September 2012- Archive

9-30-12 El Weleily and Massaro To Play For Weymuller Title

9-30-12 Hanscom Reviews The Weymuller Semi-Finals, Calls The Finals

9-30-12 Live Streaming, Weymuller Open Final, 2:00pm EST

Tsukue Takes Out Lau In Kansai Upset by Howard Harding

9-30-12 McManus Hints At Another Player Joining PST

British Army Team Over Westchester Squash For Third Straight Win by Andy Garr

9-30-12 Squash in New England: A Walk in the Woods, by Peter Heywood

Clubs Getting Fired Up For World Squash Day

9-30-12 Franklin and Marshall Women's Season Preview by Anne Bello

9-30-12 Karakal Tec Gel 120 Racket from Pierre Bastien

9-30-12 Banker Who Worked As NFL Replacement Ref Speaks Out

9-29-12 Alison Waters Shocks World #1 Nicol David In Weymuller Quarters

9-29-12 Hanscom Reviews The Weymuller Quarters, Calls The Semis

Live Streaming, Weymuller Open, 4:00pm EST

9-29-12 Video Replay: David v Waters, Game 4

9-29-12 2012-13 Hardball Singles Schedule To Feature Twelve Events, by Tefft Smith

9-29-12 Fukui and Endo Advance In Kobe, Japan PSA

US Squash Announces New Website Launch

9-29-12 January New York TOC Tickets Now On Sale

U of Washington Men's Season Preview by Anne Bello

9-29-12 Northeastern Men's Season Preview by Anne Bello

9-29-12 Improved Numbers At Australian National Juniors

9-29-12 Hi Tec S702s from Pierre Bastien

9-29-12 Willstrop - Gaultier BGP Semi Called A Classic, from No-Let

9-29-12 California Kids' Football Team Hit With Bounty Scandal

World's Top Four Women Advance In $50K NY Weymuller Open

9-28-12 Hanscom Handicaps Friday's Weymuller Quarters

Live Streaming, Weymuller Open, From 5:30pm EST

20,000 Players & Counting Back World Squash Day Bid

9-28-12 Canadian Women's World Teams Trials To Be Held This Weekend In Toronto by Danny Da Costa

Former Champions Chapel Allerton Boost New PSL Season by Howard Harding

9-28-12 PSA's Top Three Ranked Men To Compete On Waterfront Glass Court In San Francisco by Duffy Jennings

9-28-12 Netsuite Tickets On Sale

9-28-12 Vassar Women's Season Preview by Anne Bello

9-28-12 British Army Team Defeats Union League Club by Andy Garr

9-28-12 PST's Georgetta Morque Receives Media Relations Award

9-28-12 Prince NFS Indoor II Shoes from Pierre Bastien

9-27-12 Sobhy Falls To Waters In Weymuller Qualifying Finals; Pallikal, Hawkes and Urquhart Gain Tonight's Main Draw

9-27-12 Hanscom Handicaps Tonight's WSA Weymuller Main Draw First Round

9-27-12 Live Streaming, Weymuller Open, From 5:30pm EST

9-27-12 British Army Team Wins In Westchester, Bryan Patterson Rumored To Be NFL Replacement Referee, by Andy Garr

9-27-12 Record Entries For Intercollegiate Doubles, Deadline Friday

John Lau's University Club To Host Netsuite Open 1st-Round Reception

9-27-12 2012 British Grand Prix Video Recaps from Pierre Bastien

9-27-12 Pro Event Downsizing A Concern On SquashSite Forum

9-27-12 NY Harvard Club To Add Doubles Court In Renovation Rivalry With Yale Club

9-27-12 Meet A Member #14 from Mick Joint

9-27-12 Wesleyan Men's Season Preview by Anne Bello

James Zug Remembers Diehl Mateer

Sobhy, Pallikal, Cornett Advance In $50K Weymuller Qualifying

9-26-12 Hanscom Handicaps Tonight's Weymuller Qualifying Finals

9-26-12 Live Streaming, Weymuller Open, From 5pm EST

9-26-12 The Best Are Back In Brooklyn, by Tracy J. Gates

Argentina, Korea & Namibia To Debut At Women's World Teams by Howard Harding

9-26-12 The Philadelphia Daily News On The Passing Of Diehl Mateer

US Open Launches Teaser Promo

9-26-12 World Of Squash Golf Day Recap by Tim Garner

9-26-12 Keeping A Squash Journal, by Bob Hanscom

9-26-12 Boston College Women's Preview by Anne Bello

9-26-12 Did Doubles Players Leave Frying Pan for Fire? from the E-Zine

9-26-12 96-Year-Old Planning To Run Half Marathon

9-25-12 Matthew Beats Willstrop In 78 Minutes To Capture $70K British Grand Prix Title by Steve Cubbins

Alarcon Gets Revenge In Brasilia by Howard Harding

9-25-12 Live Streaming, $50K WSA Weymuller Open, Brooklyn New York

Hanscom Handicaps Tonight's Weymuller Qualifying Matchups

9-25-12 British Army Team Arrives In NY To Take On Local Clubs by Andy Garr

9-25-12 Mick Joint: The Latest On The PST

9-25-12 Job Opening: Assistant Women's Coach, Princeton University

SDA Doubles Tour Ready To Roll In Baltimore by Rob Dinerman

9-25-12 St. Lawrence Men's Season Preview by Anne Bello

9-25-12 Olympics-Push Chief Mike Vero To Be Keynote Speaker At US Open

9-25-12 London's Adrian Grant Profiled, by Pierre Bastien

9-25-12 Middle McEnroe Brother Trades Wall Street To Run Tennis Academy

9-25-12  "The Club From Hell" Chapter FOURTEEN by Tracy J. Gates

9-24-12 G. Diehl Mateer Jr., 1928-2012

Top Seeds Matthew & Willstrop Through To $70K BGP Final by Steve Cubbins

Illingworth Wins $10K Nash Cup For Third Consecutive PSA Title by Howard Harding

9-24-12 Maria Toor Pakay Takes Arizona WSA Open For Second Tour
Championship by Kim Clearkin

9-24-12 Alarcon Knocks Out Knight In Brasilia by Howard Harding

9-24-12 Leanza OT In The 5th Over Ripka To Win PST Westchester

9-24-12 17-Year-Old Olivia Fiechter Earns Final Spot On US Women's Team

9-24-12 Video: SquashSkills Pairs Practice

Stanford With 10 Sons Of Former NFL Players On Football Roster

9-23-12 Top Seeds Through To Semis In British Grand Prix by Steve Cubbins

Illingworth Over Schnell, Pett Into Nash Cup Climax by Howard Harding

Power Surge In Aberdeen Legends by Tim Garner

9-23-12 Atlas Khan Celebrates CAS Hat-Trick by Howard Harding

9-23-12 Adrian Leanza To Face US Junior Mason Ripka For PST Wild Wings Title

9-23-12 Music May Be Best Legal Performance Enhancement by Bob Hanscom

Reader: Q & A With McManus Too Soft

9-23-12 US Open: Consistency Key For Defending Champ Laura Massaro by Kristi Maroc

9-23-12 Q & A With Sam Cornett, from Brett Erasmus

Borja Golan Video Compilation from Pierre Bastien

9-23-12 Harvard Scandal & Why Bright Kids Cheat On Tests, by Robert Kolker

British Grand Prix First Day Report by Steve Cubbins

Schnell Shoots Down Koukal In Nash Cup Upset by Howard Harding

9-22-12 Nour El Tayeb Over Joey Chan For $25K Atlantis Title by Matt Wagg

9-22-12 US Open Pre-Qualifying Winners Set To Advance

9-22-12 PST Westchester Opening Night Report

U Of Minnesota Women's CSA Preview by Anne Bello

9-22-12 Dunlop Biomimetic Pro GTX-140 from Pierre Bastien

9-22-12 Wendy Lawrence's GW Announces Record Home 2012-13 Schedule

9-22-12 First Openly Gay Pro Athlete Better Have Game by Jeff Blair

9-22-12 Tommy John Surgery The Next Student Steroid? by Loren Grush

Q & A With The Controversial Joe McManus

9-21-12 Illingworth Advances, Delierre Upset In $10K Nash Cup

9-21-12 Early WSA Southwest Open Results by Tina Fuselli

9-21-12 US Women To Be Without Amanda Sobhy At World Teams In France, CPCT's Grainger To Play

Manchester Court Set To Reignite Epic British Rivalry by Howard Harding

9-21-12 32-Year-Old Matthew Reportedly "Fresh and Keen" As Ever, by Rod Gilmour

9-21-12 Reader: Interesting Observations by Mr. Hanscom

PSA Launches iPhone App

9-21-12 Connecticut College Men's Season Preview by Anne Bello

9-21-12 Dunlop Biomimetic Pro GTX-130 Racket from Pierre Bastien

9-21-12 Hand Squeeze May Help Athletes Under Pressure

9-21-12 Continuing Tensions In Harvard Athletics by Alex Moss

9-20-12 Qualifying Complete In $70K PSA British Grand Prix by Steve Cubbins

9-20-12 Clean Sweep For Canadians In PSA Nash Cup Qualifying Finals

9-20-12 Farhan Follows Through In Islamabad by Howard Harding

9-20-12 Alister Walker Acknowledged On 30th Birthday

2020 North American Olympians Forecast by Bob Hanscom

9-20-12 New Episode Of Help My Game from Barb Cooper

9-20-12 Drexel Women's Season Preview from Anne Bello

9-20-12 Video: You Make The Call - Palmer v Gaultier

9-20-12 Matthew Racquet and Shoes, from Pierre Bastien

9-20-12 Accused Tennis Referee Loses DNA Ruling

Cheating Scandal Dulls Pride in Athletics at Harvard by Bill Pennington

Marathon Day Of British Grand Prix Qualifying In Wolverhampton by Steve Cubbins

9-19-12 Fourteen-Year-Old Nouran Gohar Upsets Whitlock & Blake To Reach $25K Atlantis Semis

9-19-12 Willstrop: Nimick "The World's Standard Bearer" Squash Promoter

9-19-12 The Great Henri Salaun Profiled At 87, by Joe Pelletier

9-19-12 PST Opens Up 2012-13 Campaign This Weekend In Westchester

9-19-12 Audio: Dublin Radio Sporting Life Features Squash

9-19-12 Mick Joint On Greatest Win Since Miracle On Ice

9-19-12 Boston College Men's Season Preview by Anne Bello

80-Year-Old Granny Not To Be Underestimated On Court

9-19-12 Former NZ Club Manager Charged With Pocketing Money

9-19-12 Steve Sabol, Sports Broadcasting Pioneer, Dies At 69

More Egypt v England Showdown-At-Symphony-Hall Photos

9-18-12 David Palmer Tops Jonathon Power In Contentious 75-Minute Telecom Legends Final by Tim Garner

9-18-12 White Overcomes Nicol In Legends Playoff

9-18-12 Ageless Latasha Khan Nabs Orange County Open For 10th WSA Career Title by Matt Wagg

Charlton Robs Rafa In Maringa Park PSA Upset by Howard Harding

9-18-12 SquashSite Develops Free App

9-18-12 Video: Nick Matthew On The Forehand Drive

9-18-12 Penn Women's Season Preview by Anne Bello

"Squash" Makes Inroads On Google Maps

9-18-12 Women's Asics Gel Beyonds from Squash Source

9-18-12 World's Oldest Ranked Tennis Player Going Strong At 95

9-18-12 Rick Telander On American Football’s Dark Side

9-18-12 "The Club From Hell" Chapter THIRTEEN by Will Gens

Ashour Beats Matthew & Willstrop As Egypt Takes Boston Symphony Showdown III, by Colleen Turner

9-17-12 Power In Good Form Over Nicol, To Face Palmer In St George's Legends Final by Tim Garner

9-17-12 Graham Grabs Maiden PSA Title In Costa Rica by Howard Harding

9-17-12 El Weleily Win Suggests WSA May Be Raising Bar

Hip Replacements And Squash by Bob Hanscom

9-17-12 The Hashim Files Part 7, from Mick Joint

9-17-12 Video: Nick Matthew On Court Movement

Wee Wern On The Rise After Beating Duncalf But Under More Pressure, Says Coach

9-17-12 Video: Sky Sports TV Promotes Get-Involved Program

9-17-12 Lingerie Football League Expanding To Canada

9-16-12 El Weleily Stuns David On Home Turf To Capture $70K Malaysian Open Title

9-16-12 Momen Over El Shorbagy In $50K Men's Malaysian Final by Howard Harding

9-16-12 Video: El Weleily Post-Match

9-16-12 Video: David Post-Match

9-16-12 The Empty Bob Hanscom

9-16-12 Jonathon Power Looking Good In Telecom Legends Opener

9-16-12 Reader:  How Hard Is Squash On The Hips?

Pakistan #1 Threatens To Skip US Open

9-16-12 Yonex SHB F1 LTD Shoes from Pierre Bastien

9-16-12 ATP Tennis Moves Closer To Eliminating Service Lets

9-16-12 Andy Murray A Reluctant Star After US Open Triumph

9-16-12 Rooked: The Evolution of Chess Cheating, by Dave McKenna

9-15-12 Momen Sets Up First All-Egyptian PSA Malaysian Open Final by Howard Harding

9-15-12 El Weleily and David Power Into $70K Women's Malaysian Final by Matt Wagg

9-15-12 PST Announces Former World #1 Thierry Lincou To Play Fall Events

Re: US Squash Should Be Firmly Backing Bid by Bob Hanscom

9-15-12 Sky Sports News Highlights Squash

9-15-12 Re: "Golf Not Ideal Olympic Sport", from a Reader

9-15-12 Newest College Hall of Famer Peter Yik Profiled, by Pierre Bastien

9-15-12 U of Minnesota Men's Season Preview by Anne Bello

9-15-12 The Squash Poet #10, from Mick Joint

9-15-12 Video: The Ashour Backhand Volley Nick

9-15-12 Former Philly Main Line Squash Coach Sentenced

In Wake Of Cheating Scandal, Harvard Considers Honor Code

9-14-12 Golan Downs Darwish In Malaysian Open Upset by Howard Harding

9-14-12 David, Wee Wern, Massaro, El Weleily Into $70K Malaysian Semis by Matt Wagg

9-14-12 More Flashmob Activity In Kuala Lumpur

9-14-12 SquashTV Kicks Off 2012-13 Broadcast Schedule Today

9-14-12 Jonathan Kemp Reflects On Golf & The Bid

9-14-12 British Army Team To Tangle With New York Squash

9-14-12 John Lau's University Club Of SF Announces San Francisco Open Singles & Doubles

Cincinnati's T-Squash Center Phase 1 Complete

9-14-12  Oxfordshire Players Protest Court Reductions

9-14-12 William Smith Women's Season Preview by Anne Bello

9-14-12 Li Ning Court Shoes from Pierre Bastien

9-14-12 Typo At Root Of Harvard Cheating Scandal

9-14-12 The Death of the Anna Kournikova Era by Jay Caspian Kang

9-13-12 US Squash Should Be Firmly Backing The Bid, by Ted Gross

Wee Wern and Waters Upset Seedings In $70K WSA Malaysian Open by Matt Wagg

9-13-12 'Smooth Dude' Al Muzayen Into $50K PSA Malaysian Quarters by Howard Harding

9-13-12 Jonathon Power To Host Elite Winter Break Camp In Mexico

9-13-12 PST: SquashSite UK To Cover Upcoming Season

9-13-12 Colgate Men's Season Preview by Anne Bello

9-13-12 Temporary Reprieve In Pakistan Squash Infighting

9-13-12 Family-Style Ontario Club Excited To Break Ground On Doubles Court

9-13-12 Yonex SHB 102 Ltd Shoes from Pierre Bastien

9-13-12 On Your Phone In Philly by Steve Cubbins

9-13-12 Harvard Basketball Captains Implicated In Cheating Scandal

Baseball Interview Puts Respected US Sports Talk Host To Sleep

Nicol David, Top Seeds Advance In $70K Malaysian by Matt Wagg

9-12-12 Flashmob Hits Malaysian Open by Howard Harding

9-12-12 Nicol David Post-Flashmob Video from the Squashist

9-12-12 Nimick's Egypt-England Showdown In Three Days

Wolverhampton To Host British Grand Prix Qualification by Steve Cubbins

9-12-12 First 2012-13 PST Event To Include Four Juniors

9-12-12 Job Opening: Squash Teacher, Cincinnati, Ohio

9-12-12 Cincinnati's T-Squash Center Completed With 8 Singles, 1 Doubles

New US Hall-of-Famer Tom Poor Profiled

9-12-12 New US Hall-of-Famer Lenny Bernheimer Profiled

9-12-12 Mobile Phone App Launched For US Open

9-12-12 U of Virginia Women's Season Preview by Anne Bello

9-12-12 SquashSkills Video: Deep Backhand Corner

9-11-12 Supreet Singh And Olivia Blatchford Join Impressive Chelsea Piers CT Pro Staff, by Rob Dinerman

9-11-12 Illingworth Wins $10K Challenger In Belo Horizonte, Brazil

Rodriguez Stops Avila In Cartagena Final by Howard Harding

9-11-12 Megan Craig Prevents Home Victory In WSA North Coast Open by Matt Wagg