.S. Squash: What's Your Problem?

10-23-12 Follow-Up To The Squashist's Post by Bob Hanscom

10-23-12 World Squash Day Smashes Records

10-23-12 Images From World Squash Day

10-23-12 Video: WSD With Sue Wright

10-23-12 Gaultier and Matthew Into San Francisco Netsuite Final by Jay Prince

10-23-12 Darwish Denies El Shorbagy In Macau by Howard Harding

10-23-12 Joelle King Claims WSA Title In Macau by Matt Wagg

Hong Kong Welcomes World's Best by Howard Harding

10-23-12 Canadian Star Samantha Cornett Profiled, by Kavitha Aruljothi

10-23-12 Pictures Please, PSA, by Alan Thatcher

10-23-12 Martin Heath's Rochester Men's Season Preview by Anne Bello

10-23-12 Bowdoin Men's Season Preview

10-23-12 Boston University Men's Preview

10-23-12 "The Club From Hell" Chapter EIGHTEEN

Alan Thatcher Reflects Upon World Squash Day

10-22-12 Thoughts on 'World Squash Day', from the Squashist

10-22-12 World Squash Day 2012 by Will Gens

10-22-12 Nicol David Unites Malaysian Squash In Support of WSD

10-22-12 Netsuite Semis Set In San Francisco by Jay Prince

Rosner Celebrates Sixth In Santiago by Howard Harding

10-22-12 Kalaawy and Fallows claim i Volt titles

Irish Pro John Rooney At Home At Buffalo Squash Club

New Detroit Art Includes 'The Squash House' Project

10-22-12 Wendy Lawrence's GW Women's Preview by Anne Bello

Cal Golden Bears Women's Season Preview by Michael Bello

10-22-12 Tomas Fortson's Bowdoin Women's Preview

Latest World Squash Day Tally

10-21-12 Rock Guitarist Returns To Favorite Squash Riff, by Mike Rowbottom

10-21-12 Egyptian Video Clip In Honor Of WSD

East African Contingent Enthusiastic On WSD

10-21-12 Shabana Straight-Sets Willstrop On San Francisco Waterfront by Jay Prince

Rosner & Pilley Make Surprise PSA Santiago Final by Howard Harding

10-21-12 Mohamed Wins Shorbagy Showdown In Macau by Howard Harding

10-21-12 Lincou Beats Palmer In Cleveland PST, To Face El Hindi In Final

Housing Development Threatens Bodyblow To UK Courts

10-21-12 Video: Duncalf v Grinham US Open 2012 from Sarah Cortes

Stanford Men's Season Preview by Anne Bello

10-21-12 Washington University Men's Preview

10-21-12 USC Men's Preview

10-20-12 World Squash Day Celebrated Today By Players Everywhere

Willstrop & Matthew Join 40,000 On World Squash Day In Support Of Olympic Bid

10-20-12 Rosner Races Into $25K PSA Santiago Semis by Howard Harding

10-20-12 $50K Macau Marks First El Shorbagy Siblings Meeting by Howard Harding

10-20-12 Willstrop & Matthew On Course In San Francisco

Joelle King On Course In WSA Macau by Matt Wagg

10-20-12 David And Weleily First To Qualify For World Series Finals

10-20-12 Q & A With The PST's David Palmer

Nicol David Reportedly Withdraws From $55,000 China Open Due To Visa Snag

10-20-12 Entries Underway For January British Junior Open 2013

10-20-12 Brown Women's Season Preview by Anne Bello

10-20-12 Amherst Women's Season Preview

10-19-12 World Squash Day Makes A Racket To Back 2020 Olympic Bid

10-19-12 World Squash Day Letter To Clubs

10-19-12 Qualifying Complete In $70K San Francisco Netsuite; Willstrop, Matthew, Gaultier, Shabana In Action Tonight

10-19-12 DSR Handicaps Friday Night's Netsuite First Round

El Shorbagys Double Up In $50K PSA Macau Open by Howard Harding

Le Roux Leaps Over Lee In PSA Santiago Surprise by Howard Harding

10-19-12 David Palmer, Thierry Lincou & Wael El Hindi Headline Cleveland Event In Conjunction With World Squash Day

10-19-12 Nicely Produced US Open Highlight Video, Set To "Eye of the Tiger"

Early Ticket Sales Strong For Promoter Peter Nicol's Canary Classic 2013

10-19-12 A New Episode Of Help My Game from Barb Cooper

10-19-12 Squash as art!

10-19-12 Jack Wyant's Penn Men's Season Preview by Anne Bello

10-19-12 Colby Men's Season Preview

10-19-12 Notre Dame Men's Preview