11-28-18 Pro Doubles Promo
11-16-18 SDA Pro Doubles Awards
11-12-18 Clinton Leeuw And Hamed Anvari Capture Silver Racquet Doubles Crown by Rob Dinerman
11-9-18 Badan and Stout Win Westchester Pro Doubles
11-2-18 1968 National Doubles by Jim Zug
11-1-18 Yvain Badan & Bernardo Samper Win First Big Apple SDA Open
10-31-18 Sobhy/Todd Over Pierrepont/Quick in Los Angeles Pro Doubles Final
10-30-18 10th Anniversary Can-Am Cup Doubles by Pat Richardson
10-30-18 SDA Star Manek Mathur Incurs Possible Achilles Injury In Big Apple Open Final by Rob Dinerman
10-25-18 Mathur & Alexander Lift First Hamilton Pro Doubles Cup in Denver
10-22-18 Narelle Krizek and Stephanie Hewitt Dominate WSDA Toronto Invitational
10-16-18 Women's Pro Doubles Tour Heads to Toronto
10-9-18 Navy Wins Intercollegiate Doubles
9-28-18 Kicking Off The Pro Doubles Season Amidst A Transformed Competitive Landscape by Rob Dinerman
9-11-18 $50K SDA Maryland Set
8-12-18 SDA Tour Calendar Set
8-2-18 Damien Mudge To Undergo Knee Surgery, Sidelined Until Calendar 2019 By Rob Dinerman
7-13-18 Double Down by Amanda Sobhy
6-29-18 Harrow Doubles Rackets from Pierre Bastien
6-21-18 SDA Announces 2018-19 Calendar, but Where's the Public Court?
6-7-18 Profile Of Ed Garno, US National Doubles Champion by Rob Dinerman
6-6-18 SDA Says Doubles Future Bright
6-1-18 Video: Buffalo Pro Doubles Semis
5-30-18 Video: SDA Buffalo Pro Doubles Final
5-22-18 A Retrospective On The 2017-18 SDA Pro Doubles Tour by Rob Dinerman
5-2-18 Mathur & Mudge Complete Pro Hardball Doubles Undefeated Season
5-1-18 Shirin Kaufman & Hamed Anvari Win US Mixed Doubles Title
4-26-18 James Stout & Greg McArthur Win SDA R&T Challenger
4-17-18 Leonard/Pierrepont Capture $25K WSDA St Johns Island Doubles
4-4-18 April SDA Pro Doubles Rankings
3-22-18 Callis & Samper Win Graham Company Pro Doubles Title
3-15-18 Squash Doubles Practice With Two or Three Players
by Graham Bassett

3-14-18 Meredeth Quick Defends Hashim Khan Pro Doubles Title
3-8-18 Stoker, Stait and Garno Capture Maiden US National Doubles Titles; Hewitt Marks Fifth Open Title
3-2-18 Weekend National Hardball Doubles Draws 141 Teams
2-28-18 Damien Mudge Wins 17th Consecutive Johnson Doubles Title
2-15-18 Video: SDA Johnson Preview
2-14-18 Smith & Leach Rekindle Partnership to Win SDA Baltimore Cup
2-12-18 Josh Schwartz And Peter Kelly Capture New York Athletic Club Invitational Doubles by Rob Dinerman
2-7-18 Video: O'Reilly Doubles Final
2-1-18 Mathur and Mudge Successfully Defend North American Doubles
1-29-18 Dominic Hughes And Nigel Thain Capture Record Third Straight US Century Doubles Crown by Rob Dinerman
1-27-18 Bassett & Bews Win SDA Pittsburgh Pro Doubles
1-11-18 Video: SDA Pro-Am Boston Semis
1-11-18 Scott Arnold & Robin Clarke Win SDA Boston
1-4-18 Sobhy/Rocha Looking for Home Advantage in Boston
12-14-17 Mathur and Mudge Win $60K Briggs Doubles
12-13-17 Singles Specialists Sobhy & Todd Shut Out Pro Doubles Field to Win Women's Briggs Cup
12-8-17 Amanda Sobhy Back in Action at Briggs Cup Doubles
12-7-17 Pro Doubles Tours at Apawamis for $60K Briggs Cup
11-27-17 Robin Clarke/Ryan Herden and Steph Hewitt/Nikki Todd Capture 2017 Ontario Doubles Crowns by Rob Dinerman
11-25-17 Video: SDA Bentley Cup Semis
11-16-17 SDA's Shaun Johnstone Battling Cancer, Needs Support
11-15-17 Russell & Arnold Win First Career PDC Title
11-9-17 Mathur & Mudge Win Inaugural Westchester Country Club Title
11-1-17 SDA Season Trailer
10-25-17 Stoker/Pierrepont Over Krizek/Hewitt in Canadian Pro Doubles Final
10-21-17 WSDA Pro Doubles Opens in Toronto
10-14-17 Maryland Club Open Given SDA Tournament of the Year Award
9-29-17 St Louis World Doubles Photo Gallery
9-26-17 Leach/Russell, Pierrepont/Stoker, Grainger/Callis Capture World Hardball Doubles Flights in St Louis
9-22-17 World Hardball Doubles Underway in St Louis
9-7-17 All Things Canadian Doubles
9-1-17 Matt Jenson Gearing for World Hardball Doubles
8-31-17 New Champions Predicted At 2017 World Hardball Doubles Championships by Howard Harding
8-29-17 Video: St Louis World Doubles Promo
8-7-17 Cuskelly/Pilley and King/Landers-Murphy Capture World Doubles Titles
8-4-17 World Doubles Report
8-3-17 World Doubles, Day 2
8-3-17 Video: World Doubles, Day One (Why no Americans entered?)
8-2-17 World Doubles Day One Report
8-1-17 World Softball Doubles Underway in Manchester
7-31-17 No US Entries in World Softball Doubles
7-27-17 SDA Pro Doubles Tour Lines Up Full 2017-18 Slate
7-20-17 Video: Doubles Star Jonny Smith
6-21-17 Team Canada Holding World Doubles Trials
6-15-17 Apawamis and Harrow Behind Pro Doubles Combine
6-14-17 SDA Doubles Going with Combine
6-7-17 Dinerman SDA Pro Doubles Season Recap
6-5-17 Registration Open for September St Louis World Hardball Doubles
5-30-17 World Doubles Attracts 12 Nations by Howard Harding
5-30-17 Nicol David to Head Malaysian Doubles Squad
5-3-17 Mudge and Mathur Close Out First Season with 9th Pro Doubles Title
5-3-17 SDA Doubles Rankings
4-27-17 Quick Defends WSDA John's Island Open Women's Pro Doubles Title
4-21-17 Men's $50K Kellner Cup Doubles Underway in New York
4-20-17 Women's Doubles Tour Heads to $25K Vero Beach
4-14-17 Pietermaritzburg Squash Community Welcomes First Doubles Court
4-14-17 Video: Tompkins Cup Pro Doubles Final
4-13-17 Samper and Callis Capture SDA Tompkins Cup
4-12-17 Narelle Krizek Wins 4th US Mixed Doubles Title
3-29-17 Mathur & Mudge Capture $25K Germantown for 7th Straight Doubles Title
3-29-17 Video: Germantown Final
3-24-17 High-Altitude North American Doubles Ball Announced
3-9-17 Breaking Through the Levels, Hardball Doubles by Preston Quick
3-8-17 Quick & Bassett and Quick & Pierrepont Win US National Doubles Titles
3-1-17 Damien Mudge in Winner's Circle for 16th Straight SDA Johnson Memorial Title
2-16-17 Australians Matt Jenson & Scott Arnold Claim Largest SDA Doubles Title in Baltimore
2-14-17 James Stout And Dylan Patterson Capture New York Athletic Club Invitational by Rob Dinerman
2-1-17 Three Repeat Champions at Largest-Ever Century Doubles
2-1-17 St Louis To Host 2017 World Hardball Doubles Championships by Howard Harding
1-31-17 Baset Chaudhry and Jonny Smith Claim $15K Pittsburgh Golf Club Challenger
1-28-17 Record 117 Teams Competing in Weekend Century Doubles
1-27-17 Weekend Century Doubles Set
1-26-17 Video: NAO Doubles Final
1-26-17 Mathur & Mudge Storm to North American Open Doubles Title
1-21-17 SDA North American Open Doubles Underway from Greenwich, Streaming
1-11-17 Mudge and Mathur Capture $30K Boston Doubles
1-10-17 First Time Partners Sobhy/Pierrepont Dominate Field to Win MSF Boston Pro Am
1-7-17 WSDA Boston Pro Doubles Weekend Live Stream
1-7-17 Men's SDA Boston Pro Doubles Live Stream
1-6-17 Sobhy, Pierrepont Team Up for Weekend Pro Boston Doubles
1-4-17 Brand-New Partner Alignments Energize The 2016-17 SDA Pro Doubles Tour by Rob Dinerman
12-9-16 Chris Walker & Andres Vargas Win Gold Racquet Invitational by Mark Hinckley
12-8-16 Will Mariani And Fred Reid Jr. Capture Assante Wealth Ontario Doubles Men’s Open Championship by Rob Dinerman
12-8-16 Quick/Pierrepont Beat Defending Champions, Betts/Hewitt to Take NYC Open Title
12-7-16 77 Hours of Doubles Pandemonium in the Books in Ontario
12-7-16 Video: Assante Ontario Doubles Finals
12-2-16 World No 1 Pair Dana Betts & Stephanie Hewitt Set to Defend WSDA NYC Open Title
12-2-16 Manek Mathur Reaches World No 1 Hardball Doubles Ranking
11-23-16 Martin Bronstein Reports on $25K Toronto Pro Doubles Final
11-23-16 Bronstein Cambridge Doubles Semis Report
11-23-16 Bronstein SDA Quarters Report
11-23-16 Bronstein Cambridge Doubles Qualifying Report
11-17-16 Ferreira and Badan Recover to Win Atlanta Pro Doubles
11-14-16 Addison West And Whitten Morris Capture Silver Racquets Crown by Rob Dinerman
11-9-16 Mathur & Mudge Win 2nd Pro Doubles Title in Two Weeks
11-3-16 Mathur and Mudge Win Big Apple Hardball Pro Doubles
11-3-16 US v Canada Can-Am Cup Country Club Doubles Wrap
10-30-16 Big Apple Pro Doubles Semis Set, Possible Live Stream 2pm EST
10-29-16 $30K Big Apple Open Pro Doubles Underway, Streaming Reported
10-28-16 Wilmington Hosting Fifth Can-Am Doubles Cup
10-25-16 Steph Hewitt And Narelle Krizek Capture Inaugural BMO Canadian Pro Women’s Squash Doubles Championship by Rob Dinerman
10-21-16 $10K SDA Long Island Open Doubles Underway Today
10-21-16 Doubles Live Stream Possible
10-13-16 England To Host 2017 World Doubles Championships by Howard Harding
10-13-16 Entries Closing for John Lau's University Club San Francisco Open Doubles
10-7-16 New Partners Ferreira & Badan Win SDA Season Opener
9-1-16 SDA Pro Doubles 2016-17 Tour Calendar Set
8-23-16 SDA Pro Tour 2016-17 Season Trailer
8-19-16 King Crowned Double Doubles World Champion In Darwin by Howard Harding
8-18-16 Kiwi King Eyes World Doubles Double In Darwin by Howard Harding
8-17-16 Mixed Fortunes For Hosts On Second World Doubles Day In Darwin by Howard Harding
8-17-16 Video: World Mixed Doubles, Grinham/Pilley v Chinappa/Sandhu
8-16-16 World Doubles Day One Report
8-15-16 Video: Rachael Grinham at the World Doubles
8-15-16 Video: David Palmer at the World Doubles
8-15-16 World Doubles Streamed
8-2-16 Dana Betts and Natalie Grainger Win 2016 Wilson Cup Pro Doubles
8-2-16 World No 23 Rachael Grinham Enjoys Doubles More Than Singles
7-29-16 Australia, Colombia, India, Malaysia, New Zealand, Scotland and Wales to Compete in August World Doubles
7-8-16 Video: Peter Nicol in Action in UK Racketball Doubles
6-15-16 Doubles Pro Yvain Badan Video Q & A
6-11-16 Mike Ferreira And Baset Chaudhry Capture Racquet & Tennis Club Doubles Championship by Rob Dinerman
5-10-16 SDA 2015-16 Photo Galleries
5-6-16 Suzie Pierrepont Ruptures Achilles, Will Undergo Surgery Today by Rob Dinerman
5-5-16 Betts/Stoker Over Pierrepont/Rocha in Chicago WSDA Season Finale
5-4-16 A Recap Of The 2015-16 SDA Men’s Professional Doubles Tour by Rob Dinerman
5-1-16 Scott Arnold And Steph Hewitt Capture Canadian Mixed Doubles Crown by Rob Dinerman
4-30-16 Season-Ending Women's Chicago Pro Doubles with First-Time Partnerships
4-28-16 Spahrs Win Third US Father & Son Doubles, Amoses Repeat in Century
4-27-16 Natarsha McElhinny & Meredeth Quick Capture John's Island Pro Doubles Title
4-24-16 Seven Nations Confirm World Doubles Participation by Howard Harding
4-24-16 Live Stream, Women's Florida Pro Doubles Final, 11am EST
4-22-16 WSDA John's Island Open Kicks Off in Vero Beach
4-22-16 John's Island DRAW
4-18-16 First-Time Partners Manek Mathur And Ben Gould Capture Tavern Club Invitational Crown In Dramatic Finish by Rob Dinerman
4-16-16 Squash Magazine Wastes February Cover Story on Un-Retired Doubles Player
4-16-16 $35K SDA Tavern Club Doubles into Semis, DRAW
4-15-16 Another Retirement Bites the Dust
4-14-16 US Junior Doubles Nats Recap
4-14-16 Robin Clarke & Scott Arnold Claim SDA Cricket Club Open
4-12-16 US Mixed Doubles Wrap
4-11-16 Suzie Pierrepoint and James Stout Win US Mixed Doubles
4-11-16 US Mixed DRAW
4-2-16 Weekend Canadian National Doubles Staged in Calgary for First Time
3-24-16 Ian McAvity, 1942-2016, 1970 Canadian National Doubles Champion by Rob Dinerman
3-19-16 Video: SDA Graham Cup Qualifier
3-16-16 Denver Native Preston Quick Announces Retirement from SDA Tour
3-16-16 Video Replay: SDA Hashim Khan Doubles Final
3-10-16 US National Doubles Recap
3-8-16 Pierce and Gordy Win US National 65's
3-7-16 Reid/Brinkman Nip Bassett/Quick at the Wire in US Nationals Doubles Final
3-7-16 March SDA Pro Doubles Rankings
3-4-16 81st US National Doubles Kicks Off in Buffalo
3-2-16 Gary G. Gentile, Squash Doubles Champion by Gilbert B. Mateer
3-1-16 Mathur & Badan Capture SDA Baltimore
2-24-16 5 First-Time Champions at US Century Doubles
2-22-16 Fifteenth Straight David Johnson Memorial Title For Damien Mudge As He And Viktor Berg Surge To Victory by Rob Dinerman
2-19-16 Corrections To The (Numerous) Errors In Squash Magazine’s February 2016 Cover Article About Ben Gould’s Retirement, by Rob Dinerman
2-18-16 Oldest Pro Doubles Event Returns to Brooklyn
2-18-16 $40K Johnson Doubles Draw
2-9-16 Ben Gould Out on Top by Chris McClintick
2-4-16 Matt Jenson &Jacques Swanepoel Capture$15,000 Pittsburgh Doubles
2-1-16 James Stout And Will Newnham Capture New York Athletic Club Invitational by Rob Dinerman
1-27-16 Manek Mathur & Yvain Badan Capture North American Open Doubles Title
1-27-16 NAO Divisional Draws
1-22-16 $40,000 North American Open Doubles Underway in Greenwich
1-18-16 Video: St Louis Pro Doubles
1-12-16 Mathur & Badan Over Mudge & Berg in Putnam Pro Doubles Final
1-10-16 SDA Putnam Pro-Am Heralds Post-Mudge & Gould Era
1-6-16 John Lau's University Club to Host 44th Pacific Coast Doubles
12-23-15 Australia To Host 2016 World Softball Doubles Championship by Howard Harding
12-19-15 Video: $150K Briggs Cup Recap
12-16-15 Mudge and Gould Win First Briggs Cup Title
12-16-15 Video: 2015 Briggs Cup Final
12-14-15 Mudge/Gould, Mathur/Badan to Square Off in $100k Briggs Cup Final, Live Streaming 8:00pm EST
12-14-15 Natalie Grainger/Suzie Pierrepont Upended in Women's Briggs Opening Round, Final Set for 7pm Monday
12-13-15 $100K Briggs Cup Men's Semis Streaming Live at 3:00pm EST
12-13-15 Women's Briggs DRAW
12-13-15 Dana Betts December World No 1 in Women's Hardball Doubles
12-13-15 WSDA December Rankings
12-11-15 John Lau's Pacific Coast Doubles on Track
12-11-15 $100,000 Briggs Cup Doubles Underway in Rye
12-8-15 Video: Delaware Pro Doubles Final
12-2-15 Video: Bentley Cup Final, Mudge/Gould v Mathur/Badan
11-25-15 Mudge and Gould Defend Bentley Cup Title
11-25-15 Betts And Hewitt Storm To NYC Open Women's Pro Doubles Title by Rob Dinerman
11-23-15 Betts/Hewitt Shock Grainger/Pierrepont, Will Face Tippett Sisters In NYC Open Final by Rob Dinerman
11-19-15 New York City Open To Make Debut Appearance November 21-23 by Rob Dinerman
11-9-15 Addison West And Will Hartigan Capture Silver Racquet Crown by Rob Dinerman
11-7-15 $30K Big Apple Open Pro Doubles Underway, Mudge/Gould Top Field
10-29-15 John Russell & Viktor Berg Win Inaugural Missouri Athletic Club Pro Doubles Title
10-29-15 Video: Missouri Pro Doubles Replays
10-28-15 WSDA Women's Pro Doubles NYC Open Counting Down
10-28-15 Nanda & Simmonds Win Maiden US Mixed Doubles National Title
10-23-15 Weekend US Mixed Doubles, DRAW
10-23-15 Missouri Athletic Club Welcomes Inaugural SDA Stop
10-6-15 Mudge & Gould Power to 6th Maryland Club Open Pro Doubles Title
10-5-15 Damien Mudge, Ben Gould and John Russell Earn Inaugural SDA Awards
10-3-15 SDA Doubles 2015-16 Trailer
10-3-15 Video: SDA Maryland Quarters
9-25-15 US Mixed Doubles Returning to Greenwich
9-25-15 New York City Open on WSDA Fall Doubles Schedule
9-24-15 CityView Becomes Latest Public Squash Club To Scrap Its Doubles Court by Rob Dinerman
9-23-15 John Lau's University Club to Host  8th Annual  SF Open Doubles
9-16-15 SDA Pro Doubles Season Opens in Maryland
9-13-15 Video: SDA Pro Doubles 2015-16 Trailer
9-9-15 Men's Pro Doubles Tour Announces 2015-16 Calendar
8-24-15 Final WDSA Season Under Narelle Krizek Leadership An Historic One By Rob Dinerman, Assisted By Joyce Davenport
8-21-15 Women’s Pro Doubles Association In Transition As Founder Narelle Krizek Sells WDSA Tour To Suzie Pierrepont by Rob Dinerman
7-25-15 Spotlight on SDA's Carl Baglio
7-24-15 Women's Pro Doubles Wilson Cup Underway in The Hamptons
7-15-15 Historic Achievement As Tippett Sisters Top WDSA Pro Women's Doubles Rankings, by Rob Dinerman
7-2-15 More Photos from 'Chigago' World Doubles
5-24-15 WDSA Wilson Cup Set for July in the Hamptons, Pro Am Included
5-16-15 Domination But No Coronation For Mudge/Gould: 2014-15 SDA Doubles Tour Retrospective by Rob Dinerman
5-12-15 England, Canada Win Gold in 17th Biennial World Hardball Doubles
5-11-15 Suzie Pierrepont And Carrie Hastings Capture Women's World Doubles Crown by Rob Dinerman
5-11-15 Russell/Leach Upset Mudge/Gould 15-11 in the 5th in Men's Final; Extended Video Replay
5-10-15 Women’s World Doubles Update: Pierrepont/Hastings To Meet Stoker/Simmonds In All-England Final by Rob Dinerman
5-10-15 Mudge/Gould, Russell/Leach into Men's World Final
5-10-15 Chicago World Mixed and Age-Group Draws
5-8-15 World Open Hardball Doubles Women's DRAW
5-8-15 Men's World Doubles DRAW
5-7-15 2015 Mass States Doubles Champions Crowned In Climactic Finals Night by Rob Dinerman
4-28-15 Spahrs and Amoses Successfully Defend US Father & Son Doubles Titles
4-26-15 Mudge/Gould Heavy Favorites Over Russell/Leach in $50K Kellner Semis, Mathur/Badan to Take on Ferreira/Smith
4-26-15 Lemmons, Spahrs to Contest US Father/Son Doubles Final
4-25-15 Quarters Set in $50,000 Kellner Men's Doubles
4-24-15 Biennial SDA Pro Doubles Kellner Cup Converges on NYC
4-24-15 US Father/Son Doubles on Tap
4-21-15 Mudge and Gould Over Badan/Mathur for 5th Straight Tavern Club Title
4-20-15 Dana Betts And Tarsh McElhinny Capture WDSA John’s Island Open by Rob Dinerman
4-19-15 Amanda Sobhy And Latasha Khan Surge Into John's Island Final, Will Face Dana Betts And Tarsh McElhinny by Rob Dinerman
4-19-15 Live Streaming Sobhy/Khan v Betts/McElhinny 11:30 am EST
4-18-15 SDA Tavern Club Invitational Update: Fourth Seeds Imran Khan/Greg Park Fall To Robin Clark And Scott Arnold by Rob Dinerman
4-18-15 Video: Canadian Men's Open Doubles Feature
4-17-15 Mudge and Gould to Defend $40K Weekend Tavern Club
4-17-15 Chicago World Doubles Draws Released
4-15-15 WDSA Women’s Pro Doubles Preview: Strong Field Gears Up For John’s Island Open This Weekend by Rob Dinerman
4-14-15 Scott Arnold And Robin Clarke Successfully Defend Canadian National Doubles Crown by Rob Dinerman
4-14-15 Mulligan/Stoneburgh, Rosen/Thain, Deratnay/Fawcett, Dinerman/Hardie Among Canadians Age Group Winners
4-14-15 Canadian Doubles Streaming Replay
4-12-15 Seanna Keating And Steph Hewitt Capture Canadian National Doubles Women's Crown by Rob Dinerman
4-10-15 J.P. Morgan and Trunk Club to Sponsor Chicago World Doubles
4-6-15 Massachusetts States Open Doubles Update: Amanda Sobhy And Fernanda Rocha Record Upset Win Over Sandy Tierney And Pat Malloy by Rob Dinerman
4-4-15 Age Divisions Return to World Doubles
3-30-15 Jacques Swanepoel/Greg McArthur, Dana Betts/Natalie Grainger Crowned US National Doubles Champions
3-30-15 John White, Shane Coleman Win 40's, Divisional Results
3-29-15 Swanepoel/McArthur to Meet Bassett/Scharff in US National Doubles Final
3-28-15 80th US National Doubles Underway, Draws
3-26-15 US Doubles Championships Head to Philadelphia, More Players Entered than in Recent National Singles
3-24-15 Suzie Pierrepont And Steph Hewitt Capture Third Straight Hashim Khan Open by Rob Dinerman
3-24-15 Anvari/Berg Over Qualifiers John White & Shane Coleman in $15K Germantown Final
3-20-15 Turner Cup Finalist Kayley Leonard Wins Major Junior Award by Rob Dinerman
3-12-15 Russell & Leach Rekindle Spirit of Tompkins Doubles
3-4-15 Mudge & Gould Complete the Baltimore Double
3-2-15 Dana Betts And Steph Hewitt Capture WDSA St. Louis Open by Rob Dinerman
3-1-15 WDSA St. Louis Update: Top Two Seeds To Meet In Final by Rob Dinerman
3-1-15 Mudge/Gould, Mathur/Badan in $25K SDA Baltimore Cup Final